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I'm Kristal McKerrington. I have been a published author since 2010. I'm currently signed at Gilbert Literacy Agency. I'm signed with several publishers. I work with ReemVision. Even appeared on TMZ a few times. I'm a nationwide author with Marie's World. I have become a worldwide author with many publishers. 

I live in Scotland, I'm a believer in a free Scotland. I love Viking myths and history. I'm a reader in my spare time. I love to read paranormal and romance novels. I am co-creator of the genre wrestling romance with Joe E Legend. I'm a believer in doing a show on wrestling and romance writing together, showcasing my lifestyle compared to Joe's. 

I've written a comedy novel which comes out in 2015 with Firefly & Wisp Publishing. I'm entering new genres with interest. I love a challenge when it comes to my writing. 

I'm good friends with Mohombi who has supported my novel Marie's World going nationwide in the UK and will be released nationwide in the US. We have had support from Sony Music and other big promoters, celebrities. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Winner of The Wrestling Themed Week Is Announced

Hello Readers,

The Winner of the The Wrestling Themed Week is.........drum roll......

Ashley A



Will be emailing to tonight! 

Kristal McKerrington 

Monday, 25 April 2011

"Ruffneck" Takes Over My Blog Today In The Last Of The Wrestling Themed Week.

Hello Readers,

Today I'm taking 'Ruffneck' into the Romance, Readers and Wrestling Fans audience. He is a talented man, who has alot to offer. He is an amazing in ring talent with an amazing view on both Romance, along with Wrestling. He in my mind is an rare undiscovered British Talent. If I had my books turned into film. He would be in my bunch of Wrestlers I would choose. Without a further a do I hand it over to 'Ruffneck'.

Q1. What are your thoughts as a Wrestler on the idea of Romance being introduced back into the Wrestling Industry?   

A) Well its certainly something I would never given due consideration had it not been until recently but if there is a market for it and it brings book readers into a realm of entertainment that they wouldnt have considered before then im all for it. i mean wrestling should be doing whatever it can to make its fanbase larger and if this is a portal to implement that then id say nothing ventured nothing gained. I think ardent wrestling fans maybe be hard pushed to make the cross over into romance but I think its possible for book readers to make the crossover into wrestling if its done correctly.

Q2. For you, would you find romance being added to your storylines as a Wrestler harder or not much of a hassle? 

A) Not particulary. I dont think it sits with the character that I portray as the gimmick is a grade A nasty bastard but bottom line is its a character nothing more nothing less. If there was something that didnt sit well with me id say so but everyone in wrestling is expendable so therefore u have to be adaptable to any given situation that is placed before you really.Wrestling is a physical soap opera and can be much more entertaining if done correctly. problem is how often does that happen. its like catching lightning in a bottle sometimes

Q3.) Do you think a Wrestling Romance Writer is a benefit to a Wrestling Promoter?

Hmmm dunno really as I believe at this point wrestling needs to get its own product over. I think maybe at a higher level if you have TV or a weekly internet show it would become more pertinant but as it stands right now the key to getting wrestling over right now is what is delivered in the ring. The romance side would most certainly be a by product as opposed to something being thrust at the forefront. it would be a work in progress and it should be minimal at best. wrestling fans would find it hard to embrace such a concept and again you couldnt have a wrestling show infused with Mills and Boon. It would die on its arse in no time at all. There  is a place for good writing full stop in wrestling but you have to have a regular medium in order to achieve it and right now it just is not there.

Q4.) Would you like to see one in One Pro Wrestling?

A) Id like to see 1PW get its wrestling product to where it should be which is solid entertainment from great wrestling action. it would be a case of selling the wrestling concept to fans of novels as opposed to selling romance to wrestling fans. I think it may translate easier in written format where the writer is master as opposed to trying to sell the concept in the ring. Look im all for anything that gets over and creates success for all parties involved. I just think that  wrestling really needs to push wrestling at this point and then the rest will fall into place. Espcially 1PW.

Q5.) If you were invited to a Wrestling Romance Panel to hear the sides of both Wrestling and Romances sides to the idea of this genre would you attend?

A) If I had the time id listen to all concerned and if they can exploit each other in a sensible manner then id hear what people had to say. Some people would look at this and think fuck this or screw that this is wrestling but if things can be done in a sensible manner and be progressive I have a mind that is not closed to anything

Some Fun Wrestling questions. 

Q8.) Who would be your dream oppanent from the Attitude Era? 

A) Stone Cold Steve Austin without a shadow of a doubt. Im one of his biggest fans, especially for the 96/97 era when he was the true anti hero type character. Id be lying if i said he was not an influence on the way I work because you can see bit of it when I do work. Not that id ever compare myself to him however as I aint nor ever will be in the same league but I do think its important to take bits then add your own swing on things. Theres only one Steve Austin but theres only one Ruffneck too. I dont want to be Stone Cold I want to be what best suits me. For example Im not the best wrestler in the world. I cant do crazy stuff from the top rope  like an El Ligero or have the technical prowess of a Lionheart of a Doug Williams but what I do well is bring a sense of believability to the ring. When I go through the curtain and to the ring I make sure that the fans know im going to fuck someone up and they can sense that. So whe I get in the ring fans actually think fuck me hes gonna do these lads in lol. 

