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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Fighting For Love_First Chapter Snippet_

Hello Readers,

As I continue on writing this week with a bundle of things going on I want to take a moment to see if we can't get you excited about "Fighting For Love". Its the first of the three Fighting series. The second one is lined up and is in the works. In the meantime enjoy this great snippet.

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Chapter 1

The lights of the busy show dimmed out. Standing in the centre of the ring watching everyone leave, Carl soaked up the last remaining energy as it slipped out of the building. He fought a great match and it made an explosive ending to the night. The story lines he got with Over The Top Of The Rope Wrestling training company always made him laugh.

He played the villan with the women, a the heart breaker. He just wanted to wrestle and he found himself defending himself against women at independent wrestling events instead. They were always coming to his merchandise table and bringing up his actions to him. Some of them were always passing comments in the lift of the hotels he stayed in or making the air awkward when he walked around them at the shows. The side effect of doing such a good job at making them believe him.
It grated at times though.

He rubbed his face and his head as sweat slipped every so often down his back. The amount of cardio and of things he needed to pull off wore him down. He panted through his teeth as his shoulder complained about the way it had been manipulated during the match. The man he worked tonight couldn't have been more rough if he had tried.

He knew he tired.

Carl sensed another blog in his near future burying him. He grew tired of helping the younger wrestlers for this reason. The man wasn't willing to work or put the effort into a good man. Instead he looked to make a pay cheque and rush out the door to party. He knew it took more than that to get to the big leagues. He grew tired of the complaints he heard in the locker rooms about the bigger companies not pushing him or giving him the breaks they felt they deserved.

The same old record played and he wished they would open their eyes to the fact no one got a push unless they earned it. Proved they were able to take their own ball and run with it. Instead he listened and he chewed his mouth a part because to say anything made life even harder for people like him.
Pain became his shadow back when he first walked into the wrestling training school back in the small town about fifty minutes out of the Illinois state board line. He happened to hear of one of his favourite wrestlers opened a wrestling school. He trained people there and he couldn't pass up on it. He swallowed his pride and took the crap they handed out to get through it. Every time he turned up he earned a little bit more respect from his trainer.

He often remembers how long this road used to feel and how much longer it now seemed. He had been in the independent scene for so long and tonight he killed the house show. Watching the shadows fall down over the last house show he would be doing for a while, his gut grew excited and his heart started to beat fast. He felt like he just stepped off of a cliff and his body free fell through the air.

Going up to Over The Top Rope Wrestling might be what he needed to do, yet his sights lay with the next company. The place where he would make the money, a difference and finally earn the respect he craved. The one every one wanted to make it to and attend. To make the best money and to get the point across to the rest of the world, they made it against whatever odds they faced.

He knew a lot of careers went to OVTRW die and others exploded. A fifty-fifty chance. He knew most of those who made a name for themselves went on to WWIC. The biggest wrestling company in his industry. One of the only four companies with TV. The one company where the biggest egos ran wild and did whatever they wanted too.

It wasn't hard to rub Carl the wrong way and when people did there couldn't be a bigger price to pay. He went out of his way to make the persons life hard and made sure he did what he needed to do to get himself ahead of the other person who tried to make his life uncomfortable. He took on this attitude when one of the younger wrestlers he tired to teach tried to break his arm.
He almost succeeded.

Fourteen years brought him here. Brought him to the dance and showed him there might be a chance for the future. He made his way into Over The Top Rope Wrestling. His entire fight with promoters, fans and people seemed to be coming to an end. His look and his personality always seemed to rub people the wrong way. Now he got the chance to step into the spotlight and become the person he knew he could be.

This might at long last be his last chance.

The shadows falling around the ring used to symbolise his life, the part of the darkness he walked in. All this changed when he realised he couldn't live like this anymore. The positive light he wanted to walk in was not easy to get. When he did, he didn't have any idea how good it felt. The moment he made the change within him, his entire life changed. He knew this is what the bigger companies were looking for and waiting for.

The whole time he watched a woman, he'd seen a hundred times flickering around at the back of the seats. He knew she'd been here before and yet he never managed to work out who she was. He saw her face when he walked to the ring, he saw her at a lot of shows recently. He knew she might be one of his few hardcore fans, for they were doing a circuit this month.

