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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Summer Spark: A Contemporary Romance Novella... Ginnie Carmichael 4 star review

Dear Readers,

So the eve of when I will be heading to the other side of Glasgow for the day. I find myself pushing out a late night review. One to do with a new author I found and an even better short story series. I was writing Charlie's Journal and to calm my itch to add some magical battles I turned to reading contemporary romance. Now the kindles back up and running.

That's when I stumbled upon Ginnie Carmichael. Yes, I'm late to the party again. Would someone please get me into this party before its well taken off or not at all?

Any tips welcome.

Now here is my well laid out review of this great series that I might be reading over the holidays.

Summer Spark Part 1 of The Four Seasons Series.

Desperate to keep her teenage daughter from running with the wrong crowd again, Elsie Anderson makes the painful decision to leave Seattle for good. For her, solitude is a small price to pay for keeping Sophie out of trouble. Love is the last thing on Elsie’s mind, especially in a small town like Smithfield, Virginia. 

Alex Becker is the star of Smithfield's firefighting department. He may be a hero, but at night he sees a broken man in the mirror. There was a time when he believed in love, but that all disappeared after he unexpectedly lost his wife late last year. 

They both need a second chance at love. Will Elsie be able to overcome her fear of getting another broken heart? Will Alex ever be able to love again? 


Summer Spark amazon.com/dp/B00QVT7M5U 
Fall In Love amazon.com/dp/B00SUPRUD2 
Secrets of Winter www.amazon.com/dp/B00V3V3Q7Y 
Endless Spring amazon.com/dp/B00YSBDLXU 

My Thoughts: 

I read this story when I was in need of a great awkward contemporary love story. I had been spending to much time in the world of magic. I found it with the great story that Ginnie laid out for us. From the beginning to the end the story had almost everything that you want. A heroine you can relate too, a great story and the romance was prefect. 

It took me a while to write this review for its the best start to a short story series I have ever read. There's one or two words that throws me here and there, but there's no book on sale right now that is prefect. I have to say that I think Ginnie made a home run with this book and I will be following the series on with the second one. I look forward to seeing how the story goes. 

Click HERE for the US Amazon Link

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