Wrestling is about sticking to your strengths and diminishing your weaknesses. If you just go out there and go through the motions the fans can tell. you give them something a little different at the right place on the card and you can turn heads and give the fans something a bit fresh that will give them a more varied expereience. Austin did that perfectly and I hope when people watch me and Keith Myatt working as The MOB they see that too.

Q9.) Who would you would be your favourite person to tag with? 

A) I'd have loved to have worked alongside The Road Warriors. Those  guys personified what I mentioned in the last question in the sense that they were the baddest guys in town and when they got in the ring with you then you were inn for the fight of your life and as I mentioned before the fans realised that. Again they were not the best wrestlers in the world but by god did they bring that air of believability about them and a presence that was un surpassed. Id have given anything just to have been around Animal, Hawk and Ellering just to learn from them. They were just raw unbridled powerhouses who brought a fight to the ring everytime you saw them. and with their facepaint and shoulder pads they were just something different. So glad they got inducted into the HOF this year and cemented their legacy as the greatest tag team of all time.

 Q10.)  What would be your favourite moment in the Attitide Era be?

A) Probably the whole Rock Austin feud which had quite a few twists and turns. Those guys complimented each other so well that I think it was impossible for them to have a bad match together. truly are masters of the craft of wrestling. As with anything everything changes but that attitude era will resurface again. it came about when they dared to be different but now there is no competition they dont have to be different because the fans have not got a real distinctive choice. it will happen again though.

 Q11.) If you had the chance to work with either Matt Hardy, Shane Helms or Randy Orton who would you choose and why? 

A) I'd love to work with Randy Orton but to be fair seeing as I do tag team wrestling id love to work both the Hardys. When those two guys are on top of there game there is no way on gods green earth they can have a bad match with anyone. All three that you mentioned are all great workers though so it would be a priviledge to wrestle any of them

Some fun readers questions. 
 Q12.)  How do you relax after Wrestling all night? 

A) spend time with my son Jake and my wife Caroline.. Nothing can beat that . as im getting older and more banged up that after wrestling I need them to look after me. I tend to have so much pent up andrenaline that after a match imbeat for the next 48 hours and im no use to anyone haha.

 Q13.) What book has caught your attention most recently?

A) Well I just read the Road warriors autobiography which if your a fan is real awesome. I have to admit though that the best wrestling books ive read have been Jerichos. I know everyone says Foleys were good but Jerichos were so entertaining to read that its hard to put them down. I read a lot of graphic novels too. Im reading The Batman Knightfall series to my son at the moment which are great but its hard to do so many character voices lol. I love autobiographies too. im currently reading Areosmiths Walk this way which is brilliant too
Q14.) What is your must see TV show at the moment?

A) Boardwalk Empire by a country mile. though I do like Blue Bloods too. Ill watch anything to be fair. I still watch The Sopranos. I think ive seen every episode at least 6 times lol
Q15.) What is your must see Film this year?

A) Must see films of the year in no order are.....Thor, Captain America, Cowboys & Aliens and Green Lantern
I agree with your film choices for sure. Thor the Norse God from my Ancestry history is a must see for me. 

Q16.) What is your must attend event this year?

A) If you aint seen Paul Rodgers in concert this year then you have to go. the man has the greatest voice in rock/blues ever. As for wrestling well if you never been to a show before then do some research and check one out. Id reccomend IPW, PBW, 1PW, FWA, CSF, GPW NBW Southside. All good promotions that will entertain you and have fun at
Q17.) What is your must attend event for next year?
Wrestlemania 28 baby yeeaahhhhhhh...The Rock v Cena

Well you can catch the Amazing 'Ruffneck' on his facebook at 

I hope to have him back again. It was an honour to have one of One Pro Wrestling's Regular Wrestlers on here and hope he has enjoyed himself. 

Thank you again for tuning in for the Wrestling Themed Days. I hope to announce the Winner of best Comment of the Blog tomorrow!

Kristal McKerrington 

Big J Watts Takes To His Chair On Day 8 of The Wrestling Themed Weeks.

Hello Readers,

Today we have the impressive, the talented, the soon to be shooting star of the Independent world Big J Watts. He is here today to share what he thinks of my and L. Anne Carrington's latest idea on the Wrestling, Romance Panel, the future of the Wrestling, Romance genre as well as much much more so stayed tuned! Without further a do.......here is........Big J WATTS!

Q) What are your thoughts as a Wrestler on the idea of Romance being introduced back into the Wrestling Industry?

