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I live in Scotland, I'm a believer in a free Scotland. I love Viking myths and history. I'm a reader in my spare time. I love to read paranormal and romance novels. I am co-creator of the genre wrestling romance with Joe E Legend. I'm a believer in doing a show on wrestling and romance writing together, showcasing my lifestyle compared to Joe's. 

I've written a comedy novel which comes out in 2015 with Firefly & Wisp Publishing. I'm entering new genres with interest. I love a challenge when it comes to my writing. 

I'm good friends with Mohombi who has supported my novel Marie's World going nationwide in the UK and will be released nationwide in the US. We have had support from Sony Music and other big promoters, celebrities. 

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Heir of Fire By Sarah J Maas Review

Hello All,

I'm back reading the Throne of Glass series and it was certainly interesting to read this one.

Heir of Fire 
Sarah J Maas

Celaena Sardothien, heroine of the New York Times bestselling series, rises from the ashes to burn even brighter than before.
Celaena has survived deadly contests and shattering heartbreak-but at an unspeakable cost. Now, she must travel to a new land to confront her darkest truth…a truth about her heritage that could change her life-and her future-forever. Meanwhile, brutal and monstrous forces are gathering on the horizon, intent on enslaving her world. Will Celaena find the strength to not only fight her inner demons, but to take on the evil that is about to be unleashed?
In this USA Today bestselling third book in the New York Times bestselling series, Sarah J. Maas again delivers the epic fantasy, heart-stopping pace, and heady romance that have won her readers the world over. Look for a teaser for the fourth book in the series, Queen of Shadows, out in this same season!

5/5 Stars 

This was certainly more gory and violent than her other books. We see the characters move onto the next chapters of their lives even though there is a sadness that surrounds them at not having Celaena in their lives. We are introduced to the witches in this book that prove to be almost heartless, ruthless creatures. If you wanted more action, gore and less romance then I recommend reading this book 

Sarah J Mass certainly takes this book to a whole other level and makes each page harder to not read. I was finding it very hard to put down. I enjoyed this book a lot and I hope that many of you will too. 


Thank you for your time and I hope that you will come back to see what new reads I'm working on. 

Kristal McKerrington 

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Prince of The Shadows By Rachel Caine

Hello Readers,

We are jumping back in time with one of my favourite authors taking the centre stage spotlight. I hope that you will agree with me.

Prince of Shadows 
Rachel Caine

A thrilling retelling of the star-crossed tale of Romeo and Juliet, from the New York Timesbestselling author of the Morganville Vampires series.

In the Houses of Montague and Capulet, there is only one goal: power. The boys are born to fight and die for honor and—if they survive—marry for influence and money, not love. The girls are assets, to be spent wisely. Their wishes are of no import. Their fates are written on the day they are born.

Benvolio Montague, cousin to Romeo, knows all this. He expects to die for his cousin, for his house, but a spark of rebellion still lives inside him. At night, he is the Prince of Shadows, the greatest thief in Verona—and he risks all as he steals from House Capulet. In doing so, he sets eyes on convent-bound Rosaline, and a terrible curse begins that will claim the lives of many in Verona…

…And will rewrite all their fates, forever.

5/5 Stars

This took me back in time when Romeo and Juliet lived. I liked the magic, the love story the mystery even. The grandmother was one of the best villains in this and the risk that Rachel Caine writes in here reminds me why she is one of my number one authors to read. I wasn't disappointed at all and I can't wait to see what else that she read. I'm glad that she decided to do this novel for its just perfect and its something that needs to be savoured. This is a book that takes time and I recommend it with a glass of wine. 

I couldn't have loved this more. 


Thank you for stopping by and for the time to see what I'm reading. Its a pleasure to share my thoughts. I hope that your inspired to pick up one of her books. 

Kristal McKerrington 

Falling for the Single Dad by Emily Forbes

Hello Readers, 

I'm happy to give you the second part of the 2 in 1 Medical romance novel I read with Mills and Boon recently. I can't wait to share my thoughts...

Falling for the Single Dad
by Emily Forbes
Ex-army doc Abi Thompson is starting her life over at the Hollywood Hills Clinic. She might not believe in happily-ever-after, but when she meets her new boss, Damien Moore, and his little daughter Summer, Abi finds herself drawn into their loving family unit. Has Abi found happiness against all odds?

5/5 Stars

This is, in my opinion, the perfect military romance for those who are seeking one. The PSD element that the heroine Abi faces is done so well and it makes you connect with her instantly. The part with the dog just makes it for me. I like that use of dogs to help PSD sufferers. I have it myself not as bad as she does but I can feel how she struggles with it. It feels similar to my own. 

From the get go the romance and the bad ex-wife just worked and the whole piece flowed so well that I can't seem to give it any real fault. I have to just recommend that you read it yourself and you will find that you either love it or don't. 


Thank you for stopping to check out what my thoughts were on the latest books am reading. I look forward to talking to any of you who comment on it. 

Kristal McKerrington 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Hollywood Hills Clinic (Book 1) Seduced By A Heart Surgeon By Carol Marinelli


I don't know about you all but I'm in Grey's Anatomy withdrawal so I took some time to start reading a medical romance series by the famous and cherished Mills and Boon. Please find my thoughts below on the first instalment.

Seduced By A Heart Surgeon By Carol Marinelli

Freya Rothsberg is Head of PR at the Hollywood Hills Clinic, but her well-controlled fa├žade is shattered when she meets sexy surgeon Zack Carlton. One wild night of passion later, Freya’s shocked to find Zack is her clinic’s newest recruit! Playboy Zack is an expert with damaged hearts – does she dare trust him with hers?
The Hollywood Hills Clinic
Where doctors to the stars work miracles by day―and explore their hearts’ desires by night…

5/5 Stars 

This is a hotbed waiting to explode with the death of something that Freya finds some solstice in his arms. She faces the fears of her illness rising up again but she is kept going by her unexpected pregnnancy. Now she must overcome what she thought was a temporary situation has turned into something more solid. This is amazing medical romance that anyone could enjoy and there is a good plot to keep anyone interested for the whole book and this is one I recommend to all of you who read my blog. 


