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I'm Kristal McKerrington. I have been a published author since 2010. I'm currently signed at Gilbert Literacy Agency. I'm signed with several publishers. I work with ReemVision. Even appeared on TMZ a few times. I'm a nationwide author with Marie's World. I have become a worldwide author with many publishers. 

I live in Scotland, I'm a believer in a free Scotland. I love Viking myths and history. I'm a reader in my spare time. I love to read paranormal and romance novels. I am co-creator of the genre wrestling romance with Joe E Legend. I'm a believer in doing a show on wrestling and romance writing together, showcasing my lifestyle compared to Joe's. 

I've written a comedy novel which comes out in 2015 with Firefly & Wisp Publishing. I'm entering new genres with interest. I love a challenge when it comes to my writing. 

I'm good friends with Mohombi who has supported my novel Marie's World going nationwide in the UK and will be released nationwide in the US. We have had support from Sony Music and other big promoters, celebrities. 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Waking Up His Wife Fun!

Dear Readers,

Lets have some fun, with Waking Up His Wife out on sale in the UK and US. We wanted to give you a treat. Joe E Legends and myself got this made for you all. I hope you will enjoy it. We included an excerpt below and we shared the links to buy it in the UK as well as the US.


The sudden movement of her burying into the thick duvets, pillows and sheets made pain explode through the front of her head. Pain lashed out at the backs of her eyes making tears form just behind her eyelids, they threatened to spill over. The heat of her tears clashed against the cool air of the room, leaving her eyes protesting against it. The hot burn of them was enough to send her cold hands flying to them, in desperate hope of cooling them.

The room started to spin and aches started to take over the rest of her body. Like a marching of soldiers, with a steady, determined pace. The aches came in a series of waves making her feel dizzy and sick. Almost as if she found herself in the grips of the rough, wild and explosive Irish Sea. With its venom for ships and those who tried to conquer it on a daily basis. She felt like death and it wasn't a feeling she'd ever been to use to. It wasn’t a feeling she wanted to get use to or ever have to deal with again.

She barely ever drank; she was more use to being on ‘drunk patrol’ rather being drunk herself. Without opening her eyes, she knew she faced down a killer of a hangover. She knew this wasn't going to be easily fixed by a simple aspirin and fry up. She searched blindly for shades and hoped none of her clients were going to be too loud today.

Her hand searched the bedside table and she found nothing. She tried to remember where she left them and felt sure they'd been there. She wasn't going to open her eyes to see where they were. She wanted to stay in the darkness as long as possible.

“Aww.” She groaned and she replaced her head deeper into the embrace of her nest of pillows hoping relief might come out of more sleep. It offered her a welcoming embrace at the edges of her mind. She hoped it might take her over soon as another wave of sickness finished beating at her.
She'd never felt this sick on boats crossing some of the worst oceans or in planes which felt like they might fall out of the sky.

“How's the hang over?” Came a voice which caused her head to jerk up and brought her eyes shooting open into the bright morning light of her hotel room. A series of chain reactions shot off around her body like a pin ball in a pin ball machine. Its reactions caused her to struggle to not whimper aloud against the pain that flooded her. She instantly regretted her sudden movements.

The entire room spun around her, her head screamed at her to lay it back down on the safety of the pillow. She felt last night’s aftermath of alcohol race up her throat into her mouth and she forced herself to swallowed back. The burn of it made her to cough against its alien presence within her throat. Her body shivered against the sudden cooler air it met. It made the hangover punish her even more with its tight grip.
Her mind got stuck on something far scarier. She registered her client standing there in front of her. Her mind became distracted by the sight of him there to take in the pain lashing at the back of her eyes. More pain whipped itself up some frosting, in the tender spot in her forehead. Her eyes feel like there were about to pop out of her sockets.

When the pain eased a bit more she focused on the man standing in front of her. She hoped it wasn't her client, but one of the other agents who might have put her to bed, after getting herself wrecked at the party. Instead when her fuzzy eyes focused she saw her worst nightmare. Her client standing right in front of her, butt-naked and dripping wet.  

Get your copy now:

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Hello The Amazing And Super Talented John

Dear All Readers,

Please welcome the former wrestler turned romance model John. A good friend and even more honoured guest for me to have on here. I've known John about a year and couldn't be happier than to have him answer some questions for all of you. Ladies, make sure you have some coffee and fans ready.

I'm now going to hand it over to John, so please make him feel welcome.

1) What made you go from wrestling into being a romance cover model? 

Many people told me I had the look for it so eventually I just gave in and was glad I did. So many wonderful people in this business just like you Kristal McKerrington.

