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I'm Kristal McKerrington. I have been a published author since 2010. I'm currently signed at Gilbert Literacy Agency. I'm signed with several publishers. I work with ReemVision. Even appeared on TMZ a few times. I'm a nationwide author with Marie's World. I have become a worldwide author with many publishers. 

I live in Scotland, I'm a believer in a free Scotland. I love Viking myths and history. I'm a reader in my spare time. I love to read paranormal and romance novels. I am co-creator of the genre wrestling romance with Joe E Legend. I'm a believer in doing a show on wrestling and romance writing together, showcasing my lifestyle compared to Joe's. 

I've written a comedy novel which comes out in 2015 with Firefly & Wisp Publishing. I'm entering new genres with interest. I love a challenge when it comes to my writing. 

I'm good friends with Mohombi who has supported my novel Marie's World going nationwide in the UK and will be released nationwide in the US. We have had support from Sony Music and other big promoters, celebrities. 

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Christmas News

Hello all readers,

Well its Christmas time, we have achieved alot this year.Somethings we didn't manage, but you know me I will keep my head up and will keep fighting on till I do. I have listed what I hope to do in the coming year. Yes I have all ready made plans on what I want to do. You as my readers, will properly all ready know that I do this, new readers then you will learn soon enough I plan everything.

First of Here is the List of what we have achieved this year.

1. We have have finished 14 pieces!
2. We have 3 books out.
3. We have 3 pieces out soon.
4. We are halfway through one of the 7 series I'm working on.
5. We became Published with XOXO Publishing.
6. We started our own show. (promise more shows)
7. We have alot more people paying attention what we are trying to achieve.

It might be just 7 things, but we are just starting this road so we will soon be looking back and thinking to ourselves for just doing 7 things within a year is pretty relaxed. Heck it would be awesome to look back and think 'yeah I could do 7 things a year again'.

Things I HOPE to achieve in 2011.

1. I would like to start donating 10% of my Royalties of the 'A Different Life Series' to Matt Hardy's Omega School of Wrestling.

2. Making head way towards changing the Health Policies for the Wrestlers out there.

3. I really hope to meet my 4 wrestling ideals, Shane Helms, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Amy Dumas.

4. Be making my way towards having my 'baby' series into a film.

5. Working with a couple of authors on some books together.

6. Seeing more of my work out on Amazon, in print and available to everyone

7. Seeing my show doing better and getting a weekly slot going.

(Can anyone think of a name?)

8. To go to at least 1 XOXO Publishing Event.

9. To have made you all have a year that you can really remember.

That is the things I would like to achieved next year. I know I'm setting the bar quite high, some of you are properly saying. 'That is just dreaming', but with me you never know what I'm going to achieve. I'm someone who has fought the odds for years so this will be no different.

I hope to hold more authors on my Blog Site next year too, cause I don't want to be an author who doesn't help others. *Yeah that is not me* I help everyone. Even if your not an author then I would be honoured to host you, aka if you do something in entertainment.

SO lets get our loud voices out cause we are going to have to scream our heads off to make sure that these things are happening for US. Everyone of you who reads this 'You might not comment', but I know your reading. I'm a Twitter spy remember, lol.

Thank you, I would never be a author if it wasn't for you and I wouldn't still be writing if it wasn't for you.

FOR THE RECORD I'm NOT A DIRT SHEET WRITER! I know some of you have wondered that since I have written a 'Christmas Special' that is to do with Wrestling/Romance and a Writers life. Really I'm not a dirt sheet writer and I never read them, because its nearly always crap. lol.

Take care,

Merry Christmas all,

Have a great 2011

---------------------------------SPECIAL MESSAGE TO PEOPLE BELOW--------------------------------

I would like to take the time to 'PUSH' a few people.

Check out Gina C's new self Promotion book coming soon on XOXO Publishing, Christian McKee who is doing some amazing work in Paranormal genre.

I would like to 'PLUG' a couple of shows that are getting their feet off of the group. Check out 'Highway 2 Helms' and 'The Hardy Show', their worth watching honestly, they really make me want to keep on fighting with this dream.

Check out Drea's book 'My Wish For Christmas Is You' that books for charity so mind to take a look at that when you have a chance, if you need links then comment below and I will post them there.

