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I'm Kristal McKerrington. I have been a published author since 2010. I'm currently signed at Gilbert Literacy Agency. I'm signed with several publishers. I work with ReemVision. Even appeared on TMZ a few times. I'm a nationwide author with Marie's World. I have become a worldwide author with many publishers. 

I live in Scotland, I'm a believer in a free Scotland. I love Viking myths and history. I'm a reader in my spare time. I love to read paranormal and romance novels. I am co-creator of the genre wrestling romance with Joe E Legend. I'm a believer in doing a show on wrestling and romance writing together, showcasing my lifestyle compared to Joe's. 

I've written a comedy novel which comes out in 2015 with Firefly & Wisp Publishing. I'm entering new genres with interest. I love a challenge when it comes to my writing. 

I'm good friends with Mohombi who has supported my novel Marie's World going nationwide in the UK and will be released nationwide in the US. We have had support from Sony Music and other big promoters, celebrities. 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Asmodeus: Demon of Lust- Sara Humphreys Review

Hello Readers and Followers, 

I have had the pleasure to review Asmodues: The Demon of Lust for Sara Humphreys and I hope that she will consider me for one of her reviews for the second book in this series. To offer a feature posting like this to such a talented author too my breath away and to me she should be up there with the likes of Christine Feeham and Sherrilyn Keyon so make sure that you check out this book. Its a must for any readers list!
Out now on Amazon

When Kai Kelly inherits her estranged grandfather’s estate in Bliss, Idaho, life becomes anything but blissful. The discovery of a beautiful but unusual ring in the attic, leads to much more than she bargained for. Kai may not realize what she has in her possession, but the boys in Hell sure got the message.

Lucifer and the six other princes of Hell, existed for several millennium believing that the Ring of Solomon–an object with the power to control demons– had been destroyed. However, the moment Kai slips the ring on her finger, the tremor of it’s power ripples through the underworld.

Knowing the ring’s existence could mean the destruction of all demons, Lucifer sends his six princes to earth in search of the ring and it’s bearer. There’s one catch, a demon can’t take the ring from it’s owner, it has to be given willingly…or they have to be dead.

Asmodeus, the Demon of Lust, is happy to have another opportunity to visit the mortal world and dally with a human female…or twelve. However, when he arrives on earth, he realizes Lucifer made all the demons mortal in an effort to keep them motivated, focused on their mission and immune from the powers of the ring. 

When Asmodeus meets Kai along a deserted section of highway in Magic Valley, it’s more than the ring she wears that catches his eye. He plans to woo the ring out from under her but before long, the lines between lust and love blur. 

When the other members of the brotherhood realize Asmodeus has found the ring, they descend on Bliss, determined to get the ring from Kai at any cost. 

When Asmodeus is faced with choosing between the brotherhood and his one true love, he realizes the battle for Hell is nothing compared to the battle for her heart.


Kai starts out thinking she is a normal woman cleaning out her estranged grandfathers house until Asmodeus rolls into the town of Bliss on hi Harely Davidson. Bliss will never be the same again and nether with Kia. Asmodeus must retrieve a ring that has welded itself to Kai's finger, this said ring is suppose to be able to enslave his kind Only there is an unexpected twist as they go on an mission to free Kia from the rings grasp.

With Witches, Fae and The Brotherhood of Hell getting involved nothing goes to plan. Through blasts of fire and light Kia gets her man before starting off a prophecy unlike anything else which has plagued these communities.

My Thoughts:

“The book kept me entertained after a slow start, but was delighted that I kept reading. I found that
the more I entered the story the more I became engrossed in the whole world Sara Humphries managed to create. I was addicted to the leading characters. I give this book 5 + stars and wished that I could give more, but sadly Amazon only allows 5. I highly recommend it to all Paranormal/soft Erotica readers. I want to give high praise to Sara Humphries for the right level of use of erotica in her novel. Well done!”

Thank you for stopping by and hope that you will come back for more of my blogs/reviews and thoughts. 

Yours always


Monday, 3 November 2014

Review of Bodyguard Reunion- Margaret Daley- Guardian Inc Series- Love Inspired

Hello Readers,

So today I'm going to post the wonderful Margaret Daley's 5 Star review about her book Bodyguard Reunion. Enjoy and see you back next time for more reviews from me. Not that I do them often.

