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Monday, 25 April 2011

"Ruffneck" Takes Over My Blog Today In The Last Of The Wrestling Themed Week.

Hello Readers,

Today I'm taking 'Ruffneck' into the Romance, Readers and Wrestling Fans audience. He is a talented man, who has alot to offer. He is an amazing in ring talent with an amazing view on both Romance, along with Wrestling. He in my mind is an rare undiscovered British Talent. If I had my books turned into film. He would be in my bunch of Wrestlers I would choose. Without a further a do I hand it over to 'Ruffneck'.

Q1. What are your thoughts as a Wrestler on the idea of Romance being introduced back into the Wrestling Industry?   

A) Well its certainly something I would never given due consideration had it not been until recently but if there is a market for it and it brings book readers into a realm of entertainment that they wouldnt have considered before then im all for it. i mean wrestling should be doing whatever it can to make its fanbase larger and if this is a portal to implement that then id say nothing ventured nothing gained. I think ardent wrestling fans maybe be hard pushed to make the cross over into romance but I think its possible for book readers to make the crossover into wrestling if its done correctly.

Q2. For you, would you find romance being added to your storylines as a Wrestler harder or not much of a hassle? 

A) Not particulary. I dont think it sits with the character that I portray as the gimmick is a grade A nasty bastard but bottom line is its a character nothing more nothing less. If there was something that didnt sit well with me id say so but everyone in wrestling is expendable so therefore u have to be adaptable to any given situation that is placed before you really.Wrestling is a physical soap opera and can be much more entertaining if done correctly. problem is how often does that happen. its like catching lightning in a bottle sometimes

Q3.) Do you think a Wrestling Romance Writer is a benefit to a Wrestling Promoter?

Hmmm dunno really as I believe at this point wrestling needs to get its own product over. I think maybe at a higher level if you have TV or a weekly internet show it would become more pertinant but as it stands right now the key to getting wrestling over right now is what is delivered in the ring. The romance side would most certainly be a by product as opposed to something being thrust at the forefront. it would be a work in progress and it should be minimal at best. wrestling fans would find it hard to embrace such a concept and again you couldnt have a wrestling show infused with Mills and Boon. It would die on its arse in no time at all. There  is a place for good writing full stop in wrestling but you have to have a regular medium in order to achieve it and right now it just is not there.

Q4.) Would you like to see one in One Pro Wrestling?

A) Id like to see 1PW get its wrestling product to where it should be which is solid entertainment from great wrestling action. it would be a case of selling the wrestling concept to fans of novels as opposed to selling romance to wrestling fans. I think it may translate easier in written format where the writer is master as opposed to trying to sell the concept in the ring. Look im all for anything that gets over and creates success for all parties involved. I just think that  wrestling really needs to push wrestling at this point and then the rest will fall into place. Espcially 1PW.

Q5.) If you were invited to a Wrestling Romance Panel to hear the sides of both Wrestling and Romances sides to the idea of this genre would you attend?

A) If I had the time id listen to all concerned and if they can exploit each other in a sensible manner then id hear what people had to say. Some people would look at this and think fuck this or screw that this is wrestling but if things can be done in a sensible manner and be progressive I have a mind that is not closed to anything

Some Fun Wrestling questions. 

Q8.) Who would be your dream oppanent from the Attitude Era? 

A) Stone Cold Steve Austin without a shadow of a doubt. Im one of his biggest fans, especially for the 96/97 era when he was the true anti hero type character. Id be lying if i said he was not an influence on the way I work because you can see bit of it when I do work. Not that id ever compare myself to him however as I aint nor ever will be in the same league but I do think its important to take bits then add your own swing on things. Theres only one Steve Austin but theres only one Ruffneck too. I dont want to be Stone Cold I want to be what best suits me. For example Im not the best wrestler in the world. I cant do crazy stuff from the top rope  like an El Ligero or have the technical prowess of a Lionheart of a Doug Williams but what I do well is bring a sense of believability to the ring. When I go through the curtain and to the ring I make sure that the fans know im going to fuck someone up and they can sense that. So whe I get in the ring fans actually think fuck me hes gonna do these lads in lol. 