I want to at lastly promote 'Amy "Lita" Dumas's' Ebay store for all those WWE/WWF/Wrestling fans who like her. Check her out on Ebay now.

I think that is it. Take care and Authors email me if you want to catch up.

------------------------------------END OF SPECIAL MESSAGE-------------------------------------

I love you all,

Your Author

Kristal McKerrington.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

A Survey I Need Your Help With.

Another Cover For You

Hello Readers,

Leather Bound Hearts and A Different Life: A Christmas Tale of Two Hearts now has a cover. Its below. Watch out for my 'A Day In The Life' of Kristal McKerrington coming soon here. Its an exclusive to my blog talking about my life from when I get up in the morning till I go to bed at night. Will talk about the future of my writing and where I see the future is. How I wouldn't be giving up and how I love the people who both love and hate me!

I hope you enjoy Amanda's handwork.

She is awesome ain't she!

Huge hugs,

Kristal McKerrington x

Friday, 19 November 2010

Christmas Anthology Coming soon....

Christmas Anthology
Bound to make you smile.


Thursday, 11 November 2010


Hello All.

I'm proud to Introduce to you,

Shetlands Immortals: Against My First Love

Coming soon

Thanks to

XOXO Publishing!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Am Being Spotlighted This Week

Hello Readers,

Thank you for all being patient with me, because I haven't been well and dealing with alot of family stuff so thank you for giving me the time to do just that.  Right now am working on a few stories and series that will be fun for you.  We still have 9 pieces coming out and we have a wonderful set of stuff going on for you to get involved in, while am working away at 'NaNoWrMo' send loads of Muses my way.

I will post the blurb to that story on here later on.

Check me out at the Spotlight for a Week here. The Highlanders are running wild. Take care. Loads of love to you all.


Kristal McKerrington.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Kristal and My Dyslexic By Kristal McKerrington.

As a teenager in High School my Scribes always thought I had dyslexics and for large portions of my High School years they always talked about it. They never did the test nor did they ever really help me with it.

My English Teacher for my Standard grades was harsh and would always put down my work till the point I never really wanted to hand in anything I did. They gave me a computer, but because I couldn't retain the basic grammar and sometimes spelling it didn't help.

Somehow with the aid of my best scribe I made it through. I took a 3 in English, which at that time they never thought for one moment I would achieve. Right before my exams they didn't think I would pass a single one. With the stress of the exams my condition called 'Rheumatoid arthritis' flaring and the mix of pain medicines made them convinced I wouldn't succeed, but I did.

I left school with my English teachers 'You have no imagination and you will never be a writer' ringing in my ears. I was convinced by all my teachers and all the adults in my life that I couldn't do it. So I didn't to begin with.

I went on to be a nurse, but just a quarter of the way through my course where I was getting help with my dyslexia I had to leave due to my condition. Through the years though I never stopped writing. I never quit that cause it was the air I needed to breathe.

Then I had a small Rheumatoid Arthritis blimp back in July last year and that was when I became a writer. I sat in the hospital in tears and knew there wasn't going to be much I could do with my life, since I was always unstable and every job I had I ended up having to leave cause of my condition flaring. Sometimes I need up to a month off at one time or another.

I wrote my first book 'Freedom Is Earned' and got a dear friend of mine Bernie Morris to edit it. I sent out letters to 30 different agents and over 35 publishers and not one was interested. I sent out my last batch, which contain 'XOXO Publishing, Carina Press and Noble Romance Publishing.'

I was convinced if these lot had rejected me then that was it I wasn't going to do it ever again.

I had pegged 'XOXO Publishing' the long shot after I saw that they had a really professional site and I was a little scared that I was going to get Huge rejection off them. I didn't I did get the rejection letters that nearly had be in tears from 'Noble and Carina Press' who weren't convinced my stuff was to their standards or to their marketing plans.

I was bummed then the news came from XOXO Publishing and my heart nearly burst out of my chest. They accepted my first book and they offered me the contract I never thought I would get.

Since then they have given me a team to help me with the Dyslexia and even the other authors of the company help an support me. After such a long time with no hope they gave me just that.

I have gone on with them to create 6 new series that will be coming out over the next few months, while break new grounds and doing what was thought the impossible.