They'd travelled from Chicago down to Tennessee and were now in Virginia. She hadn't missed one of his shows. He saw her either at the side of the ramp or he saw her when he entered the ring. He noticed her brown hair and her smile standing out in the sea of faces. She stuck out as she seemed to be a hot geek. There weren't many of those at these shows.

He watched her thin figure start to creep out of the building. The thin shadow of her dark chocolate brown hair left a trace of her as she rounded the corner. He found himself being spurred on to follow her. Leaping over the ropes he made his way back through the ringside area towards her. He quickly shot through the door he saw her go through and he watched her go through another door.

He knew her face, but not her name. She smiled at him when he walked down to the ring and cheered every so often. Mostly when he did crazy stuff on the microphone or did one of his more risky moves. She taunted him with the look of I want more in her eyes.

He made a point of making eye contact with her at one of the shows. They held a silent stare down, he felt the frustration at how she leaned on the railing. She didn't utter a single word and he didn't move a muscle for two minutes straight. It felt like a lifetime. When he finally blew her off, she still didn't react. He couldn't have been more out of his game with her own move.

After every single show he went to find her. From the night of the show down she left him notes behind the mechanise stands, telling him what she liked and didn't. She signed it with the words 
'Stare Down Girl.'

No matter how quick he tried to catch her, she'd always disappeared before he got out of the locker room. The show ended too quickly for him and he often found himself getting tackled up in the traditions that he couldn't answer the question hanging over his head. Who the mystery woman was walking and cheering him on. A fact he'd failed to learn anything from the security guards.
Now she seemed to be hanging about more and more. He felt his heart thump in his chest even harder. He felt like he might have just been knocked silly in his wrestling match. He wanted to catch her, for she seemed to haunt his thoughts. He felt like he saw her in the airports, when he drove to the hotel.

Those brown eyes, pale skin and rosy red lips. The face of innocence, yet wise thoughts behind every feature. When he got close, there were things teasing his very core about her. He knew she looked at him with different eyes. Mocking, almost, and as if she begged him to do more then just stare at her.
Her body caught every fibre of his attention as he watched a range of his and his friends' shirts cover her torso. These were always modified into one off’s. Her jeans, Gothic trousers, made him pause. He didn't know what sort of style she wore, he just found himself noticing her more.

He looked for her more. She seemed to always be there when he walked out and he started to want to see her there. He wanted to try to make her talk and no matter what he said to her, she never uttered a single word to him. Even the security guards couldn't tell him, who she might be. She wouldn't even hold a conversation with them. They tried to hold her and she threatened to walk out of the arena. Law suits and other retorts were made against them. They soon learned it wasn't wise to approach her.

She always bought her ticket and left through one of the many doors before any of them were ever able to ask her anything. She wore a baseball cap sometimes to make sure she could sneak out of the arena. He found himself becoming highly frustrated with her. Some of the guards said she always left after his match.

Knowing she came to see him drove even more insanity. He wanted to know more about her. He wanted to know what this mystery woman liked so much that she travelled to so many states to see him wrestle. What kept her at arms length from him and why she never took any of the free backstage passes her got promoters to try to give her so he'd get a chance to meet her.

When he signed the contract with Over The Top Rope Wrestling in front of the crowd, he thought for sure he'd seen her leave out the corner of his eye. His gut fell through the floor and his heart hadn't ever felt so heavy.

“Excuse me, miss?” He asked as he saw her glance over her shoulder while he made his way out of the arena entrance door behind her. He took in every curve of her body as she made her way through the dark parking lot. Her hips swaying with every move she took. He felt helpless to know what to say or do as he grew closer to her. He thought about what he might say to her if he ever met her outside of the fans and the arena.

Now the time had arrived. All of those thoughts and words disappeared out his head. He never felt like he didn't have the words to talk to anyone. The others knew him as the man of truth in the ring. He could talk about anything and he could make the people believe anything.
They called him the microphone assassin.

