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I'm Kristal McKerrington. I have been a published author since 2010. I'm currently signed at Gilbert Literacy Agency. I'm signed with several publishers. I work with ReemVision. Even appeared on TMZ a few times. I'm a nationwide author with Marie's World. I have become a worldwide author with many publishers. 

I live in Scotland, I'm a believer in a free Scotland. I love Viking myths and history. I'm a reader in my spare time. I love to read paranormal and romance novels. I am co-creator of the genre wrestling romance with Joe E Legend. I'm a believer in doing a show on wrestling and romance writing together, showcasing my lifestyle compared to Joe's. 

I've written a comedy novel which comes out in 2015 with Firefly & Wisp Publishing. I'm entering new genres with interest. I love a challenge when it comes to my writing. 

I'm good friends with Mohombi who has supported my novel Marie's World going nationwide in the UK and will be released nationwide in the US. We have had support from Sony Music and other big promoters, celebrities. 

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas My Wonderful Readers and Fans.

Hello All McKerrington's Troopers, 

Tonight is Christmas Eve, so Merry Christmas.

I got one of my favourite songs on, 'Got 2 Luv U' by Sean Paul featuring Alexis Jordon. I have some Mohombi up next and I'm in the party spirit. I'm working too!

Why? I can hear you all asking, cause I love you all! There isn't anything I wouldn't do for my fans. Your my world and special to me. So after this wonderful blog, I'll be over at Formspring, answering questions. As of tomorrow. "A Different Life and Marie's Tales: I Just Want To Be Loved" will be up on Bookstand, Amazon and XoXo Publishing. Its been a long clearance time for me I can tell you. 

I'm also working on another release, one that is going to be red hot and is going to have all the Shetlands Immortals fans scrambling for there wallets. Watch out in the New Year, for there is going to be the second release of that series. We are working through some awesome books. We have more A Different Life coming too and there is going to be a huge release in the wonderful February month. 

So I'm drinking my Shloer, writing the seventh A Different Life book and talking to my wonderful Amanda Struz. I want to take the time to thank her for helping me out over the Christmas period with the Shetlands Immortals treat. Not only is she a wonderful Editor, she is a wonderful Artist, runs Nine Clouds Ebook Marketing and Promotion Company. She also does all my book covers. 

Yes, those die for covers comes from her. She is wonderful isn't she? Make sure you leave her a comment of love below. She deserves it more than you would know. 

I'm not just writing this Christmas Season. I'm working on my body too, I'm not going to be putting on the Christmas weight. I'm doing my home routines to make sure that my abs, my thighs and ass stay just the way I liked them. Toned and I'm excited to be talking to my Agent in less than 4 days to see if he has come up with idea's to get this Author to Canada in May/June. 

Yes, we are granting some of the Readers and Fans wishing on here. We are going to do our best to come over the Ocean and see you all. Even the wonderful Agent excited, he loves you just as much as I love you too. For more information on the trip or if you want or think someone that might want to book me for a Radio Show or TV appearance then contact him on davidkenyon@blackberry.orange.co.uk

Rocking A Local Italian
I'll properly be uploading some of the Christmas pics over the following week. It'll be an honour to show you just how this fiery, sexy Author does this wonderful holiday.  Here is just a taste of how the Author has been rocking this past week. I hope that you will enjoy it and will be smiling. 


Love always 


Kristal McKerrington 

Monday, 19 December 2011

Updates From Me.

Hello My Wonderful Readers, 

I'm busy writing and hoping that there is some better luck for me out there. My families not been doing so hot recently so as always worried about them. Who wouldn't worry about their family right? 

My jaw is still dislocated and working on getting it fixed. I hope to have the show up and running again when its all fixed up. The problem is that I can't talk for lengths of period of time without upsetting it further. 13 weeks and I wouldn't get it fixed until the 10th of January, if they do anything. You know my luck. 

On the Writing front, I'm working through my books at the usual speed. I'm doing my best to keep it just the way that you like it. I'm looking to expand into Screenplay writing so let's keep our fingers crossed that I can sell some of my hopeful projects next year. I would love that very much. 

Well I would like to thank you for stopping by to read this blog on the Week leading up to Christmas. Today I celebrated my one year and four months with XoXo Publishing. Yes, I've been an Author for that long. I know its doesn't feel the same for me either. 

As I write this "A Different Life and Marie's Tales: I Just Want To Be Loved", has been approved and is now heading towards release. I have heard some rumours that I will be in Print by Valentines day. So lets wait and see if that is true. I'm not saying either way.

We will also see the release of "A Different Life: My Sacrifice" and "A Different Life: Weddings, Rings and Hell" from that series too. I signed the contract for "Marie's Tales: Taming A Player", which is the most exciting series to write. I love Marie's character and love the firey personality. Layla and Marie are the easiest characters for me to write. 

Shetlands Immortals have two books coming out in the new year. The second and the third ones are contract so we will be hearing more about Carla's story very soon. I have some other projects that I'm working on. I am sure they are going to blow your socks off. You know me, I'm full of surprises.

We will see the second one to the "Free's Series" coming out next year. I promised that Ambers would have a second book and I can promise its going to be a hot one. We are going to be heading to American College for that one. There is some hot bodies in it and we will see more of Marie in there. Those two do rub each other the wrong way. 

So please have a Merry Christmas and please stay safe. I will be thinking about all of you. Plus I will be doing a Merry Christmas Blog on the day, as well as a Question and Answer spell on Christmas Eve. I want to wish you a Happy New Year. Sending my love to all of you. 

I'm so luck to speak to you all and remember that you can always ask me anything on Formspring or on my Official fanpage on Facebook. 

Your Author, 

Kristal McKerrington 

Monday, 24 October 2011

Sorry For Such A Long Wait Between Blogs.

