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I live in Scotland, I'm a believer in a free Scotland. I love Viking myths and history. I'm a reader in my spare time. I love to read paranormal and romance novels. I am co-creator of the genre wrestling romance with Joe E Legend. I'm a believer in doing a show on wrestling and romance writing together, showcasing my lifestyle compared to Joe's. 

I've written a comedy novel which comes out in 2015 with Firefly & Wisp Publishing. I'm entering new genres with interest. I love a challenge when it comes to my writing. 

I'm good friends with Mohombi who has supported my novel Marie's World going nationwide in the UK and will be released nationwide in the US. We have had support from Sony Music and other big promoters, celebrities. 

Monday, 28 August 2017

Queen of Shadows By Sarah J Maas Review


It's taken me a lot longer to finish this book but I wouldn't have wanted to read anything else while I went through my double joint replacement surgery. Keep reading for the rest of my thoughts.

Queen of Shadows 
Sarah J Maas

Sarah J. Maas's New York Times bestselling Throne of Glass series reaches new heights in this sweeping fourth instalment.
Everyone Celaena Sardothien loves has been taken from her. Now she returns to the empire - to confront the shadows of her past ...
Bloodthirsty for revenge on the two men responsible for destroying her life, and desperate to find out if the prince and his captain are safe, Celaena returns to Rifthold, the seat of so much evil. She has accepted her identity as Aelin Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen. But before she can reclaim her throne, there are dark truths to learn and debts to be paid. Aelin must stay hidden beneath her assassin's hood and draw on her mortal strength as Celaena to prevent the King of Adarlan from tearing her world apart. Only then can she fight for her people.
Readers will be held rapt as Celaena's story builds to an agonising crescendo, packed with heart-pounding action and swoon-worthy romance.

5/5 stars

This is just as the blurb makes you shiver. It's exciting, enthralling and great if you want to get lost in another world. She was able to make a great ending for this book when things look so direr for all the characters in it. I like how she introduced a new character that connects Manor and Aelin more to each other than before. A lot of the fears in this book about how she was going to come to a well rounded ending for the series are shaken off and Sarah makes this look easy. There is very few people that can do that and this is the reason why Sarah  J Maas should be put down as a great author for the YA genre. 


Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you come back again to see what other books I have been reading. 

Kristal McKerrington 

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Amanda MacKey 's True Identity

Hello All, 

Today its my pleasure to introduce you to a wonderful writer that is coming out of New Zealand. I hope to have a print copy from her signed when I get a chance. Anyway check out what Limitless Publishing is offering you and enjoy. 


TRUE IDENTITY by Amanda Mackey 
The Lost and Found Series, #1 
Release Date: August 15, 2017
Limitless Publishing, LLC

I don’t know who I am. 

I can’t remember my name, where I come from, or how I ended up in the hospital with a bullet wound to my chest. When I think back, searching for a memory, all I see is a big black hole of nothing.

But I recall her voice…the sweet, angelic sound that reached out to me through the coffin of black, pulling me back to the light. 

I might not know anything about my past, my life, my identity—but the moment I opened my eyes and stared straight into hers, I knew I wanted her. I knew there was no way in hell I would let her go. 

Now I need to piece back together the missing fragments of my life so I can figure out where she fits into it—or if she fits into it at all.

The only problem is if your past is buried beneath a shroud of darkness, you have no idea when it might come back to haunt you.

Available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited!
Kindle Unlimited: https://www.amazon.com/True-Identity-Lost-Found-Book-ebook/dp/B074F3QZ8P/
Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/True-Identity-Lost-Found-1/dp/1640341730

Amanda Mackey was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia when she was 12 years old with her family, where she has lived ever since. She has loved books since an early age and is an avid reader. This has helped lay the foundation for her writing. She's published 7 novels to date with plenty more on the way. An author with Limitless Publishing, she loves to spend time with family when she's not writing or reading. Amanda hopes to make writing her full-time career and travel in the near future

Saturday, 5 August 2017

The Knight's Broken Promise By Nicole Locke

Hello All,

Here is a quick look into the latest historical romance I have been reading. This time we are in Scotland and we are about to see something that was rare in its time.

The Knight's Broken Promise
Nicole Locke

When an English knight approaches the charred ruins of her sister’s Scottish village, Gaira of Clan Colquhoun knows better than to trust this fierce-looking man.
Yet, struggling to set her war-shaken world to rights, she has little choice.
Robert of Dent will see her to safety. He can promise nothing more. Never again will he make a vow like the one he broke years ago, even though Gaira’s fierce resilience makes him long to protect her.
But what will happen when Gaira discovers exactly who Robert is… ?

5/5 Stars 

I was super nervous when I got this book out as it's based in Scotland like I am. Sometimes when it's not Scottish authors writing about a historical romance it doesn't always work. Nicole Locke surprised me. She understood the honour that we have, the need to protect children from anything that might cause them harm and the meaning of family. Especially in a time when brother fought brother. It is nice to see that she was able to capture that and the passion of a Scottish woman in the form of her heroine. There is so much to this book that its not like a normal historical romance. 

There is a passion within the Englishmen that doesn't over power the story. There is a sense of duty that the English use to have that comes through very well in this. I think she managed to balance the two characters really well and was delighted to see how it turned out. 

I do recommend it to those who want a funny, passionate and realistic Scottish historical romance. 


Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you again. 

Kristal McKerrington