There were so many times he left wrestlers scrambling to find words to counteract what he said. He didn't follow the notes they gave him and he made himself stand out. He knew there were women before, who got close to him. None of them could stick it out though. She looked and told a different story with the way she behaved. She just didn't seem to fit into his world at all.

A line of groupies always waited for him in hotel bars, were hanging around the gyms and trying to sneak back into the locker rooms. He knew these were always going to be a haphazard when he walked into the world he loved. A place they often referred to as wrestling. Some referred to their industry as their mistress and the only arms he'd ever searched for. A cruel and evil mistress with no remorse for those who danced in the squared circles. If you didn't know the right words to whisper into her ear, end you were bound to end up becoming one of her victims.
A failure.

This new fan, new mystery female shadow didn't seem like some groupie or a crazy fan. She seemed different and he didn't know what to call her or how to describe her. He just stared at her as she slowed down, coming closer to a black Land Rover. It was not a cheap car by any means and it stood out more than his banger two cars down from hers. He didn't understand how he had missed this car.

“Miss, you forgot your bag.” Those words were his last ditched attempt to get her to turn around. He watched her turn towards him, knowing the fact she hadn't been carrying one could get her attention. When she made eye contact with him, he watched her take two steps back from him. She raised her hands up in front of her round, full breasts. He saw his t-shirt dipping between the mounts and his mouth water with the images he thought might lay below it.

“I wasn't carrying a bag.” She sounded soft and so well spoken. He found himself even more confused by her. She didn't hold an American accent or any accent he could recognise. He felt the mystery about this stranger grow.

She held a real look of concern in her eyes about him standing before her. Even though she wore his t-shirt. She cheered for him; he couldn't understand why she wouldn't want to meet him. Most of the fans wanted to meet their ideals, she seemed happy to just walk away at the end of the night.

“Its all I could think to say to get you to stop walking away from me.” He went for honesty; after all, it had served him well so far. He knew she came for a reason, he just didn't know what the reason might be. “I have seen you at all the shows and I just wanted to know your name.”

Running his hand through his hair, he still panted from the exhaustion from the night's event. The sweat coated his tattooed arms, chest, back and neck. His bottle wet hair before the match was now dry and his throat just as dry. His muscles ached, his taped forearms and hands felt heavy with the moisture they'd absorbed during the match.

He noticed her staring at his tattoos. The pieces of art which told the world a little bit about him. He couldn't be prouder of those markings and what they stood for. They stood for parts of his life. He didn't know if her piece of forever ink down her arm told the world her story.
He wanted to know her story, for the images on her arm begged him to ask. He didn't know when the last time he cared about someone enough to ask or to chase after them.

“I don't tell wrestlers my name. You did a really good match and your promo held a lot of believable tones to it. I have to go now though.” Her words seeped out like it didn't effect her one way or the other how he had performed tonight. Something in his gut told him she did;that it meant the world to her that he stood in front of her.

Yet part of the way she talked still held a great effect on him. She sounded like she might just be talking about cake, however her eyes danced in the light. It made her seem so full of life on the inside and made her seem so much more attractive to him. He knew he needed to pull back layers of guards to get to know her. She might just challenge him to keep pulling those layers back.

“Why don't you tell wrestlers your name?” He asked and his throat grew dryer wondering just how much this fan might know of their life. Gone were the days when the fans knew nothing and instant became their personal stalkers. Both online and off.

He knew a lot of them were marks. The people he referred to as marks were the people, who wrote internet blogs and columns about them when they knew nothing. Judged the wrestlers on their in ring performance and promo skills when they'd never done it themselves. Marks to a lot of the wrestlers were the scum of the earth. For they made their lives so much harder. They were the ones, who got in wrestlers faces and were known to be the craziest of fans. Tonight the place couldn't have been more full of them.

He treated marks with the disrespect he got shown online. They didn't know how to wrestle, however much they liked to take to their computers to trash him. It was a sore spot which hadn't left Carl no matter how long he wrestled or what he took on.

“I know what the others are like and the things they do to people like me, but you don't do that though do you? You don't screw women and leave them.” Those words were like ice being poured down his spine. He shivered and realised he stood out in a cooling Virginia night in his wrestling gear. With night, owls and crickets started to come to life, filling the air with their sounds.

