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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Hollywood Hills Clinic (Book 1) Seduced By A Heart Surgeon By Carol Marinelli


I don't know about you all but I'm in Grey's Anatomy withdrawal so I took some time to start reading a medical romance series by the famous and cherished Mills and Boon. Please find my thoughts below on the first instalment.

Seduced By A Heart Surgeon By Carol Marinelli

Freya Rothsberg is Head of PR at the Hollywood Hills Clinic, but her well-controlled fa├žade is shattered when she meets sexy surgeon Zack Carlton. One wild night of passion later, Freya’s shocked to find Zack is her clinic’s newest recruit! Playboy Zack is an expert with damaged hearts – does she dare trust him with hers?
The Hollywood Hills Clinic
Where doctors to the stars work miracles by day―and explore their hearts’ desires by night…

5/5 Stars 

This is a hotbed waiting to explode with the death of something that Freya finds some solstice in his arms. She faces the fears of her illness rising up again but she is kept going by her unexpected pregnnancy. Now she must overcome what she thought was a temporary situation has turned into something more solid. This is amazing medical romance that anyone could enjoy and there is a good plot to keep anyone interested for the whole book and this is one I recommend to all of you who read my blog. 


Thank you for stopping by and checking out my reveiw. Hope you come back and see what else is happening. 

Kristal McKerrington 

Sunday, 11 June 2017

204 Rosewood Lane By Debbie Macomber Review

Hello all,

We are diving into another contemporary romance of an author that I'm slowly falling in love with.

204 Rosewood Lane By Debbie Macomber

Perfect for fans of Maeve Binchy' - Candis
Welcome to Cedar Cove – a small town with a big heart!
Grace Sherman was happy and untroubled – until her husband just disappeared. What could be so awful that a devoted husband and father would go without a note or a warning? But life can – and does – go on.
Cedar Cove is abuzz with gossip. Grace’s daughter Kelly just had a baby. And it looks like her eldest daughter Maryellen is seeing someone new, someone she’s keeping a secret… Then there’s Jack, who’s been pursuing a romance with Olivia, and Zach and Rosemary Cox, who’re having a few problems.
And Grace’s own mystery – will she ever find out what happened to her husband?
Find out the truth in Cedar Cove. Make time for friends. Make time for Debbie Macomber.

5/5 Stars 


This book gives you so much from the beginning. It got a lot more suspense in this edition of her series with two mysteries that falls over Cedar Cove. Debbie showed how quickly the lack of communication and misconceptions can end a relationship. You will see and feel so much with each page that you turn. Debbie has so much to offer in this book and she changes between characters lives so smoothly and it doesn't jerk you out of the plot. 

I'm excited to see what else is going to happen in the Cedar Cove series. I have been surprised and I can't wait to see how she is going to keep it going and where the characters lives are going to go. Especially poor Maryellan who's not having much luck at all. 


Thank you for stopping by and hope that you come back to see what books I'm reading. I promise each review are my honest opinion. 

Kristal McKerrington