I just want to say if you have this problem then you can work through it. There is people out there that can give you a chance and make your dreams come true. I never gave up and look where I am now. I have 2 pieces out and 9 more contracted! I can promise you there is hope out there and between us all we can make a difference for those people who are one in ten!

 There is help, and I got it.

http://www.dyslexia.help.co.uk and my books can be found at http://www.xoxopublishing.com/shop-online.

Kristal McKerrington.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Freedom Is Earned Contest

Freedom Is Earned Out Now!  


What would you do if you saw two Street Hip Hop crews face off?

Would you recover from a shooting, then go on to lead your dance group to victory; not only to save your training ground, but to find out who tried to kill you?

In a love triangle of lies, who would you turn to?

What would your life be like after a showdown like that?

A confrontation that could tell you who tried to kill you, and disband the very people who were behind the attack: would it be worth the risk of you losing a crew that you had built up yourself with your own bare hands?

Welcome to Ambers life in 'Freedom Is Earned' where its all about the Streets and what you have to do to survive?

Can you heart take the heat?

Sample Page
Chapter 14: Stepping To You

Do you know what it feels like to be betrayed by the very person you thought you loved, or to have that feeling that you were never loved at all? Now I did. That was a realisation that I didn't like at all, but it had been haunting me since last night when Christian had taken two seconds to end our relationship.

Sitting still, staring down at my phone, I felt my heart melt by what I saw, as the breath was dragged from my body. I sat there in the centre of the play park with my dear friends and crew all around me. The sting of anger and betrayal started to nip at my heels, as the pain still pricked away at my cheeks. Just when my emotions started to hit me that much harder than before, I dropped my treacherous phone onto the ground. I then got to my feet while Julia and Gemma stood up with me. My mind was awash with thoughts I didn't understand, as the need to move slowly pushed me forward toward the gate, before my feet picked up, and I couldn't stop myself from starting to run.
I felt my mind shift back to the numb blissful stage and it was then I started to head across the park and out of the gate that bound my loyalties to Christian. Out on the street, those misplaced loyalties broke apart, while I stared from left to right, trying to figure out where he might be. All I knew was that I needed to confront him. He had told me on our last date that he had started

Get your copy now before your left behind!

Prizes to be won, all you have to do is either name the 4 main characters in this story or buy a copy of Freedom Is Earned then email me:- kristalmckerrington@yahoo.com

Good luck!

Kristal McKerrington

XOXO Publisher Author
2 Pieces and Counting!!!
'Freedom Is Earned' Out NOW!
'The Highlander With The Ink' apart of the Tattoo Anthology out Now!
Blogspot for my latest updates:- http://kristalmckerringtons.blogspot.com
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Twitter:- www.twitter.com/@K_Mkerrington
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Thursday, 14 October 2010




Here is an extract from the book!

  Out on the street, the wind started to pick up again and I shivered against it while I wrapped my wool cardigan around me tighter. The bitterness of the wind whipped at my face as I rounded the corner.
     In the distance, I heard the sound of a motor bike revving. It was a sound that I liked and it reminded me of the country boys on their trail bikes bombing around the hills.
Moving around the corner, I started to walk towards the entrance of the local children's playground when I heard the bike draw closer at a fast-pace.
I stopped now and took out my car keys while looking around for the bike. There was no sign of it even though it didn't sound far away now.
I walked on with a shiver. I now crossed the entrance to the playground and it was then that I saw a black shining Blackbird come flying around the corner, slowing ever so slightly as the rider straightened up the bike.
I noticed the bike was completely black, but I could tell it was a Blackbird by its headlights. Upon nearing me, the biker seemed to shift his hands and, as he grew closer, I realised he was holding a gun.
The next thing I knew there were a series of loud bangs, then I felt my body being thrown to the ground.  Pain swerved my body, pinning me to the ground harshly and with a force that knocked the air from my lungs.
I felt my mouth falling open where I let out a scream of pain that erupted through my throat and I felt alone and trapped in my searing pain-filled body, hearing the distant screams of my friends and, not long after they started, the sounds of distant sirens.
Struggling not to let my eyelids droop shut, I could see blurry images of my friends all around me, but was unable to communicate to them.
The searing, burning pain roared and stabbed harder at me before I slipped into the darkness that had been clawing at me to enter.
In the darkness, I found peace and felt myself drift away into nothingness.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Book Deal of A Lifetime

Its Wednesday Night Madness at XoXo Publishing!Wednesday October 6, 2010 anytime during the day up to midnight your time. You can buy three XoXo Publishing ebooks on line athttp://www.xoxopublishing.com/shop-online.Submit your email and the ebook titles you brought and you'll receive TWO FREE mystery ebook. Plus get your name entered in our one day to WIN an autographed CD Sampler. contests@xoxopublishing.com Subject line: One Day Contest Buy 2 one Free.

