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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A Valentine For Emma by Pam Binder- 5 Star Review

Hello Readers,

Today its muggy in Helensburgh, as I prepare to take next week off I have to say I'm enjoying writing again. I have been editing a lot lately and I'm hitting "The War: Dragon" and "Marie's World 2". I have enjoyed getting my teeth into these books. Currently I have 4 of the Susan Family Series finished and we are just so excited to see what you think.

Joe has been doing a tour in Zurich and the UK. He's enjoying being out there with you the readers and his fans of wrestling. He wanted me to say hello from him to you.

Now onto why your here. The review of this great short read.

A Valentine For Emma
By Pam Binder


http://amzn.com/B00YO235MATake time for love… 

When Emma and Bjorn attend a Valentine's Day Ball they are accidentally thrown back in time to the French Revolution. Surrounded by revolutionists, their only chance to find their path home is to work together. 

Emma Grey owns a bakery in a cozy retail village outside the bustle of Seattle. She has recipes for Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Candy Bar Cookies and even Vegan Chocolate Date Delights. She doesn’t, however, have a recipe for love and romance. 

Björn spends half his time as a fisherman in the dangerous waters of Alaska, and the other half following his father’s advice never to marry. 

Most couples need one matchmaker to help them overcome their barriers. 
Emma and Björn will need three. 


This was the sort of time travel romance novel that should be out there. 
The settings were prefect, the magic made the book truly stand out.
Leading heroine Emma showed her struggles to let go of her past and her
fears in order to be with the man she loves with the whole of her
heart. A man that she is denying herself.

Bjorg makes up the troubled hero perfectly as he shares some of the same 
painful events that Emma has experienced. What he doesn't know is that he 
needs to move by the ideas and lessons his father has drilled into his mind to 
make himself happy. For one year he carries a secret around with him and 
more to the point he holds onto his feelings.

Both get a shot at true happiness one night in the opening of a wonderful 
cafe. The story doesn't just stop with amazing heroines and heros. We
have the sisters of the cafe who are bound to follow old laws and rituals to 
do with their magic. Could be one of the sister be planning to change

I felt myself drawn to the sisters who owned the new cafe at the end. I hope
that this wonderful author will continue with Fiona's story. I think that Pam 
Binder has done more than earn her success. She has shown a great deal of 
passion for what she does and I can't wait to see what else she comes out with. 
Her mind and style is detailed, well planned along with many other tricks of the 
writing trade that are often missed. She has a great piece of work here and its 
earned more than 5 stars for sure.

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