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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Forever Her Hero- Belle Calhoune 5/5

Dear Readers

As I continue to wait for my hand surgery I hope to keep doing these reviews for people who have asked and for imprints I'm getting to know.

Forever Her Hero By Belle Calhoune- 5/5 

A Time to Heal  

Coast Guard officer Sawyer Trask left  Cape Cod with a big regret—never confessing his true feelings to his childhood friend Ava. Now a widow with two young children,  Ava needs him more than ever. He once promised to watch over her and the kids,  and he's going to honor that—even though he harbors a secret that could tear them apart. Ava could always count on Sawyer through thick and thin, so having him nearby is a huge comfort. But his presence is also stirring her heart in unexpected ways. Can Sawyer and Ava move beyond their past hurts to find  their happily ever after?

   About the Author

Belle Calhoune lives in Connecticut with her college sweetheart husband and two daughters. After a thirteen year career as a Federal Investigator, she chose to pursue a  writing career.  An avid lover of romance novels since she was a teen, she enjoys writing love stories and reading them. She loves spending summers in beautiful Cape Cod and traveling to new places. A dog lover, she has a mini poodle and a chocolate lab. More than anything, she believes in happily ever afters.

My thoughts on imprint of Harlequin's Love Inspired

I stumbled across Love Inspired as most readers or authors do by chats on a social media. I was pleasantly surprised by how wonderful they were to talk to. Being that I never visited or stayed in either America or Canada. The imprint was unheard of to me. Where I grew up in Scotland it was Mills & Boon  Modern and Historical Romances which had a rumble in the hay. I always wanted books that I could enjoy that were less focused on sex, out of the world and more on love, forgiveness. 

Love Inspired offers this in bucket loads. As an author as reader, they made a fan out of me. 

What I did like about Forever Hero

The story offers four solid elements true love, forgiveness, loss and second chances. Author Belle Calhoune balances all those four elements prefect, that is true talent. She offers the right amount of flawed parts and history about her leading characters. 

For me that what made her 224 pages book very enjoyable. She made the tiny town come alive and I think environment has a big impact on characters. 

What I didn't like about Forever Hero

To be honest their wasn't much I didn't like. I would have liked to see more interaction between Ava and her twins. I think I would have loved to have seen Ava leaning more on her sisters. Even an awkward and embarrassing moment with Swayer and her sisters would have made it perfectly.

Very enjoyable book 5/5

Monday, 16 June 2014

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Dear Readers,

So its not often that I do this, however here is my thoughts of the book series. I took to reading recently due to my hand injury meaning I can't write much and I have other book reviews coming up after this series. I promised my fellow authors to do the same. If you want me to review your book then please be aware it takes me some time to review the book and I only do paperbacks.

Anyway onto the wonderful book by Veronica Roth.

What if your whole world was a lie?
What if a single revelation—like a single choice—changed everything?
What if love and loyalty made you do things you never expected?
The explosive conclusion to Veronica Roth's #1 New York Times bestselling Divergent trilogy reveals the secrets of the dystopian world that has captivated millions of readers in Divergent and Insurgent.

Now I'm not going to go into to much depth on this book I found so much that I liked about it that I have to say I understand why I love it. My husband not so much, he read the first few chapters and said it was to badly written for him to read. He's more into Warhammer books and things like that.

What I didn't like:

There was sentence on page 267 that bothered me and threw me right out of the story. I had to re-read the paragraph several times to get what it meant. Mistakes happen and I don't hold that against the author.

"Now why would the Bureau have this useless they had developed it?"

That is it copied from the book directly so that there is no grumbling from the fans of the book. I'm doing this completely honestly.

What I liked:

The entire book itself offered a well developed characters and wasn't to drawn out. There was a great voice, I like how she was true to the characters and ended the series on a positive note. The author did her characters proud by giving the series readers complete closure. I'm honestly glad that she didn't do what most authors do. Leave the series in a way that they can bring it back to life if they want too.

She deserves 5 Stars from me. 5/5 for those who are counting and I placed this review on Amazon for the author who we all knew need that for the ranking of her books. So congratulations to the author and I welcome a chit chat with any of her fans and herself if she would like to.