Back On The Wrestling Love Stories

Hello Readers,

For a long time I have been getting questions of what ever happened to the Three Brother Wrestlers and poor wee Layla well I can tell you they are making a come back and she has made some changes to her story. The books hotter then ever and am working in some extra characters that you can either hate or love.

So mind the deal I had with all of you.  Since am doing this you will need to raise my work up to the Hardy's,  we need letters, tweets, Facebook posts.  We want you to go mental with 'A Different Life' fever!!!! Those who support the cause will not be disappointed.  Trust me. I have made this series longer, sweeter, hotter and is coming to you with an 18 +++ rating on it.

I can promise the girl on the cover of the second instalment will blow you away too. I have more stuff up my shelves so keep your eyes peeled cause I haven't abounden 'A Different Life' I have made it bigger and more explosive!!!!!!!

Your writer,

Kristal McKerrington

Writing books to blow your mind and taking risks no one else can handle!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Halloween Anthology Review. 5/5

Halloween Anthology Review.
Kristal McKerrington.

The Halloween Anthology that was recently brought out by XOXO Publishing shows a great mix of favours of really scary stuff to a tough love that will have you hanging on every word. The mixture of Poetry and short stories is something else.

From the Talented Authors such as Sandy Sullivan who has a way with words as she leads her readers through quite a ride to Tim Spearman who always gets your mind racing with his masterful talent of words. To Brianna Martini who bring her own creative brilliance to the page. This book has been set up for not just my Keepers Folder, but into my all time favourites list.

Its a book you don't want to pass up and it deserves it 5 Stars rating for its abilities to get a reader going! I recommend it to all of my readers!

Kristal McKerrington.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Tina Is Here With Me Today For A Hot Insight Into Her Latest Book.

Hello Readers,

I would like you all to give a warm welcome to Tina who is joining us here today.

  1. Tell us a little about your latest work and tell us about yourself.

My erotic romance In His Arms was released last month. To give you an idea of the story, here’s the blurb:

Owned by one man, loved by another. . .

Abducted and delivered into sexual slavery, Lori has surrendered her will in order to survive. For more than a decade, she’s been known as Summer, a lovely submissive, her owner’s possession until he gives her to his newest lieutenant, a mysterious man called RJ. Commanding and virile, RJ dominates without cruelty and possesses without threat, engendering a mixture of safety and passion. In his strong arms, Summer enjoys carnal pleasure she’s never known and tenderness she’s craved. In his heated gaze, she experiences a sense of recognition she doesn’t immediately understand until it proves dangerous in a way she could never have imagined. Bound by desire and their growing love, RJ traverses the shadowy world of human trafficking, risking all for Summer’s freedom only to learn she harbors a fateful secret that threatens to tear her from him, leading to an irrevocable event that risks both their lives.

And my bio:

Tina Donahue is a multi–published novelist in contemporary, historical and erotic romance. Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised her work; she has reached finals and /or placed in numerous RWA–sponsored contests. She was the editor of an award–winning Midwestern newspaper, worked in Story Direction for a Hollywood production company, and is currently the Managing Editor for a global business document concern.

Website/blog: www.tinadonahue.com

  1. What Inspired This Piece or Pieces?

The idea for In His Arms came to me one night while I was watching the news. Yet another young woman had gone missing and her parents were frantic, fearful that she’d been abducted and sold into sexual slavery. When I saw other features about how prevalent this is in our society, the plot for In His Arms took hold.

  1. What do you look forward to the most as an Author?
Living with my characters. I simply love them. At times, they’re more real to me than the people I know. I so enjoy laughing with them, and when things go badly, I’m right there, crying for them.

  1. What do you Imagine the most and it never seems to happen?

Winning the lottery?