--Thank you John,

2) How did you find the transition?

 I have modelled on and off for over 2 decades so it was a smooth transition. Just a bit of a variation from the other genres.

3) What's your favorite cover to be on? 

It has yet to be released yet. It is my ‘Angel of Satan’ cover image that was claimed by author Kharisma Rhayne for a book in her Warriors of Malice series that is due out soon.

4) What made you become a Yahoo contributor? 

It was suggested that I become a member through people close to me that thought my knowledge could help people. I always do what I can to help others Kristal to the best of my ability.

--You certainly do that John, we are all grateful for everything you do. 

5) What's the hardest thing you have had to learn so far? 

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Years of being consistent day in and day out with many sacrifices along the way. Physical and mental toughness are getting me through with God watching over me during this journey.

6) How do you schedule your time? 

I try and balance my 3 children around my model projects and travel dates. It gets a bit crazy at times but my life has been very rewarding and life is meant to be lived so I’m living it babe!

7) Tell us 5 things which the romance authors and readers don't know?

I am a very emotional person, I am a very gentle person, I am pretty much a big kid myself, I am still taken back by all the love and support I have received from people all over the world, my proudest achievement is when people tell me “I am a good person” because that is me….my character not some plastic award or title.

8) Who was your ideal growing up? 

Wade Boggs of the Boston Red Sox. Was a huge Red Sox fan back in the day.

09) Who is the one person you’re dying to meet from the following industries, romance, wrestling, modelling?

Romance, author Debra Anastasia. She is my queen and one of the greatest writers the world over. She has been so good to me, much love and respect for this amazing lady always! Wrestling, I already met the best…..my teacher back in the day the one and only WWF Hall of Fame Legend and my friend Walter “Killer” Kowalski. I was blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and become friends with him, awesome! Modeling, maybe Kate Moss as she is a true legend in the business.

10) What has been your number one moment professionally this year? 

Being billed as ‘The Most Tattooed Male Romance Cover Model in The World’ I am truly honoured  humbled and thankful.

God Bless

Thank you John for stopping by and being a wonderful friend. We will have to get you back soon to update us on how your doing. Check John out here on his fan page today: 

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Welcome The Legendary Leaping Lanny Poffo

Dear All You Crazy Readers, 

I want to welcome one man who's been a huge influence in wrestling. He's the man of the 80-90s. A WWF Superstar. A man to whom we all knew and watched at some point on TV. He recently released his book telling his life with Solstice Publishing. Today I'm honoured to welcome this legend in wrestling and hope you'll all check out his book. 

Now over to Lanny: 

"Leaping Lanny Wrestling With Rhyme" with Solstice Publishing.

Blurb from his amazing new book:

"Wrestling with Rhyme.
Have a glimpse into the poetic soul of "The Genius" of the World Wrestling Federation."

Excerpt: From his great new book: 

     Before The Bell
Lanny Poffo to the Right, Left is Macho Man.
Before this wrestling match begins
I have some words to say
To fans from every nation
And throughout the USA

It wasn’t very long ago
I had a ringside seat
My father was a champion
Who seldom knew defeat

I’d pray each night to God above
If I could pay my dues
That I could be a wrestler too
And fill my father’s shoes

World Wrestling Federation
The answer to my prayer
My father’s watching every move
My opponent best beware

I want to thank Lanny for stopping by and I hope he has even more great successes with his book. I want to congratulate him on becoming an Amazon best seller. I hope you all enjoyed his book excerpt and I hope you will check his book out on Amazon. 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Welcome Jessica.

Hello Readers,

Please welcome Jessica to the blog!

The Linked Through Time series
By Jessica Tornese

Linked Through Time- the first of the Linked trilogy Lost Through Time- the second in the series Amazon and Barnes and Noble Bestseller!

Linked Through Time-

Fifteen year old Kate Christenson is pretty sure she’s about to experience the worst possible summer at her grandparent’s farm in rural Baudette, Minnesota. Without cable, cell phones, or computers, Kate is headed for total isolation and six tedious weeks of boredom. Until the storm.

A freak lightning accident has Kate waking up in 1960. But she is not herself. She is the aunt she never met, but has eerily resembled her entire life. Thrust into living a dirt poor, rural farm life, Kate struggles to make sense of her situation- a boyfriend with a dark side, a “townie” who steals her heart, and the knowledge that 1960 is the very summer her aunt drowns in the local river.

Even with every precaution, Kate cannot stop fate, and an unexpected twist adds to her dilemma. To her horror, Kate finds out firsthand her aunt’s death was not an accident or a suicide, but something much, much worse.