Hello My Wonderful, Faithful Followers,

I want to say sorry for not turning out a blog in several months. I know three months is a long time to wait for a blog. I have been very busy and been suffering with some bugs and dealing with some injures. One of which is my jaw. I am writing to you all today to update you on the condition of myself and on how things are going.

I normally run a weekly show called 'Live Chats With Kristal McKerrington', which has been suspended, due to the injury of my jaw. I yawned and dislocated both sides. There is much needing done to it, unfortunately that takes time. So on the 21st of November I will start the road of healing and hope to make it better.

I have been writing alot and been doing a lot of rewrites, so much that I had barely got time to keep up with my promotions. We are starting to work our way through A Different Life: Crossing paths, which is the seventh book. I have written the second and third book in the Shetlands Immortals series and have more books coming out of that series.

Right now we are preparing to release a double A Different Life editions. In the shape of Marie's Tales and A Different Life paired books in the shape of A Different Life and Marie's Tales: I Just Want To Be Loved, which is the fourth book in the A Different Life series. We also have A Different Life: My Sacrifice. I have been working hard on side line projects for that. I will have more updates on that soon, you will hear about those updates on my weekly blog position on All Things Books, which you can find me on every Tuesday.

Burning From Within: Inside Kristal McKerrington, became a best seller, still is in the UK's 100 Top Paid Memoirs  Biographies and Collections.  I can safely tell you that it is a great honour that everyone of you is supporting me the way that you are. We will be donating a percentage of the royalties to the Associations of Arthritics and Dyselixa. So if you have a chance then please pick up your copy at Amazon or XoXo Publishing's site.

Other than that I'm doing well with my new Agent, whom I refer to as Mystery Man. For he can work wonders that don't seem real. I hope to have some huge announcements soon for all of you. In the meantime I will just say that I have been working on a lot of side projects for him.

This Saturday I will start my Fictional Writing course in hope to get some degrees behind me in order to support claim that I'm a real Author. If I'm qualified then I might feel more confidence in the work that I do. I can, but only hope. For the next two years I will be studying, writing, working with my Agent and hoping to raise to a higher success so that you will be granteed to see me more. Well one can hope, can't we?

I will post the releases of A Different Life when they come out on here and promise to update all of you more often. Thank you for your patience and remaining followers on this blog. It means alot to me and alot to my Publishing house.

Kristal McKerrington 

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Where I Am and Where I Want To Go?

Hello My Readers,

Well today I was sitting thinking about something that has been coming up for a while. I have been feeling very restless since I returned from One Pro Wrestling's Show. I was reminded when I was at the show that I don't always like to sit in a Writing Cave, that I love to be out and be doing things with people. I have always loved Entertainment, dancing and doing my thing. So I was doing more out there projects recently for a few very secret things trying to work out whether or not I was going to take a break from Writing.

Go out and experience something else. Just for awhile, this doesn't mean I'd stop writing, far from it. This would mean I wouldn't be writing as much as I have been. It would mean that books would take longer to appear. I have a good few books in the Publishers hands right now so for me to take a break then this would be a good time to do it.

Now you see the thing about writing books is that you need to do things that you want to write about so that you can understand it better and can write about it better, in order for it to be more real to the readers. That is what all of us as Author's try to do. We try to make sure that we give you all the best products that we can. When we are writing books, we are thinking about what our readers want out of each and every single book.

No this doesn't mean I'm off to do some Wrestling adventure. Far from it. I will never wrestle since my body wouldn't take the punishment that they put themselves through on a day to day bases. Glad to clean that up right here and now. Despite the rumours circling around the Internet right now. Yes, these rumours do get back to me eventually.

I want to do more with my career. I would like to go back to somethings that I was interested in when I was younger. Now this doesn't mean I'm returning to Street Hip Hop.

I can't return to the Streets, after my dear friend and last old crew member died then I decided that it was time to leave. It took me two years after that to walk away and trust me I'm staying clear. There is no place left for me in the Streets, I'm too far behind now in there moves, there way of doing things and old school isn't something that is really accepted anymore. (Sucks to be classed as an old school dancer). I'm not missing the Streets, all that much anymore. I just miss the dancing part and that is what I'm now doing as part of my fitness training. So thank you for the thoughts.

I know alot of you saw that I said in 'Burning From Within: Inside Kristal McKerrington' that I had been thinking of leaving the Writing World and that was true. I was thinking of quitting, but someone reminded me that if your good at what you do then don't stop no matter how much bad stuff you get hit with. Now I can all ready hear the keys all ready starting to hammer. Its not that I don't know that I have supporters, readers out there, but the thing is that a Writers life is endless.

We write one book, sometimes two at a time and in the back of our minds we are making notes for the next two or three. Its apart of our jobs. I have a list of 54 books waiting for my attention around the computer screen right now and I  have properly another 54 books noted down in my notebooks.

In conclusion to this blog, I want to thank the fans, readers, friends and family for all the support that they have given me. I haven't left writing nor will I be. I'm just saying that for the next couple of months I'm taking some time away from the books projects to do some other things. I'm going to spend some more time with my family and maybe do some other projects I've been neglecting. Thank you again though. Thank you for the support on the fan page, the new books and the chats. I love you all. I will be continuing to run the show and do my blogs so I'm not disappearing, just scaling back on the amount of books I'm releasing. Much love to you all again.

Kristal McKerrington

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Ultimate Death Match 2 Review

Hello Readers,

I wanted to take the time to talk to you about a film that I was recommended to watch by Wrestling Talent Kid Kash, who starred in the cutting edge Shawn Cain's Production of a Wrestling Film called 'Ultimate Death Match 2' with one hell of a twist. From start to finish I got nothing, but a great intimate Indies Wrestling feeling and have to say I even loved the set that was used for the film. The wanted Wrestling Company had a real wanted atmosphere and the Wrestlers themselves showed not just a great deal of talent for Wrestling, but also for acting.