Seriously though, it would be nice to have romance novels taken seriously. It’s exceedingly difficult to write a story that makes a reader laugh, cry and sigh. Romance has gotten a bad rap as ‘fluff’ or ‘women’s porn’. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  1. What's your ultimate fantasy?

Being able to quit my day job and write full time. That would be heaven.

  1. What would be the hardest genre for you to write in if you had to choose one?

Probably sci-fi that’s really technical. I don’t like reading those types of works and I would imagine that the research involved would be daunting.

  1. What can we look forward to in the future for your writing?

I’ll continue to write erotic contemporary romances, because I enjoy the genre so much. However, I’m also moving into paranormal romance. My novel The Yearning is being released from Samhain in February 2011. I might also try my hand at urban fantasy.

  1. If you could choose a country to tour, which one would you choose?

Spain. I wrote an historical romance Just One Kiss that took place in medieval Cordoba. During my research, I fell in love with the country.

  1. Out of All of your Books and Stories, which is your favourite?

I’d have to say my latest – In His Arms. It’s moved me the most. No matter how many times I read the end, I still cry. It’s also received absolutely terrific reviews. Here are a few:

Brandé at Book Junkie gave it FIVE flowers and wrote: “Love it, couldn’t put it down. From the first pages of IN THIS ARMS by Tina Donahue I was captivated, more like ensnared, actually commandeering every fiber of my heart and taking it for one heck of a wild ride!”

The Romance Studio gave it FIVE hearts and wrote: “This was a seriously sexy, heartbreaking yet heartwarming contemporary erotic romance. If you are looking for a must-read modern narrative pick this one up.”

It received FIVE teacups from HEA reviews where the reviewer wrote: “This book is so intense it had my attention from the very beginning. It’s a book worth reading more than once.”

TwoLips Reviews gave it FIVE lips and a Recommended Read. The reviewer wrote in part: In His Arms is a deeply emotional, heart-wrenching story about one young woman among many taken from their loving families and forced into sexual slavery devoid of the basic human rights, freedom and the pursuit of happiness as written in our constitution. Tina Donahue stretches the boundaries to write a story so moving it will touch your soul.”

Other stellar reviews can be found at this link: http://www.tinadonahue.com/reviews/

  1. If one of your Characters or Hero's could be brought to life, which one would you choose?

RJ from In His Arms. He captured my heart from the first pages.

If you want to add an excerpt or a blurb then please paste them below and if you would like a book cover on here then please copy and paste that in here as well.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter One for In His Arms—when Summer first sees RJ:

Two sharp raps hit the front door. At the sound, Summer turned her head, her heart twisting slightly as it always did as these evenings began.
Hogan placed his glass next to an antique lamp with a frilly gold shade, looked through the peephole and turned the deadbolt.
Flinching at the noise, Summer admonished herself, allowing no other reaction. Her face a mask of compliance, her mind resigned to whatever happened, she glanced up from the knob as Hogan swung the door open.
In the hall stood the man who’d spend the evening with her.
Involuntarily, her pulse jumped. Adrenaline accelerated her heart, driving pulsating warmth through her body at what she saw.
No more than early thirties and tall, probably six-three, he had a young man’s build—broad, muscular shoulders and a trim waist. Shoulder-length hair, shiny and clean, in a deep cocoa shade, matched his brows and shadow of beard. His sculpted mouth and straight nose added to his male beauty, though his eyes captured most of Summer’s attention.
An incredible bluish gray, they seemed translucent behind his sooty lashes, knowing, focused as he kept his attention on Hogan, speaking in low tones to him and to Farrell, another of Anthony’s men who’d escorted him to the suite.
Forgotten for the moment, Summer allowed her gaze to roam the stranger, dressed casually but expensively in a black leather coat reaching his knees, a dove gray crew-neck sweater, charcoal pants and dress boots. Sparks of interest stirred her heart, feeding her foolish fantasy that he was here to pick her up for their date. That she’d be safe in his arms, cherished, protected.

To celebrate the release of In His Arms, I’m offering a contest today. One lucky commenter will have her choice of one of my following books**:

    1. Lush Velvet Nights – ebook
    2. Adored – ebook
    3. Deep, Dark, Delicious – ebook
    4. Close to Perfect – mass market paperback
    5. Bad Boys with Red Roses – trade paperback
    6. Take My Breath Away – trade paperback

** Winner chosen at random. Winner in continental US has her choice of one of the six. Winner outside continental US has her choice of one of the ebooks.