Lost Through Time-

There never was a body, you know.”
Such is the bizarre statement from Gran only weeks after Kate has returned from an accidental time traveling incident, surviving certain death…twice. Capturing Sarah’s killer seemed to be the reason for Kate’s disappearance, but Gran believes otherwise.
Learning of Kate’s power to time travel loosens memories and desires Gran has long since buried. Gran is set on finding Sarah, who she believes never died the night Dave Slater threw her in the river, but instead, went back in time through the Rapid River portal. With rudimentary research and analysis, Gran thinks she has unlocked the secrets to controlling the time traveling link that she and Kate share with their ancestors and she plans to use Kate to bring Sarah back.
When Kate agrees, she is shocked to find out that in the more aggressive form of time travel, she doesn’t become Sarah, but trades places with her, sending Kate to Baudette, Minnesota in the year of 1910, and Sarah ahead to the year 2000.
Baudette’s catastrophic 1910 fire and typhoid epidemic are the least of Kate’s worries once she discovers what has happened. Her chances of a return trip are thwarted with the struggle just to survive, and Sarah, reliving her lost childhood in the ease of current day life, decides to never return to the past, leaving Kate to suffer the life she has left behind.
Gran is torn- get rid of the daughter she has dreamed of finding for four decades, or rescue the precious granddaughter who risked everything for her selfish dream? And to what lengths will Sarah go to destroy any chances of Kate coming back? Will Sarah succeed in severing the link?


Steering carefully into the gravel drive of the Rapid River parking lot, I swore under my breath as the bike’s rear wheel slid on loose gravel. Trying to right the bike too quickly, I ended up swerving sharply to the left and crashing into the brush at the side of the gravel lot. Flying over the handlebars, I landed in a patch of overgrown weeds, my knee striking a rock hidden in the ground. Pain radiated from my knee, paralyzing me for a moment. I lay sprawled face first in the grass, breathing in the smell of earth and dry grass, cursing myself and everything on the planet.

Emotions overwhelmed my frazzled, fragile mind and I let loose with a string of profanities that would have definitely earned me a whipping. Rubbing my throbbing knee, I groaned.

Lightning flashed and the breeze picked up as if on cue, sending the cattails above my head into an agitated dance.

With great effort, I stood and flexed my leg. I could feel the slightest trickle of blood dripping a warm path down my shin. Perfect, I grimaced. Can anything else possibly go wrong tonight?

My vision had adjusted slightly to the moonless night, but I still had to partly feel my way to the place Travis and I spent the evening. Pushing through the brush, I couldn’t help but sense that uneasy, creepy feeling that comes from wandering in the dark, as though eyes watched you and monster hands waited to grab at your feet. My heart pounded loudly in my ears, the tingling creep of fear working its way from my head down through my limbs. I forced myself to keep my eyes forward, ignoring the nagging feeling that someone or something watched me from the shadows of the rocky shore.
Limbs of the interlocking pines poked and prodded my bare arms as I threaded my way through the trees. The pounding of the rapids had increased with the coming of the storm; the wind tossed the water upon the rocks, sending spray high into the air.
When I broke through the tree line, I stood mesmerized by the awesome power of the roaring water. It looked as if the rapids were fighting to break free of their rocky channel, its watery fingers washing over the rocks, reaching far down the wall, only to withdraw and try again.

Above the churning waters, a simple two-lane bridge hung defiantly in the air, its thick concrete arches planted firmly around the dangerous rocks. Suddenly, a semi loaded with logs thundered across the bridge overhead; its headlights lighting up the darkness for a matter of seconds. I used the momentary help to break my gaze from the water and search the outer banks for my sweater.

A flicker of movement amidst the trees caught my line of sight, and I focused in on a ring of pines to my right; the very place Travis and I had been a few hours earlier.
Travis?” I called out hopefully, thinking he had remembered to retrieve my sweater.


I felt the exact moment my heart stopped beating in my chest.
Where’s Mary?” I said, trying to keep the alarm from rising in my voice. The group looked around, stunned.

Vivie handed Gracie to James. “She was just here. I swear it.” Frantic, we strained to see across the wagon bridge into Spooner. The brilliant blond tresses of Mary’s head were nowhere to be seen.

Ruth spoke up. “That man took her to the depot.”

I stared hard at Ruth, trying to process the words, but not understanding. “What man?” 

I said, confused. There were dozens of people crossing the bridge rushing in all directions. Like ants on a collapsing anthill, the twin towns were alive with chaos, the people coming and going with what looked like little purpose. “What man?” I said again, the panic seizing my voice and pushing it another octave higher. I grasped Ruth’s arms in a painful, panicked grip.