Shawn Cain took a slash of romance into the film with Kid Kash having a girlfriend with him at Ringside. At times the fact that he did have a girlfriend at Ringside was used a little too much as if poking the viewer with a constant reminder stick. I did though enjoy the acting that he did when Kid Kash was offered a chance to earn his spot into the Ultimate Death Match Tournament where someone was going to die. It was a new taste of real old good Wrestling and have to say that the twist in the film worked to there advantage.

All the way through the Royal Rumble match I started to feeling like a fan when I only knew of Kash yet started to want to know about the other young studs in the ring. I have to say it was great to see so many well used angles and twists. It made it an exciting match, where in the past I have grown bored of these sort of matches. Shawn did a really good job at letting the Cruiserweights go with what they do best and I have to say I really enjoyed the match itself.

Through out the tournament the matches were exciting and very entertaining. During the microphone parts it would have been better if we could have heard the Wrestlers better. I did though like hearing the crowd scream and cheer. It leaves you feeling like your apart of the company or technical crew.

For me, Kash's scene with his girlfriend was really good, but there was a few things that could have made his scene that bit better. Using more sarcasm and having a little more interest within her would have made it perfect. I think at some points during the film he was unsure of what to do with her. I do though think with a little more help from a more forceful actress, who has done Romantic style films that he could be a very talented Romance Actor in the future.

Right up to the end of the film for me, there was one character that stole the whole film. It was stolen by the Character Jimmy Valiant, the old time Wrestler who saw the good side to the Ultimate Death Match Tournament and how he could understood why Wrestlers would want to do it. I have to say I was more than just blown away by his character and by the man himself. I have to say he made this movie for me. He really made me buy into his character and storyline. I have to say he got a 10/10 for performance from me and was definitely someone that has alot more talent to offer.

All in all Shawn Cain has alot to be proud of from a well written and thought out plot right through to a well chosen cast. He made it an even better done Wrestling film than what I could have ever expected. He has made this film a permanent 'must have' movie for me. Its going to be a film that I'm going to watch over and over again.

Congratulations Mr Cain and I hope to see more of your work in the future.

Kristal McKerrington  

Sunday, 12 June 2011

My Rules and Why I Wouldn't Date Certain Industries Workers

Hello Readers,

Well today I've decided to dive into some of my personal thoughts on somethings and talk about the rules I have in my life as well as why I think along with do certain things. The reasons why I'm doing this is, because of all the talk I've been hearing recently and the never ending complaints from fans saying that they don't feel like they don't know Authors or the Author's that they love.

Some of us have Gimmicks (Acts) so that we can have a personal life, some Authors don't do this. However with me, its the real me just a different name so that I can have the privacy that I need to be able to do what I do. I might also dress differently as my real self in order to be able to feel more comfortable, but this is again is down to needing a dividing line. I have to have that dividing line so that I can get away from time to time. For Authors its essential that we get away, that we escape from the 'Front lines' (Public Eye) and are able to craft the work that you essentially love.

This brings me to my rules. I don't tend to give out my real name or even my number, heck not even my very personal email address. When I do give out my number, email address, my real name its because of business or its because that person is a friend. Please don't feel insulted that I'm introducing myself as "Kristal McKerrington", that is my right as an Author. You wouldn't be pissed at a Wrestler if he/she wouldn't tell you his/her real name. You don't judge porn stars for not giving out there real names either. So why would you expect us too?

Even in the days when I use to do Street Hip Hop, there was very few times that my real name would ever appear. I was always under a Gimmick (Act) name, because that was what we needed to do to keep our magic alive. The air of mystery that is in the Author's world is only kept there, because most of us do keep our real names hidden. Our real lives out of what we do and some of us even can create some stories that will have us standing out in fans minds.

So many fans have no idea what sort of hours that we put in to create the books that they fall in love with and even though now we are just a much as public figures as other people in the Entertainment Industry, doesn't mean that we will want to be in that "Limelight" (Public Eye)  forever. When I'm at events then yes I do put on the whole "Kristal McKerrington" front, its what people fall in love with and if I do take the time to show those people the real me its out of the respect that I'm shown or its down to a friendship being struck up. Its a lesson that some of us have had to learn the hard way.

There is in some area's a great deal of lack of respect for us Independent Writers/Authors out there and I do see the politics that would honestly rival most of the Entertainment Industry sometimes, but then I also see the same side as the Older more Successful Authors/Writers point of view. I've seen alot of disrespect come either the 'Older Members/Successful' or Young/Wet Behind The Ears Authors/Writing  members of the Ebook world.  I've seen them disrespect each other and seen the Younger ones/ Less Experienced Authors/Writers tear other people's careers and reputations apart just to get ahead. Being someone that doesn't part take in the Politics, who just listens and is one of the Young Ones. I have to say its made me more than just a little shocked at what does go on sites, review sites, yahoo loops and other places.

I hope that this current trend will soon become a fast thing of the past, however after speaking to some people who are 'Mentors, Veterains' in there own fields and some of there own Industries I know that is far from a reality. Hence why I have my rules and why I do things in a certain way.

Moving on I want to address some of my other rules that has had people talking recently when I was asked some questions by the fans. I thought it was important to share these questions with you along with why these are apart of my rules of survival in the Entertainment Industry and Romance Industry, never mind the Writing Industry in general.

The other  reason I'm placing these here is that I am in fact in a long term, fully committed relationship with my boyfriend Ian, who stays clear of my career, because he doesn't want to be in the "LimeLight" since he is a very private man. So that is why there aren't pictures of us together and why he isn't linked to my Facebook/Myspace or any of the other numbers of pages that I have.

Fan's Question... "Would you ever date a Wrestler if you were single?"

(Was asked this since I'm in relations with the Wrestling World right now thanks to the expanding genre of Wrestling Romance that myself and L. Anne Carrington are involved in leading the Writing Industry into. Also cause I've attended a Wrestling Show recently, which has been talked alot about by fellow Authors/Writers and fans a like.)

