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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Ultimate Death Match 2 Review

Hello Readers,

I wanted to take the time to talk to you about a film that I was recommended to watch by Wrestling Talent Kid Kash, who starred in the cutting edge Shawn Cain's Production of a Wrestling Film called 'Ultimate Death Match 2' with one hell of a twist. From start to finish I got nothing, but a great intimate Indies Wrestling feeling and have to say I even loved the set that was used for the film. The wanted Wrestling Company had a real wanted atmosphere and the Wrestlers themselves showed not just a great deal of talent for Wrestling, but also for acting.

Shawn Cain took a slash of romance into the film with Kid Kash having a girlfriend with him at Ringside. At times the fact that he did have a girlfriend at Ringside was used a little too much as if poking the viewer with a constant reminder stick. I did though enjoy the acting that he did when Kid Kash was offered a chance to earn his spot into the Ultimate Death Match Tournament where someone was going to die. It was a new taste of real old good Wrestling and have to say that the twist in the film worked to there advantage.

All the way through the Royal Rumble match I started to feeling like a fan when I only knew of Kash yet started to want to know about the other young studs in the ring. I have to say it was great to see so many well used angles and twists. It made it an exciting match, where in the past I have grown bored of these sort of matches. Shawn did a really good job at letting the Cruiserweights go with what they do best and I have to say I really enjoyed the match itself.

Through out the tournament the matches were exciting and very entertaining. During the microphone parts it would have been better if we could have heard the Wrestlers better. I did though like hearing the crowd scream and cheer. It leaves you feeling like your apart of the company or technical crew.

For me, Kash's scene with his girlfriend was really good, but there was a few things that could have made his scene that bit better. Using more sarcasm and having a little more interest within her would have made it perfect. I think at some points during the film he was unsure of what to do with her. I do though think with a little more help from a more forceful actress, who has done Romantic style films that he could be a very talented Romance Actor in the future.

Right up to the end of the film for me, there was one character that stole the whole film. It was stolen by the Character Jimmy Valiant, the old time Wrestler who saw the good side to the Ultimate Death Match Tournament and how he could understood why Wrestlers would want to do it. I have to say I was more than just blown away by his character and by the man himself. I have to say he made this movie for me. He really made me buy into his character and storyline. I have to say he got a 10/10 for performance from me and was definitely someone that has alot more talent to offer.

All in all Shawn Cain has alot to be proud of from a well written and thought out plot right through to a well chosen cast. He made it an even better done Wrestling film than what I could have ever expected. He has made this film a permanent 'must have' movie for me. Its going to be a film that I'm going to watch over and over again.

Congratulations Mr Cain and I hope to see more of your work in the future.

Kristal McKerrington  

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