Thank you for stopping by and checking out my reveiw. Hope you come back and see what else is happening. 

Kristal McKerrington 

Sunday, 11 June 2017

204 Rosewood Lane By Debbie Macomber Review

Hello all,

We are diving into another contemporary romance of an author that I'm slowly falling in love with.

204 Rosewood Lane By Debbie Macomber

Perfect for fans of Maeve Binchy' - Candis
Welcome to Cedar Cove – a small town with a big heart!
Grace Sherman was happy and untroubled – until her husband just disappeared. What could be so awful that a devoted husband and father would go without a note or a warning? But life can – and does – go on.
Cedar Cove is abuzz with gossip. Grace’s daughter Kelly just had a baby. And it looks like her eldest daughter Maryellen is seeing someone new, someone she’s keeping a secret… Then there’s Jack, who’s been pursuing a romance with Olivia, and Zach and Rosemary Cox, who’re having a few problems.
And Grace’s own mystery – will she ever find out what happened to her husband?
Find out the truth in Cedar Cove. Make time for friends. Make time for Debbie Macomber.

5/5 Stars 


This book gives you so much from the beginning. It got a lot more suspense in this edition of her series with two mysteries that falls over Cedar Cove. Debbie showed how quickly the lack of communication and misconceptions can end a relationship. You will see and feel so much with each page that you turn. Debbie has so much to offer in this book and she changes between characters lives so smoothly and it doesn't jerk you out of the plot. 

I'm excited to see what else is going to happen in the Cedar Cove series. I have been surprised and I can't wait to see how she is going to keep it going and where the characters lives are going to go. Especially poor Maryellan who's not having much luck at all. 


Thank you for stopping by and hope that you come back to see what books I'm reading. I promise each review are my honest opinion. 

Kristal McKerrington 

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Eleanor & Park By Rainbow Rowell - Review

Hello all,

This is a special book review today that I want to share with all of you. There is even a note for the author at the bottom. From one writer to another.

Eleanor & Park By Rainbow Rowell - 

'Reminded me not just what it's like to be young and in love, but what it's like to be young and in love with a book' John Green, author of The Fault in our Stars
Eleanor is the new girl in town, and she's never felt more alone. All mismatched clothes, mad red hair and chaotic home life, she couldn't stick out more if she tried.
Then she takes the seat on the bus next to Park. Quiet, careful and - in Eleanor's eyes - impossibly cool, Park's worked out that flying under the radar is the best way to get by.
Slowly, steadily, through late-night conversations and an ever-growing stack of mix tapes, Eleanor and Park fall in love. They fall in love the way you do the first time, when you're 16, and you have nothing and everything to lose.
Set over the course of one school year in 1986, Eleanor & Park is funny, sad, shocking and true - an exquisite nostalgia trip for anyone who has never forgotten their first love.

5/5 stars 


This book has to be the realist book that I have read in the Young Adult genre. It not only catches what it is like children to grow up in a poor area, she touches on subjects a lot of writers shy away from. She showed a lot of human weakness and how helpless we can be in situations like Eleanor found herself in. There are many teenagers who are in the same position that Park is in but with other troubles of their own. This isn't just capturing love at the time frame they set, this book reaches audiences within this time period also. It's modern in its use of content and character development and I loved how she made them come off the page. 

I look forward to reading Rainbow's work in the future. 


I didn't want to ask you what those three words were rather I wanted to leave them to live their lives without me disturbing them. I share a similar thought pattern and I struggle with walking away from the endings of my characters as I want them to live on and on. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon. 

Kristal McKerrington 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Art of Us By Teri Wilson - Review

Hello, all.

I have to say this was a book that was different for me. I try to read different kinds of contemporary romance novels so that I can experience what they have to offer. Teri Wilson offers that in spades with every book that she writes. I love her work and she is the sweetest person you have ever met.

Now onto the review...

The Art of Us 
Teri Wilson 

Harper Higgins, art history professor and Vincent van Gogh scholar, doesn’t need a man. She needs an artist. Fast. The art show she’s counting on to secure her tenure is in trouble.

So when she collides with a ruggedly handsome man carrying a basket of violets on a rainy night in Boston, she thinks she’s found her miracle. Cynical, brooding ex-soldier Tom Stone can paint. And he’s quite good. He just needs Harper’s artistic touch.
But once she talks him into pretending he’s a long-lost descendant of van Gogh, the trouble really begins. As the art opening draws near, their identities—both real and imagined—hang in the balance. The student becomes the master as Tom teaches Harper that passion is its own work of art…

4/5 Stars

This book is designed and meant to art lovers. 

The two characters are completely different from each other and a little broken in their own ways. One night and a basket of Violets will change everything. All the pieces of their lives fall into place with every turn of the page. There is nothing not to love about this romance as you learn not just about love but about the art world too. Something that I must admit has alluded me for my entire life and Teri made me feel a little closer to it. 

There is nothing bad that I can say about this book because it was executed well and it had a great flow that so few writers can keep while teaching. That is part of the reason that Teri Wilson is as talented as she is. 

All in all, I can't recommend this book enough. I know that a lot of you out there will feel the same way when they pick up their copy of this book. Do it fast because this is about to be another Hallmark smash hit film. Something that no one should miss. 


Stop by again soon to see what book I have read and my honest opinions on it. I look forward to seeing you. 

Kristal McKerrington