.......My Answer: 'No, I wouldn't date a Wrestler, because of a number of reasons. Not, because I wouldn't trust them. I wouldn't date them if I couldn't trust them. I do have a very open mind in a relationships and there is certain things that I would be able to deal with there lifestyles, its down to other issues that would take a really strong Wrestler to cover come. I don't believe that such a Wrestler is out there that would ever be able to come up to that mark and make something like that work. Not meaning to cause offence, its just how I see it.

Its more down to the fact with the two separate careers that we would lead, it wouldn't work. Wrestlers are on the road 90% of the time and aren't always able to take there Wife's/Girlfriends/Partners with them and Authors/Writers are either at home working on books or when they are on the Road then they are away at different times. When they are away its work related 24/7 and they don't have the time to be 'with there partners' in any real role. Its about always mingling, make contacts and selling to the fans of there genre. Its about being this person who stands out and you have to give however long that conference is to the fans.

They would properly never see each other. Plus its also has a lot of added difficulty for the Authors/Writers side of things, since we can be painted by the Guilty by Association Brush and it would be vice versa for the Wrestler. There has only ever been one Wrestler that I thought that sort of thing could have worked with, but at the end of the day, again its something that I wouldn't try since it would be a demanding relationship that most men who aren't in show business struggles with and it would be extra hard for them to share there partners with fans.

The other side of the thing is that when writing in some ways you have to have 'an affair' with your romantic hero in your mind. Most men who date female/male Authors and Writers hate this fact, from what I have read/heard Wrestlers are very protective as well as processive over there partners. This would be another area that would test any relationship never mind the fact that the relationship would all ready be tested by the fact the pair would be separated nearly all the time too. See it makes sense now doesn't it?

Fan Question.... "If you were ever single, would you date someone from the Adult film Industry?"

(This was again another random question and have no idea where this person got this idea from. It might have been from the Erotic stories I have done for XoXo Publishing. Who knows!)

............My Answer:  Hell No! Here is the reason why. I've never ever thought of that Industry as something that I'm overly found of. It helps when your writing Erotica, don't get me wrong. At the same time it doesn't really appeal to me. There is something about that Industry that does make me feel a little weird. I haven't ever seen the draw to it personally nor would I ever think of anyone in there that I would ever consider someone that you could have a relationship with unless you were ok with open relationships and I'm very much not ok with that. If I'm with someone then I'm with them, if there not faithful then I don't want to know them.

Reason why I say this, is because I've been in the Street Hip Hop World/Drama World where everyone is getting it on with everyone else. To be honest it makes you a very untrusting person after a while and its not something that I have ever got. I wasn't someone who would ever really cheat on anyone. I have done it once and I regretted it greatly. I have been the chick who's been cheated on more times then I can count so I'm sorry to say I wouldn't be interested in an active worker from the Adult Industry.

Fan Question..... "Would you date and have you dated any of your old Crew members?"

(Love Street Hip Hop past questions 'hint')

Yes, we all dated each other at some point or not. It was hard to not want to date each other, because at the end of the day you were always working with each other and were always around each other. For me dating some of them was more about learning to trust them enough to let them through me into the air, to put me into lift holds and for me to generally be ok with them. I was in love with one of the 'Original KittyKat' members and sadly to say he passed on thanks to drugs. We all went through stages when it came to performing, but saying that it was just apart of the lifestyle we were trying to tell the audience in a hundred different ways.

Fan Question........"Did you ever date anyone when you were in Dance after you left battling and became a Trainer?"

(I loved this question!)

Yes I did. I dated my training partner before he cheated on me. It made our dancing alot more passionate and realer. It was hard for him to cope with the Dance World and this is part of the reason why I quit Dance after I got together with Ian. Its hard to have a relationship with your getting felt up by other dancers. I learned that lesson the hard way. There was a great number of relationships that I had that never worked out, because no one could trust each other. I was very open about the things that went on, but it was hard to find other people who thought or were the same. It was a very weird environment to be involved in and the lure to want the attention was hard for alot of them. For me it was so much the draw of the attention. I was looking for someone that understood me and could be with me on a more personal level away from the glitz an glam.

These questions gets me through the second part of my blog since I decided to do a double whammy today for you all. I do have rules regarding to dating in my World and to other Industries Associated with my world. Not that I ever have to worry about them since I am happy with Ian and will not be Single any time soon.

So here is a run down of those rules, I hope no offence is taken by any of the people in these Industries. I just have these rules to protect myself and it could protect other people from heart break if they think what I think is a good idea.

1. Don't Date Active Adult Film Industry Workers.
2. Don't Date Wrestlers.
3. Don't Date Actors/Actresses.
4. Don't Date Film Producers and Production Company Owners.
5. Don't Date Anyone In The Romance World/Writing World.

That is it and I hope this gives you a better insight into me and why I'm more than a different Author with my actions as well as my way of life. I'm sure that I might make a bit more sense to you and I do apologize if this blog hurts anyone's feelings, but this is my own personal thoughts and opinions. That is it.

See you soon, for another in depth blog into my mind.

Kristal McKerrington. 

Friday, 10 June 2011

The Writing Showdown Breakdown!

Hello Readers,

Today I'm going to be talking to you about the show and what we are going to be talking about. Today's Theme is "Writing Showdown".  On the show today we will be covering a vast number of topics that is with doing and dealing with the Writing world. Here is your chance if your an Author or a Writer and have always wanted to really ask me your questions then this would be the time to do just that.  

We are covering the following topics. 


What I think of the genre, what I think of the market and why I wonder about where it will be in a years time. 

Kristal's Wrestling Fiction
This is a groundbreaking set of guidelines to do with the new and upcoming world that most people haven't really heard anything about. Well today I'm going to be discussing it and why I'm wanting to bring the Wrestling Romance World together and why I feel like that future for both companies could be important. 