Well its been nice to have Tina here today and I hope that you all enjoyed her interview as well as her excerpt. She is a talented author who I think we will be seeing a lot of.

Kristal McKerrington. 

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I Know The Secret Of Writing

Hello Readers,

It's true. I have learned the secret of writing and you wouldn't believe the answer I have discovered.

The most important thing you will ever have is the ability to dream.

When you dream you create your own world and its a world that everyone can understand. When you dream and you set yourself dream goals you create a reason for yourself to promote, to write and a reason to reach. If you
don't dream then readers don't always get what you want them to feel.

The other part of the secret I have learned is that you need to react and let your characters have real emotions. Place yourself into your characters shoes, then you will get them to feel real emotions that will rock the reader and create a fold to, which they can't escape and there you go - you have a reader for life!

By putting yourself into the book the reader gets to know you and the realness and the closeness of this causes people to want to read more of your stuff. It's a bond that is unbreakable and creates a thing you wouldn't find anywhere else.

I hope these things help you with your writing journey and I can leave you with this little message.

'When you feel it then they will feel it'.

Take care and would love to hear your thoughts on my discovery.

Kristal McKerrington.

Discovering life through words and my own writing.

XOXO Publisher Author
'Freedom Is Earned' Out Oct 2010
'The Highlander With The Ink' apart of the Tattoo Anthology.
Blogspot for my latest updates:- http://kristalmckerringtons.blogspot.com
Author Site:- www.kristalmckerrington.webs.com
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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Shetland Immortals Book

Hello Readers,

I never thought I would be writing about Immortality, Magic, Secret Societies and of a man who had done of the biggest betrayals that not one of my other characters has ever had the misfortune to experienced, yet I am still writing this crazy Novel and its going well for a change.  Normally by the time I hit the middle of a book am going 'Oh please God let me have the strength and focus to finish this.'  So far it just seems to pour out of me in a steady rate.

My Muse has had a great deal of fun with me so far in this story.  After a couple of chapters it has given me the five follow up Titles and Blurbs making this the first book of a totally new Series. I think someone forgot to add in the section to my Muses brain that states its meant to just do one book sometimes and not keep looking for a way to make it into a series. I hate this detail of my Muse, because it would be nice to do one book and not have it turn out into a long winded series of stories.

Is it possible that you can only be a Series writer and don't know how to do just one book?

I hope you my readers or dear writing friends will be able to tell me.  I all ready have  a favourite line in my book and its a dosey also this doesn't normally happen until the end of the book.

 I remember what it felt like to sit on top of your hips and stab you through the heart with my dagger, while you slept. Now I just want to explain to you why I made you one of us.” 

That was Marks line from Chapter 3 and I couldn't help, but to feel for Carla when I saw the line form infront of my eyes.  My hands had ran off with themselves again. I have a feeling I will love this story when I am finished it and I hope you all love it too. 

Its darker then what I normally write, but with a woman with a feisty attitude, half naked Scottish guys and other treats thrown it then I hope it will not be to dark.  I have had to do alot of research for this one so from time to time I have felt like, maybe it wasn't worth it. When I had to check dates and times all the time, but now am halfway through the halfway point and am finally like, yeah this is some real fun. 

Well let me know what you think of the line and what your idea is on the UNEDITED Blurb I have posted at the bottom of this post.  I know its different so I will not expect all of you to like it. I will however do my best with this to make sure that there is enough Romance in it for you all. 

Well I have to head back to it otherwise my Muse might wonder off again and I can't be doing with that again. So take care readers and enjoy the wee UNEDITED Blurb below. 

Kristal McKerrington. 

Shetland Immortals; Against My First Love
Unedited Blurb

'Carla McBain was just an ordinary sixteen year old girl until one late night in October Carla was murdered in her dorm room.  Coming to Carla was scared until Oscar and Daryl meet her on her return to the Islands to meet her parents.  After confronting her they realise that she is a new Immortal. 

After staging her death they convince Carla to return to their Holy Ground where they tell her everything that they know.  They train her until the day comes that the Islanders grew suspicious of her presence there within the Old Viking Temple. 