Ruth shrank away, afraid I might lash out. “I don’t know. I was watching John. Aunt Vivie told me to watch John.” Her eyes welled with tears. “I had John,” she insisted again, afraid of taking the blame.

What did the man look like? What was he doing?” I demanded.

He was that man from the backyard. The big man who touched Mary’s hair. I heard him say he could help her run faster. For her to take his hand.”

Sickness heaved inside and I clenched my jaw.

You were getting sick over the bridge,” Ruth accused. “You weren’t helping at all! Mary couldn’t keep up and she was crying!”

Vivie reached out and gripped my shoulders. Without saying a word, we stared hard into each other’s eyes, the truth of the situation passing between us as though we were speaking aloud. McGraw had bided his time, watched us from afar and waited for a weak moment. He couldn’t possibly know the danger he faced. Was it a ploy? Would he really take Mary? Or was he just trying to get me alone to give chase and play his twisted game of revenge?

I’ll go,” Vivie said, the sacrifice evident in the firm line of her mouth. “You can’t fall for his trap, Kate. He won’t do anything to me.”

No,” I argued. “Too dangerous. If something happens to you, then Gran will never be born, and then, neither will I.”

Now about Jessia,

Jessica was recently voted Solstice Publishing’s 2012 Author of the Year!
Jessica Tornese’s debut novel, Linked Through Time, was inspired by her home town Baudette, MN. She graduated from high school there and continued her education at Minnesota State University – Moorhead where she earned a degree in education. She spent several years coaching in the Junior Olympic volleyball program in Minnesota as well as the junior varsity team for Lake of the Woods High School in 2010.

Her favorite hobbies include reading, scrapbooking, playing volleyball, and extreme outdoor sports like caving, ziplining, and white water rafting. Jessica is also active in her church and has run several Vacation Bible School programs and Sunday school programs. She enjoys working with kids of all ages!

She hopes to finish her Linked trilogy soon, and continue writing. Recently, she self-published her first juvenile fiction book for kids online. (see M&M Twins)

Jessica is married and has three children. Her family recently relocated to a small town in south Florida.

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Linked-Through-Time/392292227468460?fref=ts
Twitter- @jltornese
Blog/Website- http://www.jessicatornese.com

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Highlander Heat-Boy Its Hot In Here

Dear Readers, Fans and Supports,

Please welcome the one and only Kharisma Rhayne. She's funny, hot and boy does she know how to make us blush. So without further a do, please check out her awesome Highlander Episode and make sure you keep an eye on her. She's a bestseller and one hell of a author.

Thanks so much for allowing me to snag a spot on your blog for a little overtaking with some Highlander yumminess.


Desire comes in many, many forms. It can be a wish for something simple: a new dress, that new music CD, a new car. It can be a wish for something you think forbidden: a spanking from your partner, watching two others have sex, using a vibrator or participating in a threesome. There's also work related desires: promotions, raises and so on. Sometimes even just a compliment.

On the other hand of all of these desires are also consumer desires. That's right. You have to want something in order for a market to be able to be created for it. If no one bought Seether (music group)...they wouldn't get record deals or be on the shelves.

Today, I'm calling out your consumer desires. You know what you like to read or what you may like to read. It's always said that you should never judge a book by it's cover. However, from time to time I think we're all guilty of doing just that. A cover can make you form an opinion of a book before you ever read the book. And then, how often are we surprised when we do decide to read the blurb?

If you give 5 writers the same image and tell them to write about it, I can pretty much guarantee each one will be completely different. In the same manner, you give them 5 plots and how each one works their character to get there will all be different as well. It's the beauty (and sometimes curse) or creativity.
I’m hoping that I’ve created something with Highlander Mine that will have everyone enjoying it…and not just me.

I hope you’ll join me…along with Breandan, Auralee and their friends on their journey.

How about a chance to win Episode 6 today? If you’d like to be entered to win, be sure to leave a comment. The blog host will select the winner and email me your details…be sure to leave your email address.

Season 1 - Episode 6

Breandan has become enraged at the doing of his brother, Tor and Auralee. Who does Auralee really belong with?

Be sure to check HERE and visit all the blogs on this tour for neat details.
Also, be sure to stop by my site (HERE) for a chance to win the complete Season 1 of Highlander Mine.
Pick up episode 6 at AReAmazonBarnes & Noble

Monday, 7 January 2013

A Scottish Fever Is Coming Feb 17th

Hello Readers,

Today I announce one of the hottest and amazing writers coming to my blog. The wonderful, sweet and awe inspiring Kharisma Rhayne.

So mark your calendars, she comes Feb 17th and you'll not want to miss it.

Kristal McKerrington