My Adventure in Wrestling Romance Set In British Wrestling,
I will be talking about why I'm going to explore the world of British Wrestling with a Wrestling Romance Series at the very future. The very future plans that I have in place and a few interesting series coming too. 

Other explosive Projects Coming From XoXo Publishing,
Why you will see me in a few of them and the importance of why I'm with XoXo Publishing. How I have the freedom to push boundaries and make a difference. 

Updates on how my Wrestling Romance A Different Life has expanded.
How its now got 5 spin of series and how I have been able to come up with a way to take this to the next level and create it into a world rather than just a series of books. 

My support of British Wrestling
What shows I will be attending and why.

I will also be taking your questions and running a contest for the best question of the show which will result in the person winning any of the books from my backlist of work. 

You can catch all of this on the show today at 12pm Est or 5pm UK time.


Thank you for coming out and reading my blog today and hope to see you at the show later on, 

Kristal McKerrington

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Kristal's Wrestling Fictional Lines Guidelines!

XoXo Publishing Presents Kristal Wrestling Fiction

Romance and Wresting a world of romance, glamour, muscular handsome tattooed men, a man that can crush another with a swing of his arms. Winning money, a belt a respect does he have it all? What is missing in his life and will he go and search for what he is missing?

Kristal Wrestling and Martial Art Fiction stories must have a wrestler or martial art hero or heroine, experience not necessary but if they are a semi pro or pro this is fine with us. We are seeking original manuscripts that are based in the wrestling and martial arts world. Kristal Wresting and Martial Art Fiction can be in any romance sub genres, including although not limited to contemporary, mystery, erotic, GBLT, historical, paranormal, sci-fiction, anthology, chick lit, sweet, comedy, medieval, western, steam punk, fantasy etc. Note we will not accept the following cruelty and abnormal acts, pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality or golden showers.

Submissions Guidelines:

Submissions must fully edited.

XoXo Publishing standard length: Minimum, manuscript must be 25,000 words and no more than 120,000 words in length.

12 pts Time Roman and Double spaced.

Be ready to sign a legal and binding publishing contract for three years.

We are not a self publishing company. We pay standard royalty per ebook and paperback sold. Automated sales reports. and seasonally royalty payments.

Worldwide distribution, live radio promotional interview and much more.

Please submit your complete manuscript for consideration includes your full name, pen name, correct email address, word count, genre and promotional plan.

Kristal Wrestling and Martial Art Fiction

For everyone who is a wrestling or martial art fan.

For women who love strong men.

For men who love strong women.

Fight for what they believe in, fight as a game

Fight in love , war and entertainment.

Please submit your complete manuscript for consideration to: submissions@xoxopublishing.com (Subject line: Kristal Wrestling and Martial Art Fiction)

Copyright 2011 XoXo Publishing™ a div of Ninni Group Inc. This submission guideline is copyrighted material and may not be reproduced without the written consent of the publisher or legal department at legal@xoxopublishing.com

My Review of OPW's Road To Destiny and One Last Stand

Hello all Readers,
Well after a hectic two days with One Pro Wrestling, I thought I would take the time out to talk about what I thought of the 2 day events. 
Road To Destiny
From start to finish the event was planned in my opinion to a T. The Wrestlers were all on the top of there game and have to say from start to finish I was impressed by the work that both the Heels as well as the Baby Faces put into the events. Even the signings at the back of the event was well done and the Wrestlers seemed comfortable with the fans. The fans were excited and it was good to see them getting involved with there cheering, booing and being themselves. 
In my opinion I took time to watch the moves and enjoyed the idea of being pulled into the storyline. One Pro Wrestling doesn’t just deserved around of cheers they deserve a pat on the back. The company showed me just what the Indies are meant to be. For my first ever Indies experience as not just a fan, but an Author of Wrestling Romance, I was more than addicted. I was made to feel like this was the future. 
Mr Rodd has out done any exceptions that I had about the event and I know for sure he can pull our miracles. With the talent he has at such a young age it wouldn’t be long before he is starting to take work and ground from bigger American Indies company. 
One Last Stand
This event was better than what I thought it would be since it was in a leisure centre. From start to finish it was well done and the lighting was well done too. The Live Band really put the finishing touches on the event. The Wrestlers seemed to pull out all the stops for the event and I found that they were even more interesting as I could see loads more storylines developing through out the night. 
From a Writing stand point, One Pro Wrestling was like a Creative rush for me. There was so much I could do with a pen that I was struggling to not write down the ideas at the events.
I certainly got invested in LionHeart from the very beginning. I would love to see him Wrestle more regular and see just what he could do if he pulled out all of the stops. For me, he has alot to offer the Wrestling world and I have a few dream matches I would like to see him in. 
For one I would love to see him and Kid Kash for the Heavyweight Championship. See which of the two of the heel characters is tougher. I felt from the start to finish LionHeart has a well rounded character and a draw to him that is ideal for the business he is in. His abilities are developing with every match and I can see a bright future there for him. I would certainly travel to see him Wrestle. In my opinion he is better a heel than a baby face.
Kid Kash pulled out the stops both nights. He soaked fans with water, pulled out all the stops with his moves. Stole the whole of his triple threat match. Fans watched him with both fear and awe. He had the right look and doesn’t scream Average American at you at all. 
He had a great control over what he where he wanted to take the fans, I can see why I use to think he was the best at what he did. From the anger that seemed to boil low his surface, he had a way with words and a way of pulling you to the depths of his character. He was a breath of fresh air and I minded now why I would sit up late to see him on the TV. 
It was a great honour to meet all of the Wrestlers that were there. I have to say that from now on I’m going to do my best to attend as many of the events as I can. 
In closing, my romance readers and my fans I would say if your in the UK make sure that you check out the 1PW shows. You never know you might see me at them too! 
Thank you for coming out and reading my small review of the two nights. 
Kristal McKerrington

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I Don't Fear My Condition, I Fear People

Hello Readers,

After talking with some of the sufferers of Rheumatoid Arthritics recently in support groups I decided to share my story. One that I get scared about sharing, only recently I have learned not to be scared of it. My writing life has taught me to not be scared of the people, who judge me for having a condition that was well out of my control.