A) My thoughts are that it is a awesome idea because it brings the life of the wrestler full circle. Wrestling and romance are 2 things we do best. lol
Q) For you, would you find romance being added to your storylines as a Wrestler harder or not much of a hassle?
A) Not much of a hassle at all when you are in the biz like us you tend to date other wrestlers
Q) What do you think the impact would be if Romance and Wrestling teamed up?
A) The most awesome thing ever! Period!
Q) Where would you like to see Wrestling and Romance go?
A) With TV you can go PG but I Think The relationships you build I think you can where you want it to go. you have a lot of area to run with.
Q) Who would be your dream opponent from the Attitude Era?
A)Stone Cold or Triple H
Q) Who would you would be your favourite person to tag with?
A)Then it was Shane Helms. Now it i would like to tag with Sin Cara.
Q) What would be your favourite moment in the Attitude Era be?
A) Hogan Vs. The Rock (I think it was at wreslemainia 19)
Q) If you had the chance to work with either Matt Hardy, Shane Helms or Randy Orton who would you choose and why?

A) All of them would be excellent to work with but it is how it ends is my question. lol

Q) How do you relax after Wrestling all night?

A) Miller High life and a hot tub
Q) What book has caught your attention most recently?
A) Kristal McKerrington's Wrestling romance series
Q) What is your must see TV show at the moment?
A) In November I will be on TXA 21 in Dallas otherwise if you are asking me what I watch I watch NCIS NCIS:LA and UK's Top Gear
Q) What is your must see Film this year?
A) The Chaperone
Q) What is your must attend event this year?
A) My Comeback match in Dallas in November
Q) What is your must attend event for next year?

A) Wrestlemainia 28 in sunny Maimi Florida

Well Thank you for being here with us today Big J Watts. You can find him on the following links. 

Youtube:- http://www.youtube.com/user/Kingkilowatt coming soon he will have the link to his show. 

Thank you for being here and I wish Big J Watts the biggest success in his future. 

Kristal McKerrington 

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Please Welcome on Day 7 of the Wrestling Week Blog Independent Wrestling Channel

Hello Readers,

Today we have one of the Promotions in America that want to make a different, who wants to be different. Today the owner of this amazing Promotion is taking to the Hot Seat to answer you questions and to tell you where he stands as a Promoter of Wrestling. So without further a do, here is Independent Wrestling!

Q1) As a Promoter would you have a Wrestling fictional author as part of your writing team if that were an option for you?

A) I would because it would bring a different element to the show.  Like any other writers would I neccesarily agree with everything they suggest, no.  However it brings on a different perspective, you cant shy away creativity!

Q2) In your mind where do you see the Romance and Wrestling tag team going?

A) Depends how the rest of the wrestling business sees things.  Anything is possible!

Q3) Do you believe that it will be essential for the growth of the Wrestling world?

A) No offense to the Romance writers, wrestling will always be there as will Romance novels.  They can stand on their own two feet by themselves which is a testament to what both do for their respective/mutual communities.

Q4) What do you think of what you have had a chance to read in 'A Different Life'?

A)  I was excited to be afforded the chance to check out something different. 

Q5) Who is your favourite character so far?

A)  Don't have one, everyone has their own qualities that makes them good! 

Some Wrestling fan questions for you. 

 Q6) If you could book Matt Hardy, Shane Helms or Brian Kendrick, which would be your dream book?

A) Tough one, but I would say Helms. 

Q 7) What would be the dream match that you would to love to book for your company?

A) I hope to build dream matches through our new wrestling company!

Q8) If you were able to meet any wrestler in the world who would it be and why?

A) I've already met my childhood idol in Bret Hart.  So I'm set, anyone else is just icing on top of the cake!

Some Readers questions for fun.

Q9) What do you do to relax after a long day/night working?

A) video games, as counter-productive as it might sound but video games!

Q10). What is your must see TV show?

A)  Family Guy

Q11). What is your must see film of this year?

A) Nothing in perticular, last movie i wanted to see in theatres was Black Swan.  Great film!

Q12). What is your must attend event of this year?

A)  My first show on November 12th!  Other then that, maybe Survivor Series or a Disturbed concert this summer.

Q13). What is your must attend event for next year?

A)Not a clue.

Q14) What is your favourite match in the 'A Different Life' so far?

A) ....cant decide :)

Thank you for being here and it was such a huge honour to have you here with us today. I hope to have you back again sometime soon where you can tell us about your Wrestling's Championship Series (WCS) and how it went. 

You can Find IWC at http://www.facebook.com/indywrestlingchannel for all his information as well as other sites he is on.

Kristal McKerrington 

Friday, 22 April 2011

Sonny Black Independent Wrestler Takes Over For A Day In Day 6 of The Wrestling

Hello Readers,

I want to introduce you to Sonny Black, he is the high flyer defying the odds with not just his Wrestling style, but with what he wants to achieve. This young Wrestler is determined to reach the top and become the best of the best at what he does. So without much more beating around the bush, here is Sonny Black!

Q) What are your thoughts as a Wrestler on the idea of Romance being introducted back into the Wrestling Industry?

A) Art imitates life. I think romance and wrestling go hand and hand. Wrestling both in and out of the ring is like a real life soap opera and the need for there to be a love aspect is just as important as anything else to me personally

Q) For you, would you find romance being added to your storylines as a Wrestler harder or not much of a hassle?