Thank you all for supporting by.

Kristal McKerrington 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Dear Readers

So I'm doing a series of reviews since my hands down for a little while. I'm waiting to see if the surgery is going ahead or not so please enjoy those reviews I have done. I'll be doing some reviews, I only review paperbacks and contact me directly on Facebook for more information.

Anyway lets get back to Veronica Roth, this is her second book in the series. Her third book review will be up tomorrow. So please enjoy.

Fighting for survival in a shattered world… the truth is her only hope.
The thrillingly dark sequel to No. 1 New York Times bestseller, DIVERGENT.
I have done bad things. I can’t take them back, and they are part of who I am.
Tris has survived a brutal attack on her former home and family. But she has paid a terrible price. Wracked by grief and guilt, she becomes ever more reckless as she struggles to accept her new future.
Yet if Tris wants to uncover the truth about her world, she must be stronger than ever… because more shocking choices and sacrifices lie ahead.

My thoughts: 

Most second books don't hold a handle to the first book however Veronica sped up the pace and allowed it to be all round amazing, delighted read. Well worth the five stars that she is getting on all bookstores. She has proved herself to be a serously good Romance/Teen/Thriller/Action writer of the future and I think that she knows it. 

Well done. 


I have posted this review on Amazon to help her ranking. This is what you should do for all the authors that you read. It helps. 

I hope that you enjoyed this review. Don't forget that I'll be back tomorrow with an update on the third book of the series. 

Kristal McKerrington  

Friday, 13 June 2014

Divergent By Veronica Roth

Dear Readers

So this is the first review of the Divergent's series. You'll find the reviews honest and short, because I'm not really use to doing this, but with my hand being out of action I thought it was time to do some reviews of books I enjoy. I love the publisher of this series Katherine Tegen. She has an eye for talent and glad that she is a friend to me on Facebook.

Anyway enjoy the book review from the talented Veronica Roth,

The explosive debut by No. 1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth.
DIVERGENT – a major motion picture in 2014.
For sixteen-year-old Tris, the world changes in a heartbeat when she is forced to make a terrible choice. Turning her back on her family, Tris ventures out, alone, determined to find out where she truly belongs.
Shocked by the brutality of her new life, Tris can trust no one. And yet she is drawn to a boy who seems to both threaten and protect her. The hardest choices may yet lie ahead….
A debut novel that will leave you breathless.


A Short Outline:

Beatrice "Tris" grew up in a world where people are split into factions and each one serves a purpose including a group called the fractionless. They are also known in our world as the homeless. 

Tris has now come of age where she has to take a test and choose a fraction. Staying with her parents or to follow her own path. Their entire lives have come to this point. 

Going through a simulation test and her results reveal a dangerous secret which she must keep hidden to protect her life. The secret of being Divergent will ultimately protect her. 

Training in the fraction known as the fighting fraction. Dauntless. Beatrice goes into the most dangerous imitative program. Where one of the students loses an eye. She finds herself at the back of the ranking list while living in constant fear of being fractionless. 

Tris makes friends with Al, Will and Christina who are other transfers to the fraction. Peter another transfers proves to be a living threat to them all there. The more Tris finds her feet the mores she ends up being betrayed by her friend Al. When Peter and AL threaten to throw her over the railing into the chasm below. 

Tobas "Four" saves Tris as they fall in love when they find themselves in the middle of a war. Tris loses everything but she finds her way through it. 

My thoughts:

In my person opinion the book deserves 5 stars for a list of reasons. I did look forward to reading the rest of her series and did.

The author created strong characters within an even stronger plot. She put alot of imagination into her idea. She goes have a great sense of humour to only her agent, publishers and editors have something to be proud of. They should have a round of drinks for the success this book has created. Veronica has done something most authors search for and never find. She does something amazing for the readers. 

To sum up in one sentence 

"Outstanding, creative and enthralling. A landmark book in the Young Adult genre."

I hope that you enjoyed the blog and will come back more for my thoughts, interviews with authors and other great things we have going on here. 

Kristal McKerrington