For some of the Sufferers of a condition that we call just plainly RA. It can be anything from a mild condition that doesn't effect there lives so much to a nearly life threatening condition that shakes you to your core most days. Either way our lives are changed and not in a way that can be explained at all that well. It just happens to you when you least expect and here is the scary part all of you carry that genre and it could be you some day that has to face up to it.

For those of you who don't know what Rheumatoid Arthritics is, its when your immune system attacks the lining of your joints, organs (in some cases, mostly in child formed cases) and even your muscle linings. We get red swollen areas, things locking up without our control, other complications too that are way to long to be listed here.

My life with Rheumatoid Arthritics (RA)

I'm 22 years old now and I have been battling my rare form for over 20 years. Yeah my whole life nearly. I can't really remember a childhood that doesn't involve tubes, hospital stays, fear, death sentences and well bullying. Yeah I said it. I was bullied for my condition, because I wasn't at school with the rest of my classmates all the time so they treated me differently. I was even bullied by my own brother.

My condition was the children's version, I had swelling in my stomach, organs, joints and in my skin. (Your skin is one of the largest organs in your body if not the biggest). I lived with a contest burning from within, pain that they couldn't control and fear. I grew up in the cancer ward of the Aberdeen Hospital most of the time. My condition was a rare form and it was hard for them to control, in fact they believed they couldn't control it.

Back when I was jut 5 years old they placed a tube into my stomach and started me on the Methorextic trail, I was one of the first kids on it. I was one of the few that made it through. They still to this day can't tell me what was in that trail that saved my life all they know is that it did.

I was told 3 times over the course of my life I would die before I reached a certain age. A fear of just dropping down dead or relapsing to the point I wouldn't come back is always a fear of mine. The doctors are unsure what they can do to help me. All this has been made harder with the other diffculites I have developed. Even though looking at me you wouldn't think there is anything wrong, well there is. A list longer than my arm most days.

That is what I hate about this disease. Its something that people can't see and its something that the medical professionals don't really understand still. They don't understand my own form at all. I still have the child form even though I'm well into my adult age. They believe now that it wouldn't ever change or get into the adult form. (Yeah apart of me will always be a child, is that a good thing or bad?)

Now I'm on Herbs and a Positive Energy Program that has made me come to terms with the condition. A condition that I use to not be able to talk about. Heck if I had never done this course I wouldn't be able to write this blog or have written my desperate story of getting published as an author with the condition. I can tell you it scares me sometimes, because what I went through with kids my own ages, older than me with my own brother. I can tell you still happens for Children all over America, Canada and the UK. We are treated like we are covered in the plague.

I had to fight for my freedom of movement when medical staff gave up on me, when the schools I attend wanted to shove me into 'disabled classes' even though I was just as ordinary as any other children only difference was I couldn't do the things they did.

Only recently since I joined the support groups and look at the fact I have more movement in my joints and limbs that I have become grateful for my mothers fight with me as well as the determination we shared for me to be as normal as possible. Heck being a teenage with the stuff I had to deal with was even harder. Injecting yourself with a drug that was killing me at the time was even harder. It made people treat me like a junkie cause I needle marks in my shoulders and thighs. Still do.

Life with this condition isn't easy and I feel like everyday is hard when people make my life. Isn't it hard enough that some of us have to worry about the life threatening side or the fact we have to fight to get out of bed some days. I want to raise awareness for the conditions and what it is like to grow up with this. I have been there and now how hard it is.

So today I took time out of my writing life, (not fancy) to tell my side of things. I talk more about it in my Autobiography that will becoming out this month with XoXo Publishing, but for now I wanted to share something that changed my life and made me strong on the inside even if I'm not that strong on the outside.

Thank you for stopping by today and hope this helps people out there. I'm always on Facebook or Twitter if anyone with the condition wishes to talk to me and found in many of the support groups that is on Facebook too now. Sometimes its hard to share your story, because you don't really fear the condition, you fear the people around you. With that I understand and have my support.

Kristal McKerrington

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Winner of The Wrestling Themed Week Is Announced

Hello Readers,

The Winner of the The Wrestling Themed Week is.........drum roll......

Ashley A



Will be emailing to tonight! 

Kristal McKerrington 

Monday, 25 April 2011

"Ruffneck" Takes Over My Blog Today In The Last Of The Wrestling Themed Week.

Hello Readers,

Today I'm taking 'Ruffneck' into the Romance, Readers and Wrestling Fans audience. He is a talented man, who has alot to offer. He is an amazing in ring talent with an amazing view on both Romance, along with Wrestling. He in my mind is an rare undiscovered British Talent. If I had my books turned into film. He would be in my bunch of Wrestlers I would choose. Without a further a do I hand it over to 'Ruffneck'.

Q1. What are your thoughts as a Wrestler on the idea of Romance being introduced back into the Wrestling Industry?   

A) Well its certainly something I would never given due consideration had it not been until recently but if there is a market for it and it brings book readers into a realm of entertainment that they wouldnt have considered before then im all for it. i mean wrestling should be doing whatever it can to make its fanbase larger and if this is a portal to implement that then id say nothing ventured nothing gained. I think ardent wrestling fans maybe be hard pushed to make the cross over into romance but I think its possible for book readers to make the crossover into wrestling if its done correctly.

Q2. For you, would you find romance being added to your storylines as a Wrestler harder or not much of a hassle? 

