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Monday, 25 April 2011

Big J Watts Takes To His Chair On Day 8 of The Wrestling Themed Weeks.

Hello Readers,

Today we have the impressive, the talented, the soon to be shooting star of the Independent world Big J Watts. He is here today to share what he thinks of my and L. Anne Carrington's latest idea on the Wrestling, Romance Panel, the future of the Wrestling, Romance genre as well as much much more so stayed tuned! Without further a do.......here is........Big J WATTS!

Q) What are your thoughts as a Wrestler on the idea of Romance being introduced back into the Wrestling Industry?

A) My thoughts are that it is a awesome idea because it brings the life of the wrestler full circle. Wrestling and romance are 2 things we do best. lol
Q) For you, would you find romance being added to your storylines as a Wrestler harder or not much of a hassle?
A) Not much of a hassle at all when you are in the biz like us you tend to date other wrestlers
Q) What do you think the impact would be if Romance and Wrestling teamed up?
A) The most awesome thing ever! Period!
Q) Where would you like to see Wrestling and Romance go?
A) With TV you can go PG but I Think The relationships you build I think you can where you want it to go. you have a lot of area to run with.
Q) Who would be your dream opponent from the Attitude Era?
A)Stone Cold or Triple H
Q) Who would you would be your favourite person to tag with?
A)Then it was Shane Helms. Now it i would like to tag with Sin Cara.
Q) What would be your favourite moment in the Attitude Era be?
A) Hogan Vs. The Rock (I think it was at wreslemainia 19)
Q) If you had the chance to work with either Matt Hardy, Shane Helms or Randy Orton who would you choose and why?

A) All of them would be excellent to work with but it is how it ends is my question. lol

Q) How do you relax after Wrestling all night?

A) Miller High life and a hot tub
Q) What book has caught your attention most recently?
A) Kristal McKerrington's Wrestling romance series
Q) What is your must see TV show at the moment?
A) In November I will be on TXA 21 in Dallas otherwise if you are asking me what I watch I watch NCIS NCIS:LA and UK's Top Gear
Q) What is your must see Film this year?
A) The Chaperone
Q) What is your must attend event this year?
A) My Comeback match in Dallas in November
Q) What is your must attend event for next year?

A) Wrestlemainia 28 in sunny Maimi Florida

Well Thank you for being here with us today Big J Watts. You can find him on the following links. 

Youtube:- http://www.youtube.com/user/Kingkilowatt coming soon he will have the link to his show. 

Thank you for being here and I wish Big J Watts the biggest success in his future. 

Kristal McKerrington 


  1. I got a couple of quesions for Big Jay. What would you like to see in a wrestling novel and what would you not like to see in that same story line? What would ruin the story for you? I enjoyed reading your interview.
    G W Pickle

  2. Hi G. W. Pickle. I'm sure James will answer your question when he is on later on today.

  3. I am open to answer any questions and if you want to follow me on facebook it is @kingkilowatt on twitter it is @Kingkilowatt
    lol It took me untill today to find me hear. i guess i am not on the web enough? LOL