A) its a little different for me personally, because im a larger dude i stand roughly 6'3" or 4" and is almost 187kg, so they usually give the romance/love interest storylines to other wrestler. I usually play the muscle or henchman role but id actually like to see that type of character get the female instead, so i like it because its different then the norm. As someone who also inspires to someday make movies i also welcome the challenge of being the lover instead of the brute, no hassle here, lol

Q) What do you think the impact would be if Romance and Wrestling teamed up?

A) more compelling storylines. it would be a little more something for everyone to enjoy

Q) Where would you like to see Wrestling and Romance go?

A) The big screen, movies to me is the same as wrestling matches just longer time limits to really flush out a story. The only way you can fully bring a true Wrestling And Romance Story out would have to be in a book or a movie

Q) Who would be your dream oppanent from the Attitude Era?

A) My hero Triple H, I've always looked up to him, would love to work him, although if i make it to the WWE he may not totally be at a wrestling capacity but id always say Triple H

Q) Who would you would be your favourite person to tag with?

A) A good tag partner would be someone to learn alot from while teaming with them. Id go with Japanese wrestling star Masahiro Chono

Q) What would be your favourite moment in the Attitide Era be?

A) so many good moments, that really was a good time period, lol. if i had to pick one id say the Undertaker Vs Mankind hell in a cell match, it was epic, and i dont think anything will ever top it totally

Q) If you had the chance to work with either Matt Hardy, Shane Helms or Randy Orton who would you choose and why?

A) Randy Orton, bigger star, bigger match, bigger payday

Q) How do you relax after Wrestling all night?

A) I like Cigars, and i love video games. Stuff like that help ease my mind after a long day of wrestling. Plus i have great friend, they have been my therapist on many accusations

Q) What book has caught your attention most recently?

A) I been reading Musashi's Book Of Five Rings. His wisdom can be applied to various things in a persons life

Q) What is your must see TV show at the moment?

A) Dont have one at the moment, waiting for the new season of Sons Of Anarchy to start but thats months away. Sons Of Anarchy is beyond a shadow of a doubt my favorite show out at this moment

Q) What is your must see Film this year?

A) Fast Five, the new fast and the furious movie. It looks action packed, and i can be such an adrenaline junky

Q) What is your must attend event this year?

A) Im a wrestler so to me every show im booked on is the biggest must attend event for me personally. Although besides wrestling i do want to get tickets to next season Knicks opener at Madison Square Garden

Q) What is your must attend event for next year?

A) I dont know yet, but whatever it is, i hope to enjoy every minute of it.

upcoming events: National Wrestling Superstars May 7th

Pro Wrestling Syndicate May 27th (i make my debut for this federation)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Darkaveli
Twitter: www.twitter.com/darkaveezy
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/DarkF6VImafiosi
Email: Darkaveli@gmail.com
shout outs to my friends and stablemates from F6VI, my managers Niya and Marti Belle (http://twitter.com/martibelle http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMartibelle)

Thank you for allowing to me answer these questions and be on your blog Kristal

--Peace And Civility

Thank you for being on here Sonny Black and we hope to have you back for more updates on how your career is coming along! 

Amanda Struz Is In The Hot Seat Today In Day 5 of The Wrestling Themed Week!

Hello Readers,

Today we have the Impressive, Super Creative and smart Amanda Struz, she does the covers at XoXo Publishing. She is also my amazing Editor, who has helped me create some of the wonderful pieces that you read today.  So its now Amanda's turn to take a seat in the Hot Seat on our 5th day of our Wrestling Themed week. Here is............Amanda Struz!

1. As the cover artist did you find it hard to create book covers for the ground breaking Young Adult Wrestling series that really captured the Wrestling vibe?

A - No, I found it quite easy in fact, as you gave me some great input into the idea behind the cover design. I find that having input from the author helps me to create a design that is both appealing and stands out at the same time. This is not always the case, some times I do have a different feel for the cover, but it all works out in the end.

2. What was the hardest thing about creating the covers?

A - The hardest part I would have to say is finding people that accurately represent the characters in the books.

3. What did you enjoy the most about creating the covers? Amanda Struz is also the editor of the Wrestling Series that I'm currently working on, so I have some questions for her to do with editing the series that I thought you would enjoy.

A - The outcome was the part I enjoyed most. Though I enjoy the whole process; working with Digital Art started off as a past time, but the more I do it, the more I want to do it full time.

4. What did you think when you read 'A Different Life Series' first story 'A Different Life: A Christmas Tale of Two Hearts' (Avaible today at XoXoPublishing in the Sweet Christmas Anthology) for the first time and saw
the mix of Romance along with Wrestling?

A - I really love how the Wrestling was mixed with the romance aspect. It creates a scenario that is both heart-warming/wrenching and exciting at the same time. Its like mixing a Birthday celebration with Valentine's
Day. :-)

5.  When you got stuck into the 2nd and 3rd 'A Different Life' books did you feel like the Wrestling and Romance was what made the books stand out?

A - I wouldn't say "stuck" but I feel that the combination of the two is what makes the whole series stand out. You can buy books that are strictly about Wrestling, or strictly about romance, but not many about the two

6. As an Editor do you think that there might be more people out there, who will be bite with the Wrestling Romance bug?

A - I honestly feel there are more people out there who write these kinds of books, you just don't hear about them, or they are not published yet. I think there are people out there who would definitely be into these kinds
of books.

