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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Faith (Amish Romance) (The Amish Buggy Horse Series Bk 1) - By Ruth Hartzler

Hello Readers, 

I'm honored to present the wonderful Ruth Hartzler who has a great series of books out right now. I think what this author has come up with is amazing. I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the book itself along with the blurb. Maybe you will try this Amish Romance. 

Yes I believe that this should be its own genre of romance. 

Now onto Faith (Amish Romance) (The Amish Buggy Horse Series Bk 1) - By Ruth Hartzler


Book 1 of The Amish Buggy Horse Series (Amish Romance Fiction) 
by #1 Best-selling author Ruth Hartzler 
An Amish buggy horse by the name of "Blessing" is passed from one person to another, changing their lives in the process. 
For years, Nettie looked after her aged mother Elma, a demanding woman who did not want any involvement with the community. 
Now that her mother has died, Nettie is alone. She is regarded with suspicion by the local townspeople, and has had no visitors from her community for some years. 
Nettie's buggy horse has gone lame and has had to be retired, but Nettie cannot afford a new horse. Just as Nettie is despairing about not having any means of transport, a lost horse appears in her driveway, bringing with him far-reaching consequences. 
Daniel Glick is drawn to the lonely figure of Nettie, but Nettie wants to be left alone. 
However, when Jebediah Sprinkler tries to force Nettie to hand over her house, Daniel springs to the rescue. 
As Nettie's struggles mount, she has to decide whether to take the law into her own hands. 
And what will Daniel do when he discovers the secret that Nettie is hiding from him? 
Coming in this happy, feel-good, Amish romance series: 
2. Hope 
3. Charity 
4. Patience 
5. Kindness 

About the Author. 

Ruth Hartzler is also the author of the #1 Best-selling Amish Romance series, The Amish Millers Get Married. 

Ruth Hartzler's father was from generations of what people refer to as "Closed Open" or "Gospel Hall" Brethren. Ruth's mother, a Southern Baptist, had years of struggle adapting to the cultural differences, and always cut her hair, which was a continual concern to Ruth's father's family. Ruth was raised strictly Brethren and from birth attended three meetings every Sunday at the Gospel Hall, the Wednesday night meeting, and the yearly "Conference," until she left the Brethren at the age of twenty one. Ruth still has close friends in the Brethren, as well as the Amish, both groups descending from Anabaptists. Ruth's family had electricity, but not television, radio, or magazines, and they had plain cars. Make up, bright or fashionable clothes, and hair cutting were not permitted for women. Women had to wear hats in meetings (what others would call church meetings) but not elsewhere. The word "church" was never used and there were no bishops or ministers. All baptized men were able to speak (preach, or give out a hymn) spontaneously at meetings. Musical instruments were forbidden, with the exception of the traditional pump organ which was allowed only if played in the home for hymn music. Even so, singing of hymns in accompaniment was forbidden. 
Ruth Hartzler is a widow with one adult child and two grandchildren. She lives alone with her Yorkshire Terrier and two cats. She is a retired middle school teacher and enjoys quilting, reading, and writing. 

I never heard or knew much about the Amish when I started to read this book. I'm a plain old Baptist myself. I use to do some work in my church.

My Thoughts on the book: 

I was nervous reading a different kind of Christian book and soon realised it was a very different romance indeed. Until today I never knew the Amish used German words. I found the author didn't over use them. She had the perfect balance between romance, English and German rolled up into one neat package. I was so taken by the good quality of writing and the details that made this story sing that it has encouraged me to check out the rest of her series.

I also hope to read the other best selling series she has.

I only found two mistakes in the whole book and highly recommend this to more people.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you will come back again to see what other book I've reviewed. I'm also looking forward to posting about my other upcoming projects. 

Kristal McKerrington 

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