A) Not particulary. I dont think it sits with the character that I portray as the gimmick is a grade A nasty bastard but bottom line is its a character nothing more nothing less. If there was something that didnt sit well with me id say so but everyone in wrestling is expendable so therefore u have to be adaptable to any given situation that is placed before you really.Wrestling is a physical soap opera and can be much more entertaining if done correctly. problem is how often does that happen. its like catching lightning in a bottle sometimes

Q3.) Do you think a Wrestling Romance Writer is a benefit to a Wrestling Promoter?

Hmmm dunno really as I believe at this point wrestling needs to get its own product over. I think maybe at a higher level if you have TV or a weekly internet show it would become more pertinant but as it stands right now the key to getting wrestling over right now is what is delivered in the ring. The romance side would most certainly be a by product as opposed to something being thrust at the forefront. it would be a work in progress and it should be minimal at best. wrestling fans would find it hard to embrace such a concept and again you couldnt have a wrestling show infused with Mills and Boon. It would die on its arse in no time at all. There  is a place for good writing full stop in wrestling but you have to have a regular medium in order to achieve it and right now it just is not there.

Q4.) Would you like to see one in One Pro Wrestling?

A) Id like to see 1PW get its wrestling product to where it should be which is solid entertainment from great wrestling action. it would be a case of selling the wrestling concept to fans of novels as opposed to selling romance to wrestling fans. I think it may translate easier in written format where the writer is master as opposed to trying to sell the concept in the ring. Look im all for anything that gets over and creates success for all parties involved. I just think that  wrestling really needs to push wrestling at this point and then the rest will fall into place. Espcially 1PW.

Q5.) If you were invited to a Wrestling Romance Panel to hear the sides of both Wrestling and Romances sides to the idea of this genre would you attend?

A) If I had the time id listen to all concerned and if they can exploit each other in a sensible manner then id hear what people had to say. Some people would look at this and think fuck this or screw that this is wrestling but if things can be done in a sensible manner and be progressive I have a mind that is not closed to anything

Some Fun Wrestling questions. 

Q8.) Who would be your dream oppanent from the Attitude Era? 

A) Stone Cold Steve Austin without a shadow of a doubt. Im one of his biggest fans, especially for the 96/97 era when he was the true anti hero type character. Id be lying if i said he was not an influence on the way I work because you can see bit of it when I do work. Not that id ever compare myself to him however as I aint nor ever will be in the same league but I do think its important to take bits then add your own swing on things. Theres only one Steve Austin but theres only one Ruffneck too. I dont want to be Stone Cold I want to be what best suits me. For example Im not the best wrestler in the world. I cant do crazy stuff from the top rope  like an El Ligero or have the technical prowess of a Lionheart of a Doug Williams but what I do well is bring a sense of believability to the ring. When I go through the curtain and to the ring I make sure that the fans know im going to fuck someone up and they can sense that. So whe I get in the ring fans actually think fuck me hes gonna do these lads in lol. 

Wrestling is about sticking to your strengths and diminishing your weaknesses. If you just go out there and go through the motions the fans can tell. you give them something a little different at the right place on the card and you can turn heads and give the fans something a bit fresh that will give them a more varied expereience. Austin did that perfectly and I hope when people watch me and Keith Myatt working as The MOB they see that too.

Q9.) Who would you would be your favourite person to tag with? 

A) I'd have loved to have worked alongside The Road Warriors. Those  guys personified what I mentioned in the last question in the sense that they were the baddest guys in town and when they got in the ring with you then you were inn for the fight of your life and as I mentioned before the fans realised that. Again they were not the best wrestlers in the world but by god did they bring that air of believability about them and a presence that was un surpassed. Id have given anything just to have been around Animal, Hawk and Ellering just to learn from them. They were just raw unbridled powerhouses who brought a fight to the ring everytime you saw them. and with their facepaint and shoulder pads they were just something different. So glad they got inducted into the HOF this year and cemented their legacy as the greatest tag team of all time.

 Q10.)  What would be your favourite moment in the Attitide Era be?

A) Probably the whole Rock Austin feud which had quite a few twists and turns. Those guys complimented each other so well that I think it was impossible for them to have a bad match together. truly are masters of the craft of wrestling. As with anything everything changes but that attitude era will resurface again. it came about when they dared to be different but now there is no competition they dont have to be different because the fans have not got a real distinctive choice. it will happen again though.

 Q11.) If you had the chance to work with either Matt Hardy, Shane Helms or Randy Orton who would you choose and why? 

A) I'd love to work with Randy Orton but to be fair seeing as I do tag team wrestling id love to work both the Hardys. When those two guys are on top of there game there is no way on gods green earth they can have a bad match with anyone. All three that you mentioned are all great workers though so it would be a priviledge to wrestle any of them

Some fun readers questions. 
 Q12.)  How do you relax after Wrestling all night? 

A) spend time with my son Jake and my wife Caroline.. Nothing can beat that . as im getting older and more banged up that after wrestling I need them to look after me. I tend to have so much pent up andrenaline that after a match imbeat for the next 48 hours and im no use to anyone haha.

 Q13.) What book has caught your attention most recently?

A) Well I just read the Road warriors autobiography which if your a fan is real awesome. I have to admit though that the best wrestling books ive read have been Jerichos. I know everyone says Foleys were good but Jerichos were so entertaining to read that its hard to put them down. I read a lot of graphic novels too. Im reading The Batman Knightfall series to my son at the moment which are great but its hard to do so many character voices lol. I love autobiographies too. im currently reading Areosmiths Walk this way which is brilliant too
Q14.) What is your must see TV show at the moment?

A) Boardwalk Empire by a country mile. though I do like Blue Bloods too. Ill watch anything to be fair. I still watch The Sopranos. I think ive seen every episode at least 6 times lol
Q15.) What is your must see Film this year?

A) Must see films of the year in no order are.....Thor, Captain America, Cowboys & Aliens and Green Lantern
I agree with your film choices for sure. Thor the Norse God from my Ancestry history is a must see for me. 

Q16.) What is your must attend event this year?

