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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Roots and Homeland

Hello Readers,

Todays a new day and I have been really working on something that makes you feel the Homeland that you love. This story am working on is properly the best thing I have ever written so far and it makes me think about where am from.  'Where are you from and what makes you feel connected to it?'

Where I am from they are starting to cut the Peet and they are talking about Up Hellya Aa all ready.  The women are picking out their winter formal dresses for parties and the things that are always on their calendar. The rest of us are getting the freezers ready for the winter months, getting ready for the last holiday's for the year. Those who have kids are teaching them about our traditions and still trying to get them to bed even though its still bright at Eleven a clock at night.

The Farmers are getting ready for the Harvest and those who are work with the Church are getting ready for what we do during the winter months.  Helping the Paster make sure the buildings are all prepared for the harsh winter months.  Everything starts to get ready for the bad winters we have now.  The Peet which, was harvest last year will be dry now and need moving to those houses that need it.  This is also the time that the community helps the old folk to get ready for the bad winter.  Helping with them stock their freezers and make sure that the meat is frozen.

By now the Fishing seasons are drawing to a close and the fish is being prepared for the winter.  Either salted or smoked by each of the houses or is being smoked at the Smoke House.  People are stocking up on their wines, Brandy's and Whiskeys.  Musicans are practing for some more winter meets and some performances. Even the Kids are checking their instraments and learning the tunes.

When all this is done we are normally ready and yet every year there is always someone who needs help and winter is a time that the community bands together.  People start dating alot and this is our most popular time of year for marriage perposals. New Brides have stacked their shelves with wedding magazines and have all the local contacts.  We really know winter is here when there is two woman fighting over the latest issue of Brides weekly.

I love the old songs that we learned at School when this time of year was kicking off. You know we had to order our Halloween customes months in advance and now they can just go to the shop.  It seems that in my nineteen years of knowing my roots and my homeland I have seen alot of changes.  The slow fall of the Fishing Idustry the anger of the people of the Islands at the scams that has targetted us as well as the problems with the Oil.

Yet this place is still one of the most peaceful places I have ever been too. The people would do alot for you if you ever needed it and there is always someone looking for a yarn. The seas are always full of life and even though there isn't a tree in sight half the time the farm land always had animals wondering around making some sort of noise an hassle.

The lands free there, plently of birds and endless amounts of wind. I loved it for the riding, you always knew where you were going and how to get back.  The place was small enough that you could go anywhere you liked.  I miss the place sort of.

I miss some of the traditions, some of the foods and the ability to watch the sea.  I loved to watch it and feel free to sit at the beach watching.

Please tell me below about your homeland and what makes it specail or not special to you?

Your author.


  1. Coming from London (UK) I miss the street parties we used to have when I was a child. Nowadays everyone is too caught up in their lives to bother. I miss the community spirit. The sharing. The fact people cared about their neighbours. When time moves forward, so much gets lost. Thats a sad fact.

  2. I miss the summers at the beach, swimming and reading to ones heart content. The smelll of Coppertoned bodies, the grilling dogs and burgers, water ballon fights and watermellon seed spitting contests. Could never get my own kids to enjoy these kinds lazy days of summer theirs were filled with sports and work and hanging out with friends But summers are so much more enjoyable when you have the kind of winters we have here on the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, USA.

  3. We live in Illinois, but long for the north woods of Wisconsin and Minnesota, where we head whenever we can squeeze in a weekend of camping. We spend 2 weeks every summer up in the boundary waters of northern Minnesota, because that's where we focus on each other as a family. No TV, no radio, no internet. Just each other, a canoe to fish from, and clear water to swim in. To me that's what my country represents.

  4. Hello,

    Thank you for all your wonderful contributions. For me my homeland and my roots are what inspire me to write. I see kids today and think how much they are missing out. Its sad sometimes. All we can do is write about our times and hope it inspires the children to try what we did.

    Kristal x