Now onto some fun questions that will be fun.

7. If you were to pick a character out of 'A Different Life' as your fave, who would it be?

A - I would say Edward is my favorite. Though he has goal and ambitions in mind, he has a good heart, he is a caring person deep down. A close second would be Layla herself, as I can also relate to her as well. The emotional ups and downs she goes through in her life is something that represents my

8. Who in your opinion is the hottest Wrestler in the Industry right now?

A - I can honestly say that I do not watch Wrestling, though I had a roommate that did once, and back then, my favorite Wrestler in the WWF was/is "The Undertaker." The whole mystery behind him was what made me want to watch him in the ring. He is tall, and the long hair got me the moment I first seen him.

9. If there was three Wrestlers you could be locked in a room with and able to ask them anything, which room would you choose, Randy Orton,Triple H, Matt Hardy, Shane Helms or Brain Kendrick?

A - Though I am not personally aware of much of either of these Wrestlers, it would be a toss-up between Triple H and Shane Helms.

10. What do you do to relax after a long day?

A - To relax after a long day, anyone can find me playing games online (love my Frontierville on Facebook ..lol. but I also love to take photos of Horses, especially pictures of Standard-bred Horses.

11. What is your must see on TV right now?

A - My "must see" on TV right now is American Idol, but shows such as House, CSI, Criminal Minds and The First 48. I have a thing for investigative shows, can you tell?

12. What is your must attend event this year?

A - I am very much looking forward to the Small Press Book Fair this coming June at the University of Toronto. I look forward to promoting my company 9 Clouds Marketing there. I will be showcasing something new with my company there this year. My other passion is cooking, so I will be bringing samples  for people to try out!

13. What is your must attend event for next year?

A - I haven't given much though to next year as I am concentrating more on this year first. Getting my new website up and running this coming week is my main focus. It is more professional, and will be hosting more
products/packages then my previous one!Anything I do however, can be found on my group on Facebook.

**Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have this great chat with you! It was a pleasure as always! :-)

It was a Huge honour to have you here Amanda and hope to have you back soon.

Check Amanda Struz out on the following links.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Kristal McKerrington Takes The Hot Seat

Hello Readers,

Today I take the Hot Seat where I'm going to tell you why I started writing these stories over 13-14 years ago. The inspiration on my life and why this is more important to me than any other thing I have tried to create.

  1. What Inspired you to write a Wrestling, Romance Book?
I was in the hospital with Victor, my good friend and was having a crummy day hooked up to some serious horrible medicines and he wasn't too bad that day.  It was the second WCW tape that he had brought to my bed to which and that day I saw XPac and Shane Helms that was it. I don't really know what happened inside my head, I just felt myself start to write small stories where they were the leading roles.

Fast forward a good few years and I was trapped in the hospital for 8 weeks and that was when I saw 'The Hardy Show', with the 'The Hardy Boyz' being in the main role. They inspired me and fired me up. Not only did I fight back from not being able to walk I also wrote the first book within a few months from all my years of notes and thoughts 'A Different Life: Three Lane Highway', much later on I was going to map out the series and that was when 'A Different Life Series' was born. 

       2. Why does the Romance and Wrestling Tag Team mean so much to you? 

When I was fighting for my life as a kid as strange as it sounds Wrestling was my inspiration through out the fight. Not just that I didn't believe that anyone would want me since I had a feeding tube sticking out of my stomach, so I had to believe that in some Romantic way that XPac or one of my other main Ideals (Shane Helms, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy) would see me and that would be it. That they would want me. 

Strange I know, but the bullying in my life was really bad back then and I guess I was looking for some sort of hope. I lost touch with Wrestling for a few months then when I got back home after school one day my mother had gotten us Sky and the Wrestling became a huge part of my life. Thank you Wrestling world. I guess you could say that the two is my gift back for the inspiration and strength that the two gave me to just make it through and survive. Also most importantly not give up on finding someone to love. 

         3. What would the Wrestling, Romance Panel mean to you? 

The Wrestling, Romance Panel means more to me than anyone would realise. This would be me and L. Anne Carrington proving to the Romance and Wrestling world that this could really work. Not just that, it also proves that all the re-educating that we have been doing isn't a waste. We are creating hopefully a better future for the Wrestling World and the Romance World. You are going to learn from REAL Independent Wrestlers just what they think. 

So far there is a few Wrestlers, who really want this to happen and a UK Wrestling Promotion that wants this to go ahead. I think there is support for this, but to be honest this personally means more to me than anyone would realise. 

      4. What do you think the Impact of this could be on the Wrestling World? 

Gosh I would say sky's the limit if the whole Wrestling world gets behind it. Again it all depends on the reaction from the audience, if people are telling the major companies that they want this and so does the Wrestlers then I wouldn't want to say where I would think it would go, I just want to believe that we are going to go up and up with it. 

Now for some of the more Wrestling Fans Questions.

