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Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Viking Mystery......

Hello Readers,

Here is a taste of my Writing talents as I put together the first EVER Murder Mystery/ Horror I have ever written and this is for someone I love to bits.  So sit back and enjoy. Huge hugs all. PLEASE MIND and check me out on the 12th with Marty over at Tony Angelo's Radio Station show 'Robin Falls Kids- Dreams of Our Children With Tony Angelo'. 


I decate this short Story to someone I love to pieces, Annette and to my wonderful boyfriend Ian.


'My 1st ever Murder, Mystery/ Horror Short Story. I hope you like it'.

Kristal McKerrington

Sherry awoke on the cold wooden floor boards of, which smelt of pee, stale booze and something that reminded her of the city rubbish dump. Sherry kept her eyes held tightly shut, too scared to open them as her senses searched about her.

All that Sherry could sense was the old wooden floor board beneath her, the strange smells and the feeling like she was being watched. Sherry couldn't hear anything at all around her, no traffic, no sounds of anyone near her. It was that small fact that made her feel safe enough to open her eyes.

When she did let her eyes slide open, she was blinded by the Sun streaming in through the gap between what looked like World War Two curtains. Everything other then the light was blurry as Sherry's eyes started to refocus slowly.

Sherry though was about to wish she hadn't opened her eyes as she saw a pale white body in nurses scrubs laying in a mangled positing on the floor infront of her. A scream tried to rip out of throat, but nothing came. She was all screamed out. There wasn't even a trace of her voice left.

Finding some scrap of hope, Sherry crawled towards the mangled body, hoping that she might still be alive. Rolling the body over and moving the hair out of the body's face, Sherry saw the woman's last ever look of nothing, but pure terror. The crusted blood in the body's hair, the puncture wound in her neck long since had stopped bleeding and the shot sword was laying low in her stomach told Sherry that the body had certainly not had a pain less death.

Sherry's emotions all built up fast as tears broke the banks of her all ready swollen eyes. Fear started to over take her as she closed the woman's eyes for her.

Trying to move over to the window was when Sherry felt the tug of the iron shackle that was attached to her ankle. The black rusty shackle dug and tore into her ankle like a wild dog. Panicking Sherry even further as she pulled and tore at it with all her strength, but it made no difference to it. She was unable to even shift it.

Closing her eyes, Sherry sobbed endlessly knowing that there was no way to escape. All her reporting, all those cases she was solving she had done for the police had gotten nothing, but kidnapped by the brutal murders, who were running repent through Inverness. This was to be Sherry's last story.

She was trying to help the police bring down the group, who called themselves 'The Last Vikings'. They were targeting the English and Foreigner settlers of Inverness. It was the English and the Foreigners that they blamed for destroying Scotland and for destroying their Viking heritage.

Looking at the name tag on the body, Sherry worked out that the nurse was from Essex, England. It was then her stomach turned and Sherry staggered an fell over to the black bucket in the back of the room, which was right next to where her chain was connected to the wall.

After heaving for the third time, Sherry finally sat back against the wall. Sherry panted endlessly against the burning of her throat as the want for this to end started to raise up from deep within her. The want for this to end was so powerful it made drugs look like candy.

Glancing around the room one more time, Sherry searched for something to give her hope. That was when she eyed her bag, poking out from behind the table leg of this massive wooden table that was set infront of an old fireplace. The table was the single piece of furniture in the whole room.

Scrabbling, crawling and falling Sherry made her way over to her bag, where she dumped the contents into her lap so not to draw attention to the fact she had come too. Everything was there bare her mobile phone. Sherry let out a screech of frustration as she placed her hand to her head. It was there that she felt a hot liquid come in contract with her freezing cold hand.

Removing her hand, Sherry saw her own blood covering her hand. Seeing her own blood caused Sherry to look up in fear of throwing up again. That was when Sherry saw a message on the wall in big bold letters. She wasn't sure what they had use to write it, but there in a red colour was 'We will kill to protect Scotland, if only someone had protected us. We will end the foreigners before they destroy our Scotland.'

All around the wall were smaller pieces of writing. Very slowly taking her newly re-stuffed bag, Sherry made her way towards the wall where she saw loads of different handwritten messages in black ink. Messages were all different from 'Help,' 'I'm Innocent' to 'please let me go' were decorating around it with dates written below those messages by the same hand as the one who wrote the big central messages.

The journalism side of Sherry suddenly kicked in as she took photo's of the wall. Before she made a shaky goodbye message entry into her Video camera before she crawled over to the wall by the fireplace where she looked for a place to stash it.

Moving her hand over the brick wall, Sherry felt and tested the stones and bricks till she found a lose one. When she pulled it free it was then that she saw loads of notes and photo's. Sherry had a gut twisting and sicking feeling that these were from the killers other victims. Dragging them out Sherry shoved them into her bag before she shoved her bag right to the back of the hole. She made enough room for the Camera to see out.

It was then that Sherry heard a noise so she pushed hard to put the stone back in before crawling as fast as she could back to the spot where she had woken up as quickly as she could. When the door opened and spilled more light into the room it was then that Sherry saw the head detective that she had been helping solve all the cases come in with three other men, dressed in the old Viking traditional wear. They slammed the door shut behind them and Sherry knew all was lost.

Sherry might have lost her life that day, but what she had done in the mire minutes before he death, saved the lives of many men and women. The police were able to identity the circle of the Viking murders from the Video and the detective was finally stopped.

Sherry will never be forgotten for her bravery.

The End...........

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