His trunks and his boots were the only items of clothing to cover his body. They didn't protect him against the cooling air. They made the air feel even cooler, for they were designed to allow his body to breathe.

“No-” Carl answered and when he went to take away her fears about him, she moved forward and did what he use to think as the unthinkable. She leaned her body against his and he instantly saw the ball round shape of the tops of her breasts, moving up and down in gasps. Her heaving breasts captured his brain and left him powerless. They weren't huge, but were big enough to make him weak.
Wrapping her arms around his neck quickly, she captured his lips underneath hers in a feverish pitch of uncontrollable desire and lust. He almost fell backwards with the intense power behind her kiss. He felt heat explode through him and his skin burst out into a inferno of flames.

His arms remained wide around her and the more she kissed him, the more he started to kiss her back. No woman with her looks ever kissed him like this and he was completely trapped, locked in the centre of her spell. He didn't know anyone could kiss with everything they held inside them and still leave the other person knowing there might be more to give.

The feel of her hot, electric tongue caressing his and the way her hand fitted at the bottom of his neck made his blood pool rushed down through his body. His cock grew hard and tense as it pushed against the tight fabric of his trunks. His legs became like jelly and he felt his own arms hold her against him. Not wanting this kiss to stop and not wanting to be swept away by this new found ecstasy.

Her leg moved against his and he almost growled into her mouth. Her legs spoke of a woman who took care of her body. It held his leg in place effortlessly. The same leg his friend worked on all night, along with his shoulder. The two parts of his body complained and he shivered against the ache every so often. The more she kissed and stroked his body, the less his body complained. Every so often he wondered about whether his body might just give up on him. He felt sure this might be what lay ahead of him.

Carl couldn't remember when a woman had made him feel like this. He'd done his best to avoid them; he didn't want to end up in the same bad situation as many of his friends did. Wrestling could be the only thing he needed to care about if he ever wanted to make it. Even now in his mind he second guessed himself for kissing this woman back and tried to allow rational thoughts to seep into his mind.

Women made his job a nightmare and he didn't want to be apart of their nightmare. He watched so many of his friends going through it and he didn't want to be another one in the long list. He knew the list grew week by week as the divorce rate climbed with each passing year. The amount of the men who fell for the stories or positions women who hunted them put them in. Whether is was being saddle with an unexpected child or a marriage they really didn't want. They knew how to make the situations work for them.

Most of them found it hard to tell who were the gold diggers and who really liked them. The ones hanging around the arena were the ones wanting their own fifteen minutes of fame, they just didn't want to do anything themselves to get it. He knew just how dangerous they were. He watched some of the female and male wrestlers a like getting their careers destroyed through their actions.

Carl couldn't believe someone would want to do that to someone else. Especially when they laid their lives on the line. They went out there and there wasn't any guarantees they'd walk away in one piece. Tonight alone a couple of them left this building with concussions and several small injuries. Some things couldn't be helped, why someone would want to destroy anothers hard work was beyond him.
His barriers were always up, but she destroyed them in a heartbeat. When she moved her hand down so they entangled themselves up in the corner of his trunks. The heat rose to higher levels and she screamed with how she wanted him. Her skin turned bright red, her gasp in his ear begged him to explore her milky skin more. He saw the lust flickering in her eyes like a dim light, through those blinking eyes. Her mouth fell open further and her small whimper raised his own passions to a whole other level. Not an inch of her body didn't ask him to take her there on the car's bonnet and make her feel larger than life. To ride a way of ecstasy, which wouldn't end for hours. Her other hand held onto his jaw, playing with the hairs on his face. The full beard driving her to whole new levels of want and passion.

She clung to him as his hands cupped her against him and his hard manhood pushed against her. He wanted to be inside her cream rich centre. To be going with the flow of her body, he kept his restraints in place even if her whispers for more tore at them. She made him understand how long she'd been waiting for this and he wanted her too, fear kept him back.

Carl thought he might lose all control if he didn't do something more soon.

