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Monday, 27 July 2015

Calling You Home_Book 1 of 3_First_Chapter

Hello Readers,

Check out the first chapter of "Calling You Home". I'm posting it today to give you all a treat after having an awesome tour with #CallingYouHomeRememberMe. I hope that you enjoy it.

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Chapter 1

“Jason, May is back in town.”
Those words crushed him with the force of a heavy blow. Standing in the living room of his recently deceased’s wife's home, he paused with his tongue in the side of his mouth. This hadn't felt like his home in such a long time. His heart thumped and his mind refused to accept what he saw before him. Jason saw his life changing before his eyes.  In a split second he saw the world he'd envisioned with his son disappear to one where he tried to make things right with the woman he’d betrayed and scorned. She'd not turn bitter towards him for destroying her dream.
He saw her face before him and it made his gut twist into a hard knot. Her pale pink skin with the darker ruby lips, those shining brown eyes streaked with tears from the night when he didn't tell her this house was for them both.
Frozen to the spot, he held the phone and listened to his life-long friend Drew break the news to him. The news he'd been dreading for years. May was back.
The woman who’d returned knew how to play him like a fiddle. She was the first person he’d ever fallen in love with, his high school sweetheart and his first broken heart. He broke both their hearts thinking he’d done the right thing for her. He’d made a decision which changed their lives forever and to hear of her coming home, punched his gut with guilt.
All through his marriage to Abby he’d thought of May, wondered if he’d made the right decision when he’d married the second girl he’d ever loved. Now Abby was gone and the thing he’d dreaded the most had happened. This was the sort of news which turned a man's life upside down. After losing Abby any more bad news just weighed heavy on his soul. With the way Drew talked now, it seemed like more gut twisting and heart break awaited him.
The light yellow walls of the house he’d built originally for May still stood strong and proud, even after four hurricanes. He’d built this house hoping to make it his home with May. They loved each other and hoped to spend the rest of their lives with each other until she got her letter. He wanted to sell the house when he married Abby, yet she talked him out of it because she knew how much heart he’d poured into this house. She’d acted like she hadn’t known, but a part of him always suspected that she knew. This was May's house. He just couldn't get himself to believe  otherwise.
He paced the dark wooden floor of the living room which he’d allowed May to choose. It made it feel like a family home, yet not the family he'd dreamt of having here. Staring at his home with new eyes, a strange apprehension crept over him. The place he'd called home for the last eight years seemed alien, like someone had abducted him and placed him in a strange new world.
“When did she arrive?” He barely breathed the words and the blood rushed through his veins. His heart hurt, shattered once again. Just when he thought he might be able to stand on his own two feet, feelings and memories of Christmas overwhelmed Jason. He wanted to hold onto this dizzying rush of emotions. He no longer feared the future, yet his past tormented him.
May, his first love had returned to town, answering prayers he’d thought forgotten. He grieved still for his wife. The image of her face tormented him, her eyes stared at him from across the room in their wedding photos her green eyes questioning him. Her hair falling about her eyes and her smile cut through the tense emotions she held within her chest about marrying him. Just twelve hours before they took her vows she’d almost run from him. She made him fight for her, what she didn't know is he fought for Abby out of the terror of losing someone else. Like he’d lost May.
His body still grew tense, almost excited by the idea of seeing May again. He'd never been more confused emotionally. It shattered him when she went off to college, leaving him unable to enjoy the holidays. It used to be their holiday. The first time he’d kissed her had been Christmas.  He’d waited so long, and she thought he would never kiss her. She’d given him the chance on the snowy porch of her parents’ house when he'd been just fifteen years old.
Turning to face the fireplace, he stared into the dancing flames.  He drew in the comforting fragrant smell of the burning peat. The same peat he grew on his farm and the same fuel the local folks bought every year for their own fireplaces.
He tried to relax.
“Jason, I'm telling you so you’ll know,” Drew said “I didn't want you to find out when you came to town with the little man. You want me to swing around?”
He pondered his friend’s suggestion. Perhaps Drew coming by might give him time to see May. To find his feet and to better understand what all of this meant. What God had given him? He could leave his little boy in his friend’s care. He trusted Drew with him.
“Yeah, I'll be home for the rest of the day. In fact, I could use your help. I need to do some work on the farm, and Abby's sister can’t take Stuart for the rest of the day. If you could babysit for a while, I'd be very grateful.”
“All right, I'll head around in a bit. The garage is dead here today anyway. I can leave Taylor to tend to it. Are you okay, though?”
The concern in his friend’s voice failed to register with Jason as he clung onto the excitement he felt. Out of all the emotions this seemed like the best one for him to face. His entire body remained charged with energy and life.
Knowing his answer was a lie, Jason said, “I'm doing okay. Thanks again, Drew for helping out. Catch you later.” He ended the call, picked up the baby monitor which he kept clipped onto his belt every time he put the baby down for his nap. His hands needed something to fiddle with. He headed for the porch and the peace it gave him. He hoped sitting out in the sweet air watching his crops sway in the wind might ease his soul.  The tears started.  They clung heavy on his eyelids, weighing down his heart. Not just with thoughts of May, but with the thoughts of Abby as well.
May used to be the love of his life. He’d ended up doing what he’d thought as the right thing for her, yet it had shattered his heart and his dreams. Somewhere through his pain of having to give May up to her own dreams he’d found her best friend and found love in Abby's arms. Only he hadn’t loved her as much as he’d always loved May.
Ever since Abby died, he couldn’t stop thinking of her. He remembered her sweet voice filling the house, her laughter bringing the farm to life.
Her blonde hair swung out behind her while she’d worked. Even with the chemo, she’d tried her best to keep working on the farm, making bread and milking cows. Just because her body remained at war didn't mean she’d wanted to quit or allow the pain to darken her spirit. Abby had never stopped singing or baking.  Her white-toothed smile had never faded and her eyes always remained bright. And, she’d constantly scared him.
At times he’d found her body slumped against the barn, next to the cooker or even against the car. Jason hated letting her out of his sight because she kept trying to do too much. Watching her go through her illness  torn him a part little by little.
Memories of Abby haunted him as he took in the farmland he called home. He listened to the sounds of his cows moaning in the afternoon sun and the dogs chasing the birds.  Even though he mourned Abby, his life seemed brighter now. Why? He secretly knew the reason. She answered to the name May.
No matter how dark his life had gotten, thinking of May had always seemed to give him strength to find his feet. To be the person he saw in the mirror. He sat on the porch knowing God  offered him a second chance. He knew what he needed to do, even if everyone might warn him off of doing it.
He tilted back his black hat and glanced up.  The pale blue sky provided the perfect canvas for the puffy white clouds passing by. He turned to the field and smiled at herd of cows scattered through the field like large black dots  on a green  canvas.  Not far from his home their soft noises reminded him of the nursery rhymes he’d taught his son. The sights and sounds centered him.  Farming may seem strange to some, but to him it represented the gift of life.
“Abby I hope you've got a plan for me, because right now I'm the shell of the man I used to be. I don't know if I can keep myself from self-destructing this time around.  Abby, watch over me and your little boy, since I know we’re headed for troubled waters.”  He sobbed and tried to push himself though the waves of pain lashing his chest. God help him, he’d never gotten over May...a truth, all too ready to destroy his life.  

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