     5.  What would be your favourite moment in the Attitide Era be?

I don't want to this to be taken wrong, but for me I have to say when Stone Cold turned coats and beat up the Hardy's and Lita or when DX Generation was formed or when Matt and Lita shared their first TV kiss. I have to say I loved all those and couldn't decide, sorry! 

       6. If you had the chance to be locked in a room with either Matt Hardy, Shane Helms or Jeff Hardy or Randy Orton who would you choose and why?

I would drag Matt, Jeff Hardy and Shane Helms and sit with them. They were my main ideals and have to say that those are always going to my first choice when it comes to those who I want to meet. I hope to get my childhood dream of meeting XPac at the end of May when I attend 'One Last Stand' with One Pro Wrestling. 
        7. What do you do after a long day of Writing? 

I like to visit family, watch Wrestling and hang out the best man in the world my boyfriend.

Now onto some Readers of Romance Questions. 

       8.  What book has caught your attention most recently?

I have been hooked up on Rachel Caine's Morganville's Vampires and I have to say I loved L. Anne Carrington's book 'The Cruiserweight' alot and just read Chris Jericho's book, which blew my mind away. 
       9.  What is your must see TV show at the moment?
Not on TV then I have to say Highway 2 Helms and The Hardy Show, on TV I have to say WWE, TNA, Big Bang Theroy, How I Met Your Mother and NCIS LA and normal. 

       10. What is your must see Film this year?

To be honest its got to be Thor or Green Lateran, everyone knows why that knows me. For all those who don't know me. Thor, because of the Nordic History I have and my love for my accessors. I'm a descendent from Vikings so that is understandable. The Green Lateran cause I am a Hurricane Helms fan after all! 

     11. What is your must attend event this year?

I have to say 'One Last Stand' with One Pro Wrestling. Any chance to see XPac and meet the hugely successful 1PW boys is an honour. I just spent most of last night talking to one of there best and most skilled Wrestlers Keith Thor Colwell and felt honoured he took time out of his day to sit an talk to me. Thank you sir and there is a plug for you! 

   12. What is your must attend event for next year?

I hope that we do get to do the Wrestling Romance Panel. So for me will be Romantic Times one way or the other, since its doing to make my Writing dreams come true to meet Gina C the owner of XoXo Publishing along with the awesome staff that I'm often talking too along with my fellow Authors. I wouldn't know what to do without them sometimes and it would also make my day to meet L. Anne Carrington. That chick is cool! 

Thank you for attending my interview day and it was an honour to see you all out supporting my week so far. 

You all know where to get me so no links today lol. 

Kristal McKerrington x

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Highway 2 Helms and XPac's Promotional Blog

Hello Readers,

Today I wanted to take time out to talk about the best in the businesses Wrestlers, who are hosting there own shows and are helping other new talent progress in there futures within the business by helping them get noticed. Shane Helms has helped me a great deal with his support and his mentions on his show. Much to, which I wouldn't ever be able to say thank you enough too. So its with him that I start off this Promotional blog.

Highway 2 Helms

Highway 2 Helms is ran every Wednesday on Geek Week. Its a show that sees long time ex WWE Superstar and ex WCW Wrestler Shane Helms run a show that sees a whole host of guests ranging from TruTV's very on Ron Shirley to MMA Fighter Bad News Bell. The show covers every topic in Wrestling, MMA and even Football. With jokes, humour and even some Science Fiction stuff thrown in too. From start to finish Shane Helms and his Co-Host Marty Garner (Cham Pain) along with the mystery of the 'H2H Waitress' became my must see show every single Wednesday night.  Its the perfect adult show with all sorts of dirty jokes, sayings and thinks that will stick in your head for days.

The Highway 2 Helms Staff make every show the best experience for everyone with staff in the Chatroom who will talk to you through the whole show, fast and excited fans all willing to share questions, there favourite moments and much more with new members. Its regulars often make the place feel more than welcoming when there turn up a whole hour before the show to make sure that they will be in the best Chatroom for the night.  The viewers get so high that sometimes its chatroom has to be split into two rooms!

All in all its my must see every Wednesday night and I'm honoured that Shane Helms, Marty Garner (Cham Pain) The H2H Waitress and even Shelly L who runs the technical side of things does the show. We would all be lost now without the Highway 2 Helms explosion. I will be there tonight for Shane's next instalment with Popcorn, Coffee and even a little Rum for some fun with the Superstar and his guest.

Check them out tonight at 7pm Est over at www.geekweek.com/live

The XPac Show On Cowhead TV.

As if Wednesday nights couldn't get any better we have right after Highway 2 Helms we have The XPac Show that features XPac and friends talking about everything an well anything from the get go. He starts off at 8pm Est and finishes sometimes a couple of hours later. He hosts his friends from WCW and WWE days along with some of them that are on the Independent Wrestling Scene. He never fails to host the show with fun and excitement. We see him have funny stories, down to Earth really nitty gritty stuff that will show you a whole other side to XPac and Professional Wrestling.