A) If you aint seen Paul Rodgers in concert this year then you have to go. the man has the greatest voice in rock/blues ever. As for wrestling well if you never been to a show before then do some research and check one out. Id reccomend IPW, PBW, 1PW, FWA, CSF, GPW NBW Southside. All good promotions that will entertain you and have fun at
Q17.) What is your must attend event for next year?
Wrestlemania 28 baby yeeaahhhhhhh...The Rock v Cena

Well you can catch the Amazing 'Ruffneck' on his facebook at 

I hope to have him back again. It was an honour to have one of One Pro Wrestling's Regular Wrestlers on here and hope he has enjoyed himself. 

Thank you again for tuning in for the Wrestling Themed Days. I hope to announce the Winner of best Comment of the Blog tomorrow!

Kristal McKerrington 

Big J Watts Takes To His Chair On Day 8 of The Wrestling Themed Weeks.

Hello Readers,

Today we have the impressive, the talented, the soon to be shooting star of the Independent world Big J Watts. He is here today to share what he thinks of my and L. Anne Carrington's latest idea on the Wrestling, Romance Panel, the future of the Wrestling, Romance genre as well as much much more so stayed tuned! Without further a do.......here is........Big J WATTS!

Q) What are your thoughts as a Wrestler on the idea of Romance being introduced back into the Wrestling Industry?

A) My thoughts are that it is a awesome idea because it brings the life of the wrestler full circle. Wrestling and romance are 2 things we do best. lol
Q) For you, would you find romance being added to your storylines as a Wrestler harder or not much of a hassle?
A) Not much of a hassle at all when you are in the biz like us you tend to date other wrestlers
Q) What do you think the impact would be if Romance and Wrestling teamed up?
A) The most awesome thing ever! Period!
Q) Where would you like to see Wrestling and Romance go?
A) With TV you can go PG but I Think The relationships you build I think you can where you want it to go. you have a lot of area to run with.
Q) Who would be your dream opponent from the Attitude Era?
A)Stone Cold or Triple H
Q) Who would you would be your favourite person to tag with?
A)Then it was Shane Helms. Now it i would like to tag with Sin Cara.
Q) What would be your favourite moment in the Attitude Era be?
A) Hogan Vs. The Rock (I think it was at wreslemainia 19)
Q) If you had the chance to work with either Matt Hardy, Shane Helms or Randy Orton who would you choose and why?

A) All of them would be excellent to work with but it is how it ends is my question. lol

Q) How do you relax after Wrestling all night?

A) Miller High life and a hot tub
Q) What book has caught your attention most recently?
A) Kristal McKerrington's Wrestling romance series
Q) What is your must see TV show at the moment?
A) In November I will be on TXA 21 in Dallas otherwise if you are asking me what I watch I watch NCIS NCIS:LA and UK's Top Gear
Q) What is your must see Film this year?
A) The Chaperone
Q) What is your must attend event this year?
A) My Comeback match in Dallas in November
Q) What is your must attend event for next year?

A) Wrestlemainia 28 in sunny Maimi Florida

Well Thank you for being here with us today Big J Watts. You can find him on the following links. 

Youtube:- http://www.youtube.com/user/Kingkilowatt coming soon he will have the link to his show. 

Thank you for being here and I wish Big J Watts the biggest success in his future. 

Kristal McKerrington 

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Please Welcome on Day 7 of the Wrestling Week Blog Independent Wrestling Channel

Hello Readers,

Today we have one of the Promotions in America that want to make a different, who wants to be different. Today the owner of this amazing Promotion is taking to the Hot Seat to answer you questions and to tell you where he stands as a Promoter of Wrestling. So without further a do, here is Independent Wrestling!

Q1) As a Promoter would you have a Wrestling fictional author as part of your writing team if that were an option for you?

A) I would because it would bring a different element to the show.  Like any other writers would I neccesarily agree with everything they suggest, no.  However it brings on a different perspective, you cant shy away creativity!

Q2) In your mind where do you see the Romance and Wrestling tag team going?

A) Depends how the rest of the wrestling business sees things.  Anything is possible!

Q3) Do you believe that it will be essential for the growth of the Wrestling world?

A) No offense to the Romance writers, wrestling will always be there as will Romance novels.  They can stand on their own two feet by themselves which is a testament to what both do for their respective/mutual communities.

Q4) What do you think of what you have had a chance to read in 'A Different Life'?

A)  I was excited to be afforded the chance to check out something different. 

Q5) Who is your favourite character so far?

A)  Don't have one, everyone has their own qualities that makes them good! 

Some Wrestling fan questions for you. 

 Q6) If you could book Matt Hardy, Shane Helms or Brian Kendrick, which would be your dream book?

A) Tough one, but I would say Helms. 

Q 7) What would be the dream match that you would to love to book for your company?

A) I hope to build dream matches through our new wrestling company!

Q8) If you were able to meet any wrestler in the world who would it be and why?

A) I've already met my childhood idol in Bret Hart.  So I'm set, anyone else is just icing on top of the cake!

Some Readers questions for fun.

Q9) What do you do to relax after a long day/night working?

A) video games, as counter-productive as it might sound but video games!

Q10). What is your must see TV show?

A)  Family Guy

Q11). What is your must see film of this year?

A) Nothing in perticular, last movie i wanted to see in theatres was Black Swan.  Great film!

Q12). What is your must attend event of this year?

A)  My first show on November 12th!  Other then that, maybe Survivor Series or a Disturbed concert this summer.

Q13). What is your must attend event for next year?

A)Not a clue.

Q14) What is your favourite match in the 'A Different Life' so far?

A) ....cant decide :)

Thank you for being here and it was such a huge honour to have you here with us today. I hope to have you back again sometime soon where you can tell us about your Wrestling's Championship Series (WCS) and how it went. 

You can Find IWC at http://www.facebook.com/indywrestlingchannel for all his information as well as other sites he is on.

Kristal McKerrington