The feel of her fingers brushing against his hip bone made him kiss her with far more need, than she expected. He almost toppled her on the car and she laughed before recapturing her in this senseless spell. She seemed to be breaking all his rules on women. He didn't do one night stands and he didn't sleep with women on the first date. He didn't know why she made him feel so different. She tempted him to be a bad boy and he wanted to be. She asked him to just let it all go and see where it took him.
To make fear become a second thought.

Falling against her car, the cold metal felt like ice against his back. He didn't want to pull away. The heat of her body kept him from shivering and he felt himself become unglued by her. She made him feel like he hadn't eaten in days. He felt dizzy and giddy at the same time. Every curve of her body allowed his fingers to brush against the inside of her jeans. Her giddy laugh made him slip the button out of its loop. Her eyes glowed with more lust and more passion.

The hunger raging away at him, he didn't want to give into. He wanted to wait and he wanted to see the kind of person she turned out to be. This became harder and harder with every passing second. The feel of her breasts pushing up against his chest and her throat inviting his lips back to it. The soft, warm skin crying out to be given tender loving care.

No matter what there wasn't a part of her he couldn't resist.

When his hand slipped down onto her butt cheek, she nipped at the two piercings on the sides of his mouth. The soft skin around them tingled and came to life. His pleasure felt unlimited and unending. A small moan escaped out of him and into her mouth. He felt her excitement shoot through her as she slipped her tongue back into his mouth with a small giggle. Her hands now sinking into the tender flesh of his back. His sore groin from the match seemed to magically heal and insisted on doing this mission to its fullest.

Carl felt his other hand graze her breast more passionate, intimatingly and, to his surprise, they were real. Most of the women he met in wrestling seemed to have fake everything. He felt himself push back against her, the new knowledge filtering into him. He felt her abs against his own and he needed to feel them. He couldn't resist the desire to feel her strong looking thighs wrap around him like a snake.

He longed to cradle her against him while he made love to her, fast and furious. No mercy in the long solid strokes and tense moments when he'd make her plead with him to continue. He waited with baited breathe to feel her she wasn't on planet earth anymore. He would keep going until she was completely exhausted underneath him and her body arching up with each deepening stroke. His cock couldn't have been harder and felt like someone held it in a vice grip inside his trunks.

In an instant she stepped away from him. Breaking the connection and the heat flooded out of him just as fast. She gave him the volcano heat, she ripped it from him. He felt his cheeks hold onto the burning heat with shock at her walking away from him. No one just walked away from him when he got this hot for someone. When the world around him started to melt away and he stood before it naked, vulnerable. They always accepted him. Took him for who he is.

He stared at her unable to speak. She'd silenced him. No one silenced him. He always managed to speak and shoot words back at people. She wasn't just anyone.

“Sorry, I have to go.” She breathed those words through pants that made his stomach tense, his own breathing became ragged and his cock grew harder. He knew she enjoyed every second of it too. He couldn't understand why she ran from him or why he couldn't stop her. He stared at her like a love sick puppy. He didn't need a mirror to know the dumb founded look upon his face.

He watched her getting into the Land Rover and his heart felt tight in his chest. Not with her leaving, but with the effects she hung over him. He tried to catch his breathe and continued to fail. He never got so tired or out of breathe in a match. No cardio training made him ready for the sort of fireworks still going off in his system.

“Wait,” he finally breathed as he watched her black Land Rover pull out of the dark car park. He could hear the promoter getting ready to leave and with his hands on his hips he made his way back to the arena. He tired to fight the urge to keep turning his head towards her speeding car. He just couldn't do it. Nothing made sense to him within that moment. He tired to gain whatever strength he could from this situation. There wasn't any to be had.

Frustration boiled deep within him and his breathing refused to return to normal. Slowly his cock gave him some peace, only then did he take the knowledge that she'd left him behind to heart more. He felt himself going beyond wonder and into obsession.

His entire being screaming at him how stupid he'd been. He just couldn't help what had happened there and he couldn't find the words to explain it. Things happened and he found himself scrambling to understand them. He needed to know things about her and he needed to feel the world around him. She made the world seem far more alive and electric.

“Damn, Carl what is wrong with you.” He scowled himself as he took steps towards the arena and he messed his hair up. Needing the embrace of a cool shower, for only the cold water would wash away her effects.

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