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Monday, 28 July 2014

Welcome Dan Wright To The Blog

Dear Readers, 

We have a great guest for you today. His name is Dan Wright. So please welcome him and see what a great book he has for us today. 

Thanks to Kristal for having me on her blog today. For this guest post, I decided to tell you guys a little something about the event known as The Black Hurricane. Which, within the context of my Draconica series, was an important event that shaped Draconica to how it was today. It may also hold the answers to what Final Ragnarok is. Hope you guys enjoy learning this part of Draconican history!

The Black Hurricane

c.5000 Old Era

Over five thousand years ago, the dragons created the world of Draconica. The most powerful of them all was Jeova. From across the Universe, he and his other dragons brought life to the planet. And the mortals loved him. Jeova, in turn, loved his followers and showed them kindness and compassion like they were his own children. Even though they fought and killed each other, the world of Draconica was mostly at peace.

That was until the dragon Abadon, wife to Jeova, went on a rampage across the planet, destroying all mortals in her path, burning everything in her wake. Jeova and the dragons used all their powers to stop Abadon. But Jeova could not bring himself to destroy his wife. So, summoning up all his power, he created a prison for Abadon to live in for all eternity, chained in darkness. Jeova himself also created another dimension so that he could oversee Abadon from his eternal sleep. For it was only this way that he could keep Abadon a prisoner.

From here on, two more worlds were created. The Afterworld, where the souls of the pure and kind would live on in paradise – and the Necroworld, where those who had evil in their hearts would be tortured by Abadon and made to pay for their sins.

Why Abadon attacked in the first place is a subject of much discussion and debate on Draconica. The followers of Jeova say that Abadon was jealous of her husbands’ love of the mortals and that she lashed out at them for revenge. Others say that she became tired of the mortals blaspheming against the dragons and killing each other and she sought to teach them a lesson. Others have a much more darker opinion of why she did what she did. One thing is for sure, for over 5000 years, Abadon has been lying in the darkness. The pure, undiluted rage she feels now has never abated. Her only solace torturing those that came to her lair.

Should she ever escape from her darkness, Draconica would surely suffer...

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