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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Chased: Paranormal Vampire Romance: The Vampire Huntress Series #1 by Ashlee Sinn

Hello All,

We have the start of a short novel series for you today and its got some nice steam attached to it. I'm sure that those of you looking for a four short series tit bit will be rushing onto Amazon the second you finish the posting.

Chased: Paranormal Vampire Romance: The Vampire Huntress Series #1 
by Ashlee Sinn

Sophia Glen thought she knew who she was—a twenty-something woman with no obligations who just happened to be born a vampire hunter. Spending her nights fighting to rid the city of malevolent creatures, she has earned respect from those who decide her future. Not to mention she’s captured the heart of the sexiest hunter in her crew. 

Sophia enjoys the freedom and intimate connection she has with Silas. He can give her what she needs the most, a chance to let go. Finding that Silas can free her from the urge to always be in control, she allows her desires to flourish. But what Silas will never fully understand is that only their sworn enemy can give Sophia what she truly craves. 

So when Sophia is forced to work with the captivating, exotic, and irresistible Viktor Kaska, she quickly learns that the ancient vampire may be exactly what she desires. Denying her growing need to feel his fangs slip into her skin, Sophia fights the attraction and focuses on taking down the mass of uncontrollable vampires tormenting the city. But when she finds herself trapped under the spell of the very vampire who betrayed them all, her future as a hunter will be changed forever.

And so will her future with Viktor.

This is the first novella of the series at 16,000 words.

*This story contains strong sexual themes for insatiable appetites and is not recommended for readers under the age of 18.*

Review 4/5

This story had so much potential in it to do even greater things. I like the idea of the 16,000 words idea in general so I was excited to download this book. I got into it quickly, however there was disjointed sentences and a lot of time I wanted to take my pen out, edit it to make it perfect. I'm not the best editor out there. 

I like the flare of erotica, the vampire touches, the attempts to make sure that the story was different than others out there. I think the idea of using a tense situation for the Vampire Hunter Sophia was well done. The construction of the plot was a great one and started to put together a series of stories that would work well as it develops further. 

I think the four parts will do well and I recommend that you at least try part one to see if its something that you will be interested in. 


Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you will continue to stop by to see what I'm reviewing or who I'm hosting on the blog. 

Kristal McKerrington 

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