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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Book 2 of Crystal Jake's Book Set- 5 Stars Yet Again- Georgia Le Carre

Hello Readers,

So today I was suppose to get my jaw fixed and instead I have been sitting home reading Georgia Le Carre's book Eden Book 2. I got the call yesterday cancelling this surgery and a call today saying that my second surgery might not be done when they said it would be done. I have several months of pain ahead of me and I'm more than not happy. I hope that the editing and reading that I'm doing will help to get me through this. I'm still working on "Dragon" and "Marie's World 2".

My list of stuff to do never ends.

Now onto what you came here to read. Its my 2nd review for Georgia Le Carre and I promise that I'm not giving her 5 stars all the time because I love her to bits. No its because I love her work. She is a talented author who needs to be read, respected and appreciated like a fine wine.

Review of Eden Book 2


Book no 2 in The Bestselling Erotic Romance Series. Sexy & Suspenseful, a whirlwind of steam, romance, and  suspense.
Meet the commanding, charismatic,  Alpha - Jake Eden.
It wasn't supposed to be like this- I came ready, determined, but nothing could have prepared me for Jake Eden.

Engulfed in his power, his lust and his primal need for me, I've become ever more helpless in his hands. I love the way he touches me, holds me, protects me. I feel alive in ways I cannot explain. I know I am giving my body to a criminal...week after week, but I can't stop.

I'm addicted.

He has no idea.

It's all wrong, but I'll stay with my plan until I figure out a way around the conflict I'm facing...

I never knew that looks could blindside a man the way Lily Hart's beauty did me. When our eyes collided that first time, the connection was instant, I knew, that she was like no other. She was something special, uniquely different.

But I've discovered since then that there is a secretive side to her, and now I fear deception stalks her eyes.

I know I must keep my distance, but she keeps persisting that I have her heart, so how can I push her away when all I want to do is tie her down and make her mine?


From the outset of this book you feel the conflict that Lily feels about the sting that she is running on Jake. We see more of the history of Lily in this book and we learn what it takes to survive in the gangster world of London. We see clearly one man's determination to live and survive. Jake does that through his very graphic and very well described fight scenes.

We start to believe that Jake has truly fallen in love with Lily when he takes him to meet his mother and we see her wanting to open up to Jake as he romances her. He is carrying just as a deadly secret as the one she carries within her heart. We see them both opening up to each other and wanting to be apart of each others lives. Lily is doing everything in her power to not give into the temptation that is Jake Eden. She soon finds herself unable to do so.

The author Georgia Le Carre enthralled her audience with this next book and continues on the power that is based inside this book. You will be desperate for the final installment of this great story. That is what happens in this second book. You find yourself carrying along with Lily and wanting her to make it with Jake Eden. There is a great desire for a happy ending. I will not give away what happens only that Georgia Le Carre shows her true talent by sucking you right into the end. She has a great deal of detail and patience to not rush any elements of this story and that is what makes this truly special.

I suggest that you buy all three books because one is not going to be enough and you will not resist what is contained in this storyline. Its steamy and hot enough to have you reaching for the ice cold shower, but not being able to put down the books itself. You will not want to stop reading until you get to the end of the books. So make sure that you have a day and a bit to finish it and time to gossip with your friends the wonder that this author creates.

I hope that you will be picking up the Eden series for yourself and are enjoying my reviews enough to subscribe to the review blog. The button to do so is on the right handside I believe below the book links to my own work. 

Thank you for stopping by again. 

Kristal McKerrington

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