Deciding its safer to leave they head out into the night in search of someone else who can tell them the truth about why they are Immortals.  What will they find? 

Can Oscar and Daryl survive outside of the Temple with a young Immortal?

How did they end up Immortal and why are they protecting her?

What happens when she meets her first love who is responsible for her being Immortal in the first place?'

Friday, 17 September 2010

Friends Inspires Story To Take Life Within Me.

Hello readers,

Recently my muse has been playing with tones of ideas and not settling on the list of stuff I need to be working on.  (you should see my notebook, its nearly crammed full of new titles, blurbs and ideas)  Until today. I was reading Drea's Interview with Mahalia and my muse settled down and it was as if it was saying.

"Right ok, I will behave and work on one thing."  Sadly it wasn't the one that I needed to finish, but at least it was one that needed work done on it. So am currently work on 'Shetlands Immortals'.  It will properly be finished in a few days if this keeps up.  I seem to be completely wrapped up in the Scottish themes and can't get out of that area for the life of me.  'Highlands Kidnapped My Soul' oh no not another good title.  That one will be good for my Time Travel Scottish Stories.

I better go now before my muse goes anymore nuts then it all ready has. Thank you to Drea and Mahalia for kicking my muse in the butt.  Never knew it would be done by an interview, but there you go.

Kristal McKerrington. x

Thursday, 16 September 2010

My Review of The Price Of Defiance By Mahalia Levey

My Review of

The Price Of Defiance


Mahalia Levey

Rating:- 5/5

Dated:- 16/09/2010

In the beginning Miss Levey catches my attention with her setting of getting into a race car. From there on in she captives my senses and my imagination with just the right balance of description an wonderful character development. She opened my senses and made me feel the passions of her characters right up till the end.

For a short story I have read this one several times and recommend it for all. Its one of the best structured and well thought out pieces I have ever had the pleasure of reading. She deserves more then my small review and to be honest. I find the whole set up of The Price of Defiance gives up a small glance into her mind and her amazing talent. 

This wonderful story is avaible at XOXO Publishing Shop:-  http://xoxopublishing.com/shop-online/

If any of you have read this wonderful piece then please let me know what you think of this wonderful story if you have heard it?

Kristal McKerrington

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


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Friday, 10 September 2010

One Of Those Days

Hello readers,

Am having one of those days that you wish you weren't home! Yeah today is that day for me. I have been wanting me to scream today and its seems to be just another time of my life am having to swollow shit and get on with the rest of my life.

How often can someone swallow the shit? I mean my life is hard as it is and the last thing you need is someone throwing the shit straight at me.  I have always wished to be one of those people who travel all around the world, talking to readers, doing films and just generally being me.  I dream about those times, because sometimes I would rather be that person.

I keep wishing I will wake up some day and all my hard work an fighting has gotten me somewhere. I don't dream all that big, hell heaven to me would be at the Romantic Times next year.  Having a drink with Sandy or Sherri, while Tina is flounding around waiting for me to drop something about her Werewolf Norse God Fernier. 

To meet Jimmy Thomas and shake his hand for giving me cover pictures that are proud of.  Maybe some day I will walk into Adrian Paul and say 'hi, thanks for inspiring me when times were so dark I didn't think there was anything that can inspire me out of this one.' Being able to hand him his signed copy of my heart felt 'A Heart Trapped Inside A Highlander' story and maybe even talk to him about it.   To shake hands with Tim and say thank you for editing my work and giving me something I can shout about from the roof tops. 

Give Gina a huge hug and say 'thank you for giving me hope with my writing and maybe giving me a chance at being a star'.  Those people have all ready shown me so much and given me so hope when I was starting to give up. 

Standing next to Mahalia and be able to say 'thanks for the pointers' and to be a real part of a group who are just all amazing.  To hug Denyse and Dre for making me smile when am pulling my hair out, because I can't write or feeling so frustrated that I just need a good scream.

XOXO Publishing has really become like my online family, all together we are just one huge family who I have to say are genuis's at what we do.  I feel proud to call XOXO Publishing my home.  I have had some hard times this last year and am the first person to be on the top of the roof tops shouting "PLEASE LET THIS YEAR BE OVER ALL READY!!" 