Teaming up with an old flame is not what bodyguard Chloe Howard would call a smart move. Nine years ago Chloe and T. J. Davenport worked on a case together, fell in love, then went their separate ways. Now she's reunited with the fearless bodyguard to protect a controversial couple on a book tour through Texas. And the reunion reminds Chloe of dreams best forgotten. She knows she has to keep her emotions in check so their clients' protection remains their top priority. Protection that is the only thing keeping them from falling prey to a stalker's deadly schemes.

Bodyguard Reunion was a little slow in getting started when it does Chloe and T.J find their backs against the wall. They must protect a famous Christian author couple who want to spread their message about families taking back America. 

Aaron the couple's son, test Chloe and T.J's abbility to protect his parents. There is a moment where (I the reader) think and believe that Aaron is behind the immedate threat to his parents. It unfolds that Aaron set the ball in motion for his parents horrible book/speaking tour. He hoped that the pranks would bring his parents home and make them spend time with him. His cousin Vickie takes over Aaron's plan and turns it into a death plan. 

A spooked teenager tries to stop the attacks but can't. After a shooting at the ranch brings the truth out of him. Nether Chloe or T.J will find their job isn't done when Vickie tries again to kill off Mary, Aaron and her husband. 

This job managed to bridge the nine year gap and allows Chloe to see that she wants more than just her job. T.J is also taken back to The Lord and find himself wanting more than just his bodyguarding job this brings the lovers back together. 

From the beginning of the book I could see a strong and wonderful writing style. She has a strong story and great chemistry with her two main characters. After the first two chapters I believed that he just not only kept the 5 stars she managed to convince me that it should be 10 stars, but Amazon only allows 5 stars. 

Congratulations Margaret Daley for your wonderful work and I'm looking forward to your other work. 

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Margaret Daley is with us.

Dear Readers,

Please welcome the most awesome author I have had the amazing chance to meet and talk too. 

1. What genre do you read the most?

My favorite genre to read is suspense (thrillers, mysteries).

2. What genre do you inspire to write at a later point in your career?

I’m writing what I love to read romantic suspense. Since I’ve been writing thirty-five years, I’ve written in the categories I wanted. The only thing I might try and haven’t is a book like James Rollins—suspense mixed with adventure.

3. What has been the hardest point in your career so far?

After twenty books I went through an eight-year dry spell where I couldn’t sell a book. I tried quitting but writing is so much a part of me I couldn’t. Since then I’ve gone on to sell seventy-five books.

4. What has been the most interesting moment in your career so far?

Self publishing has been very interesting and I’ve enjoyed learning about it.

5. What drives you to write your books and what sparked off your passion for writing?

I’ve always been a storyteller from when I was growing up and an avid reader. One day I decided to put one of those stories down on paper. Although I wouldn’t show anyone that book, it was what got me started on the path of writing books.

6. What program has you addicted to watching it?

There are several—Arrow, Blacklist, and Games of Thrones. I do also like to watch suspense/crime shows.

7. What do you think is in store for your career in the next five years?

I have no idea. I hope writing a lot of stories.

8. Is there a book that you have re-read a hundred times?

No, because I’m a slow reader and there are so many books I want to read. My to read stack is high.

9. What is the film that you’re dying to see?

The third book in the Hunger Games.

10. How much of your day is spent on writing?

All day with occasional breaks

11. Will you do a long series in the future?

That depends on what you call a long series. I’ve got six books in Guardians, Inc. Series about female bodyguards. If I did, it might be from my romantic suspense self published series called Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations.

12. What do you want to do as your must have?
To visit Ireland and Australia.

Now let me introduce you to the wonderful book she has coming out this Christmas and its already on my buy list: 

Blurb for The Yuletide Rescue (Love Inspired Suspense, December 2014):

When Dr. Bree Mathison's plane plummets into the Alaskan wilderness at Christmastime, she is torn between grief and panic. With the pilot—her dear friend—dead and wolves circling, she struggles to survive. Search and Rescue leader David Stone fights his way through the elements to save her. David suspects the plane crash might not have been an accident, spurring Bree's sense that she's being watched. But why is someone after her? Suddenly Bree finds herself caught in the middle of a whirlwind of secrets during the holiday season. With everyone she cares about most in peril, Bree and her promised protector must battle the Alaskan tundra and vengeful criminals to make it to the New Year. 

Alaskan Search and Rescue: Risking their lives to save the day

Thank Margaret for stopping by and I hope that you enjoyed being here. We hope that you the readers of the blog have had some fun, check by for the review I have done of Margaret's book Reunion of Bodyguards.