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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My Review of OPW's Road To Destiny and One Last Stand

Hello all Readers,
Well after a hectic two days with One Pro Wrestling, I thought I would take the time out to talk about what I thought of the 2 day events. 
Road To Destiny
From start to finish the event was planned in my opinion to a T. The Wrestlers were all on the top of there game and have to say from start to finish I was impressed by the work that both the Heels as well as the Baby Faces put into the events. Even the signings at the back of the event was well done and the Wrestlers seemed comfortable with the fans. The fans were excited and it was good to see them getting involved with there cheering, booing and being themselves. 
In my opinion I took time to watch the moves and enjoyed the idea of being pulled into the storyline. One Pro Wrestling doesn’t just deserved around of cheers they deserve a pat on the back. The company showed me just what the Indies are meant to be. For my first ever Indies experience as not just a fan, but an Author of Wrestling Romance, I was more than addicted. I was made to feel like this was the future. 
Mr Rodd has out done any exceptions that I had about the event and I know for sure he can pull our miracles. With the talent he has at such a young age it wouldn’t be long before he is starting to take work and ground from bigger American Indies company. 
One Last Stand
This event was better than what I thought it would be since it was in a leisure centre. From start to finish it was well done and the lighting was well done too. The Live Band really put the finishing touches on the event. The Wrestlers seemed to pull out all the stops for the event and I found that they were even more interesting as I could see loads more storylines developing through out the night. 
From a Writing stand point, One Pro Wrestling was like a Creative rush for me. There was so much I could do with a pen that I was struggling to not write down the ideas at the events.
I certainly got invested in LionHeart from the very beginning. I would love to see him Wrestle more regular and see just what he could do if he pulled out all of the stops. For me, he has alot to offer the Wrestling world and I have a few dream matches I would like to see him in. 
For one I would love to see him and Kid Kash for the Heavyweight Championship. See which of the two of the heel characters is tougher. I felt from the start to finish LionHeart has a well rounded character and a draw to him that is ideal for the business he is in. His abilities are developing with every match and I can see a bright future there for him. I would certainly travel to see him Wrestle. In my opinion he is better a heel than a baby face.
Kid Kash pulled out the stops both nights. He soaked fans with water, pulled out all the stops with his moves. Stole the whole of his triple threat match. Fans watched him with both fear and awe. He had the right look and doesn’t scream Average American at you at all. 
He had a great control over what he where he wanted to take the fans, I can see why I use to think he was the best at what he did. From the anger that seemed to boil low his surface, he had a way with words and a way of pulling you to the depths of his character. He was a breath of fresh air and I minded now why I would sit up late to see him on the TV. 
It was a great honour to meet all of the Wrestlers that were there. I have to say that from now on I’m going to do my best to attend as many of the events as I can. 
In closing, my romance readers and my fans I would say if your in the UK make sure that you check out the 1PW shows. You never know you might see me at them too! 
Thank you for coming out and reading my small review of the two nights. 
Kristal McKerrington

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