I wanted to write this blog tonight, because I feel angry and frustrated with my life. There isn't anything real new with that other then the fact my longing to travell is so bad am thinking of hiding in Drea's or Denyse's suitcase so I can terrorise the RT conference or wherever we need to be next year. 

I will sign off now, because I have a young Immortal screaming at me that she needs her story told. So I will go off now.  Thank you again, XOXO Publishing for giving my dreams back,

Kristal McKerrington.

Scottish writer, Kristal McKerrington, Interviewed.

Scottish writer, Kristal McKerrington, Interviewed.

Monday, 6 September 2010

The Highlander With The Ink
Apart of the Tattoo Anthology
Coming soon......
Thanks to XOXO Publishing.


'In a town that was small and full of hot headed Highlanders there is a nurse who has a tattoo that is about to change her life. Nancy was a nurse who had recently graduated from the Nursing Program who decides to take a year off for herself after her father dies leaving her very well off. What Nancy finds in Immortal Thor is going to turn her world upside down as he is looking for a wife and she just happens to be the perfect fit.'


Even though she had never drunk in her life, she took a flute full of a liquid. Nancy saw a male come down the stairs who stole the breath right out of her chest. He was wearing tight black jeans that had bleached claw-like marks across the front pockets and they were so tight Nancy wondered how he could even stay in them. He was wearing a black silk shirt with an interesting symbol in gold embroidery where his heart would sit.

The symbol was of a hammer upside down and it had what looked to her like detailed tribal lines through it and around it. He had the same leather cowboy hat on that she did and he was wearing boots with silver shining metal that was wrapped all around the boot only leaving some black leather to show through.

Looking around, Nancy saw that everyone had stopped dead still and were staring up at him with huge, wide eyes. This stranger had black hair that reached down to his hips which he had tied up in a full length pelt tied off with a piece of black leather. That man was completely stunning in the way he moved down the stairs, and even the clinking of his feet against the wood made Nancy's heart feel as if it were up in her throat. The more she tried to tell herself she was being silly the more she got caught up in the image of this man.

“Thank you all for joining me here today and I think we will start the proceedings, now that Nancy is here; who is our dear friend’s only remaining daughter.” The male’s strong voice revealed very heavy and hard words for Nancy to swallow back as she raised her eyes to meet the cool black ones that had very cold blue centres.

Nancy felt herself shiver under the weight of his eyes as she made her way towards him, trying to force her lungs to breathe air in that, if she were honest, didn't seem to want to.

“We know this is a great deal for you to deal with Nancy, as you never knew your father. However, I can tell you that this is because he wished to protect you.” The male’s voice spoke softly, as if he were trying to charm her.

“Protect me from what?” Nancy blurted out, tightened her fingers around the rim of her bag, as she began to shake with a mixture of emotions that felt like it was going to topple her. This man was telling her that her absent father had been trying to protect her from something, yet she didn't understand what it was that he was meant to have protected her from. She had already lost all her family, and she was more alone than ever and her mind was unable to get control over itself.

About The Author

Kristal McKerrington (that is me) is a twenty one year old writer from Scotland UK. She has a love for Scotland and for Viking. She is a writer who hopes to break new ground in writing and really do things in area's where their isn't alot being done. She hopes her fans can come away from her books in love with her characters and hopes they will share the same passion as she does for her characters an stories.

You can get the book soon at the link below:- http://xoxopublishing.com/shop-online/

Freedom Is Earned Blurb

Coming Soon....

Thanks To XOXO Publishing.......

Freedom Is Earned


What would you do if you saw two Street Hip Hop crews face off?

Would you recover from a shooting, then go on to lead your dance group to victory; not only to save your training ground, but to find out who tried to kill you?

In a love triangle of lies, who would you turn to?

What would your life be like after a showdown like that?

A confrontation that could tell you who tried to kill you, and disband the very people who were behind the attack: would it be worth the risk of you losing a crew that you had built up yourself with your own bare hands?

Welcome to Ambers life in 'Freedom Is Earned' where its all about the Streets and what you have to do to survive?

Can you heart take the heat?

Excerpts for both 'The Highlander With The Ink' and 'Freedom Is Earned' is coming soon... stay tuned for them..
Kristal McKerrington.