He makes me stay up to the wee hours here in the UK to make sure I get my fix of the CowHead experience every Wednesday with his trusty staff supporting him along with clips from the days from all over his Wrestling Career as well as other Wrestlers its something that you wouldn't want to miss. There hasn't been a show that is ever been able to live up to following Highway 2 Helms, yet this does.

So when your finished watching the Superhero like talents of Shane Helms and his crew then flip over to CowHead TV to check out XPac keeping the party rolling as well as the good times flowing tonight over at. www.cowheadtv.com

Thank you for joining me for the Wrestling Themed week Promotional Entry and I hope that you will check back tomorrow for my Interview from the Fans, where I will be answering the Tough Questions and enjoying your company.

Kristal McKerrington x

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Gina Takes A Seat and Shares With Us Her Thoughts!

Hello Readers,

Today we have the wonderful, Superhero like publisher own Gina Cianfarani. She is the owner of XoXo Publishing and she is the one, who is leading the way in different genres, different themes and she is owed a hugs set of thank yous for giving me my voice so that you all could here my stories.  If that wasn't even she is jaw dropping beautiful and a Wrestling fan to boot. So without further a do, lets give a warm welcome to Gina  Cianfarani!

KM-- What effect do you believe the Wrestling world has on the Romance world?

GC-- Like any new genre it will either take it by storm or take time to develop into a new kind of romance genre that the public likes to read.

KM-- Do you believe that our Romance Readers will go wild over the young hot Wrestlers?

GC-- I think it is subjective. Not everyone enjoys or watches wrestling so it’s more of a love and hate relationship. I personally enjoy watching wrestling, and was a fan of The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) in his earlier days and now he’s one of my favourite actors. So is John Cena. I like Randy Orton, Mysterio, Edge and many others. I like the fact they support the library associations, a worthwhile cause to help literacy with their own Wrestlemania Reading Challenge World Finals. In fact this year we had a Canadian young man in the top three.
Grades 5-6: Eric Jose of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Grades 7-8: Marinna Vela of Zillah, Wa
Grades 9-12: Brandy Eggleston of Durham, N.C. USA.

KM-- Wow that is impressive. 
KM -- What do you think of the Wrestling Fictional theme books that are starting to be published into the Romance and Writing world?

GC-- We’re one of the first small presses introducing the wrestling and martial arts theme as an actual genre. I think it will take off once word gets out. Authors need to promote more and understand The Art of Self Promotions. A book which is to be released this Spring in ebook, CD and paperback.

KC--  What is the hardest part of running a Wrestling and Romance genre?

GC -- There really is no specific hard part, in this particular genre. It is up to the author to create a work of art with words. It is the author's story and they have something to tell and the story has to take hold of the readers' attention.  If the story is well written it should be well received by fans.
KC -- Now onto some Wrestling Fan Questions . . .If you had a choice to ask any question you would like to the following: Matt Hardy (Cold Blooded), Shane Helms (Hurricane Helms), Randy Orton or Wade Barrett, who would you choose?

GC -- Well seeing as you haven’t mentioned any of my favourites listed above I'd have to choose Randy Orton.

KM-- Who do you think has the most romantic side in the Wrestling world right now?

GC-- LOL, well romance doesn’t really mix with current die hard wrestling fans! However, there are people who do use the wrestling world and martial arts for adult role play.

KM-- What do you think of Chris Jericho on Dancing With The Stars?

GC-- I watched Dancing With the Stars just for him. I love CJ, I wish I was the one dancing with him. Did you watch his moves ;)

KM-- Who do you think is the best looking in the Wrestling Industry right now?

GC-- I'd have to go with the favourites I listed above. And maybe a few others . . .

KM-- Now for some fun questions from the Romance Readers . . .What do you do to relax after a long day?

GC-- I read romances. I enjoy reading the Blaze and Spice line.

KM-- What is your favourite television show right now?

GC-- Dancing with the Stars and wrestling, of course.

KM-- What is the must see film for you right now?

GC-- Honestly, I haven’t seen one in a while.

KM-- What is your must attend event for you this year?

GC-- I have too many to list but they’re mostly all book signings, books fairs and conventions.

KM-- What are your must attend events for next year?

GC-- The Canadian Booksellers Association Expo, The Canadian Authors Association Convention and Book Expo America.

KM-- Are you looking for wrestling and marital art manuscripts?

GC-- Yes we are! Please submit your full manuscripts to: penny@xoxopublishing.com

With the subject line: Wrestling and Martial Art Submissions

KM-- How do we contact XoXo Publishing?

GC-- We are very active in various social networking sites and you may find us at any or all of the following:

Social Networking sites:




XoXo Publishing on Goodreads!


XoXo Pulse Radio

We are going live soon! Be ready to be rocked, shocked and loved....
XoXo Pulse Radio. If you wish to be interviewed or have any questions please email us at

XoXo Publishing my space is still popular.
Here is our link:  http://www.myspace.com/xoxopublishing

Our XoXo Publishing blog:

Our website:

Our books can be found on Amazon.com, Amazon.uk and many other places.

For submissions guidelines and inquires please email us at:
With the subject line:  state what genre you are inquiring about.

KM-- I hope these questions are fun and not too hard for you.