Wrestling is about sticking to your strengths and diminishing your weaknesses. If you just go out there and go through the motions the fans can tell. you give them something a little different at the right place on the card and you can turn heads and give the fans something a bit fresh that will give them a more varied expereience. Austin did that perfectly and I hope when people watch me and Keith Myatt working as The MOB they see that too.

Q9.) Who would you would be your favourite person to tag with? 

A) I'd have loved to have worked alongside The Road Warriors. Those  guys personified what I mentioned in the last question in the sense that they were the baddest guys in town and when they got in the ring with you then you were inn for the fight of your life and as I mentioned before the fans realised that. Again they were not the best wrestlers in the world but by god did they bring that air of believability about them and a presence that was un surpassed. Id have given anything just to have been around Animal, Hawk and Ellering just to learn from them. They were just raw unbridled powerhouses who brought a fight to the ring everytime you saw them. and with their facepaint and shoulder pads they were just something different. So glad they got inducted into the HOF this year and cemented their legacy as the greatest tag team of all time.

 Q10.)  What would be your favourite moment in the Attitide Era be?

A) Probably the whole Rock Austin feud which had quite a few twists and turns. Those guys complimented each other so well that I think it was impossible for them to have a bad match together. truly are masters of the craft of wrestling. As with anything everything changes but that attitude era will resurface again. it came about when they dared to be different but now there is no competition they dont have to be different because the fans have not got a real distinctive choice. it will happen again though.

 Q11.) If you had the chance to work with either Matt Hardy, Shane Helms or Randy Orton who would you choose and why? 

A) I'd love to work with Randy Orton but to be fair seeing as I do tag team wrestling id love to work both the Hardys. When those two guys are on top of there game there is no way on gods green earth they can have a bad match with anyone. All three that you mentioned are all great workers though so it would be a priviledge to wrestle any of them

Some fun readers questions. 
 Q12.)  How do you relax after Wrestling all night? 

A) spend time with my son Jake and my wife Caroline.. Nothing can beat that . as im getting older and more banged up that after wrestling I need them to look after me. I tend to have so much pent up andrenaline that after a match imbeat for the next 48 hours and im no use to anyone haha.

 Q13.) What book has caught your attention most recently?

A) Well I just read the Road warriors autobiography which if your a fan is real awesome. I have to admit though that the best wrestling books ive read have been Jerichos. I know everyone says Foleys were good but Jerichos were so entertaining to read that its hard to put them down. I read a lot of graphic novels too. Im reading The Batman Knightfall series to my son at the moment which are great but its hard to do so many character voices lol. I love autobiographies too. im currently reading Areosmiths Walk this way which is brilliant too
Q14.) What is your must see TV show at the moment?

A) Boardwalk Empire by a country mile. though I do like Blue Bloods too. Ill watch anything to be fair. I still watch The Sopranos. I think ive seen every episode at least 6 times lol
Q15.) What is your must see Film this year?

A) Must see films of the year in no order are.....Thor, Captain America, Cowboys & Aliens and Green Lantern
I agree with your film choices for sure. Thor the Norse God from my Ancestry history is a must see for me. 

Q16.) What is your must attend event this year?

A) If you aint seen Paul Rodgers in concert this year then you have to go. the man has the greatest voice in rock/blues ever. As for wrestling well if you never been to a show before then do some research and check one out. Id reccomend IPW, PBW, 1PW, FWA, CSF, GPW NBW Southside. All good promotions that will entertain you and have fun at
Q17.) What is your must attend event for next year?
Wrestlemania 28 baby yeeaahhhhhhh...The Rock v Cena

Well you can catch the Amazing 'Ruffneck' on his facebook at 

I hope to have him back again. It was an honour to have one of One Pro Wrestling's Regular Wrestlers on here and hope he has enjoyed himself. 

Thank you again for tuning in for the Wrestling Themed Days. I hope to announce the Winner of best Comment of the Blog tomorrow!

Kristal McKerrington 

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