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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Sheri Velarde Book Reviews Day

Hello Readers,

In the warm sun of Helensburgh I was able to give Sheri Velarde her own review day. Two of her latest releases are showcased here on the blog for you all to read. Your going to enjoy the thrilling reviews and tit bits from these great short Novellas that she has created here for us.

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Curse-Blood-Weekend-Getaways-Book-ebook/dp/B00R8P7JOK/ref=cm_rdp_productI was glad to have the chance to do this as I was working with her recently on one of her release days. I have to say I loved her enthusiasm and the way she couldn't get enough of real character based stories. That is what makes her an amazing author.

Now I will pause my gushing over her so that you can check out the reviews and the great treasures I discovered in my kindle. :D

First up is the "Curse of The Blood"


After serving his king during time of war, all Melvil wants to do is get back to his family estate in the French countryside. Weary and homesick, he doesn’t even stop at night to rest in his eagerness to see his family. On the side of the road in the middle of nowhere he finds a lost and disoriented woman all alone. The chivalry he has lived by insists he must stop for her, even if everything else tells him something is wrong and he should run. 

That night, that moment, changed everything for Melvil. If only lightning had not illuminated the sky, everything would be different. One act of kindness dooms him to a life that he never wanted. How can he live with himself now? And what can he do about the creature who made him? The woman he loathes and lusts after at the same time?

I started this book off the high that her other work gave me. I soon found myself inthralled in the book's detailed storyline. For a short novella I had to say that its been more than a pleasure to read it. I could tell that it was a great start to a wonderful story, one which will take any Paranormal reader through a whirlwind experience. The characters were detailed and were well thought out. I was sure that the story was going to have a different ending to the one I found.

Sheri has become the queen of short Novellas for me. I enjoyed every second of it and it certainly made my day when I read what she had created with a great deal of focus. I firmly believe that I will be reading a lot more of Sheri's works in the future. She is the prefect bed time read to get those steamy dreams. I admire this writer a great deal and I hope that she continues on this storyline thread. I would like to see how Mervil will develop as a new vampire. I also wonder if he has the chance to become a vampire who slays other vampires.

Grab this one and be filled with a mouth watering need for more. A well earned 5/5 stars

To wrap this up we have "Lost Souls" 


http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lost-Souls-Weekend-Getaway-Book-ebook/dp/B00PYZ0ZD8/ref=cm_rdp_productAmy is a fallen angel living life on earth as a rock star, embracing her bad behavior and becoming a heavy metal goddess. With the excesses of her new career she almost feels happy. Almost. However something her old friend Aphrodite once promised her is still missing, love. 

Jade is a sweet and sexy woman, trying to make a place for herself in this lonely world. Lost in Los Angeles and just looking for a somewhere she belongs. As the holidays approach she only realizes how alone she truly is in the unforgiving city of Lost Souls. 

One night these two meet seemingly out of the blue and sparks fly. It is as if something is drawing them towards each other. Now they both are learning what true happiness can feel like, if only some secrets don’t rip them apart before their love even has a chance to bloom.


From the opening these dare you to not be enchanted and whisked up in the thrilling, yet so hot a story it almost melted my IPad. From start to finish Amy and Jade give you a epic short story to be remembered. The passion of their first moments together equaled in with an appearance of a God will have you giggling, tingling and loving the thrill of every scene. This was a no brainer 5/5 for me. It's so easy to read the pages just fly in. Perfect for the commute or your lunch break.

Thank you all for stopping by and I hope that you enjoyed this blog telling you all about the great books that you have seen here. I hope that those "one-click fingers" are hard at work. I will be back with you all again very shortly. 

Kristal McKerrington

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