GC-- Yes thank you Kristal for interviewing me I had a great time  answering your questions. I hope to be invited for a visit soon ;) Keep on writing those wrestling themed novellas and novels.

Gina xoxo

Well that was the Super hot and very intelligent Gina Cianfarani. We will have her back when she releases her Self Art of Promotions book in the near future and maybe have her back for a further interview into, who is Gina Cianfarani. So stay tuned readers. Tomorrow we have the H2H and XPac promotional blog then on Thursday I will be taking the hot seat to answer the same questions that I have been asking our guests so stay tuned for that! 

Kristal McKerrington 

Monday, 18 April 2011

L. Anne Carrington Is In The Wrestling Hot Seat!

Hello Readers,

Today we have the sexy, the super talented L. Anne Carrington here for you all. She is the Best Selling Author in the Wrestling Division on Amazon with her ground breaking Adult Wrestling, Romance Erotic book called 'The Cruiserweight' links for that book you will find at the end of the Interview, her talents are spread across the board and she is very much my tag team partner in bringing Romance and Wrestling together. So without further a do here is L. Anna Carrington.

1. What was the influence you had to go into being a wrestling reviewer?

I went to shows in the 1980's with my former sister-in-law, with whom I'm still friendly to this day. In the 1990's, I'd gotten away from wrestling to pursue other interests, and actually got back into it when I came
across Smackdown one night by accident while flipping channels.

2. What was the biggest reason that you stepped away from the Wrestling?

It was a combination of dealing with the aftermath of my parents' respective deaths, pursuing music and acting interests, and working shifts, so I wasn't always home to watch television, or had many opportunities to go to live shows. Around 1999, things started to slow down a bit.

3. If you were naming the top 5 wrestlers of all time, who would you pick?

Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Iron Mike Sharpe, The Rock, and Ivan Putski.

4. Who would you say is the most romantic Wrestling of the PG Era and of the
Attitude Era?

I hadn't given much attention to either era, so I can't give a clear and honest answer.

5. If you could pick a room to be in for 5 minutes to ask a wrestler any questions you liked, which room would you choose,  Paul London, Brain Kendrick or Matt Hardy?

That's a no-brainer. Brian Kendrick

6. What do you think the tag team of romance and wrestling could do to both businesses?

They would open doors for authors, fans, and readers. All that needs done is convincing those involved in each market that presenting such books could not only benefit wrestling/romance authors, but also the genre as a whole. It would attract a new group of readers to events and help boost book sales, plus draw attention from the untapped wrestling worlds if the concept of wrestling and romance were discussed more often.

 7. In your mind what is missing in the wrestling world right now and what would you

More actual wrestling. I know it's "sports entertainment," per se, but what's actually needed is more concentration on the sport aspect. I'm not saying cut out story lines altogether, just use a lot less of them and
give the audience more quality matches instead.

8. 'The Crusierweight' was an amazing book and if it were to be turned into film, who would you choose to play your characters?

Well, Brian Kendrick would be my first choice for Brett, since that part would require a smaller than average cruiserweight who's a high flyer and a bit of an underdog at the same time.  I'm still bouncing around thoughts for Karen, so I don't have a definite answer who would be best to portray her just yet. More than likely, an unknown actress either from Pittsburgh or one familiar with the city and its culture. Danny Trejo would make an excellent Patrick, if he was willing to do a bit of wrestling training to prepare for the part.

9. What is the book of the month for you?

I just finished Camilla Lackberg’s "The Ice Princess" not long ago. Other than the POV switching a great deal, I found this book an excellent mystery from start to finish, so it's my choice.

10. How do you relax after a long day of writing?

I read! I enjoy reading work of some of my fellow authors, many who have become friends. I also like to unwind in the evening with a cup of chamomile tea and cuddling with the cats while watching a good classic movie, or during the summer, I enjoy going for long walks and the outdoor festivals and markets.

11. What is your most see show every week?

I'm not a big TV person, but anything on either the History Channel or Investigation Discovery is always a good choice aside from my weekly fix of TNA Wrestling.

12. What is your must Attend Next year and this year?

Well, if things work out for the panel you and I are planning, next year, I'd say the RT Book Lovers Convention for sure. As for this year, the Three Rivers Arts Festival in June...hopefully, it won't rain the entire

Thanks for the opportunity.  I'm on Twitter @lacarrington1 and on Facebook
at http://facebook.com/theloric2. My web site is
http://www.lannecarrington.com, and I also have a blog to discuss books
and book-related news, The Book Shelf, at
http://newandgoodreading.blogspot.com.  Readers are also welcome to stop
by Authors on Show at www.authorsonshow.com.

'The Cruiserweight' is available in both paperback and Kindle on Amazon:
http://amzn.to/exTbS1. It's also available for Kindle on Amazon UK
http://amzn.to/hsDmL1 and as an ebook at Smashwords

Well thank you L. Anne Carrington for being here and I have to say I look forward to having her back when she releases her second book in her Wrestling series.

Thank you for all popping by, mind that if you post the best comment of the week you can win any of the books from my back list.

Kristal McKerrington