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Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Temptress- CJ Fallowfield Review

Hello Readers,

So my Saturday has been a slightly stressful one with my bank not allowing me to do something online then claims that "Oh its not us". I keep thinking to myself "Yeah Right". So this past week has been adventure filled with me doing the great book tour with Becca from Loving The Book. I have to say it was a lot of fun with 2 great reviews coming out of it. I see so many people retweeting and getting involved. This is a great reminder of what having a really meanful book feels like. It was just what I needed.

Now I have rambled onto for a lot longer than I should have.

The Temptress Review for CJ Fallowfield.

The Temptress There’s just something about a French accent, something that conjures images of romance, sex and passion. There’s a reason French is called ‘the language of love.’ Lulu McQueen runs an exclusive honeytrap agency, to test the fidelity of rich men for their suspicious partners. While her business flourishes and her track record in the field remains unbroken, earning her the nickname of The Temptress, her personal life isn’t so successful. A trip to Paris, years ago, led to the most erotic encounter of her life with Luc, a charismatic, dominant, irresistible Frenchman. For one night she experienced bliss on a scale she’d never encountered and fled in the morning, ashamed of herself, but her Parisian one night stand was burned into her memories and no one since had compared. With no one available on short notice, Lulu steps in to lure Mrs. Le Grand’s rich husband, for an extortionately high fee. Lulu’s in for the shock of her life when she finds her mark at the hotel bar. Luc Le Grand still has a face and body to make Adonis weep. He exudes confidence, masculinity and raw sex appeal. The question now isn’t whether Lulu can tempt him, but whether she can resist him, retain her reputation and secure her fee, or whether she’ll fall under Mr. Le Grand’s spell. Again.

5 Star Review: 

From the start C. J Fallowfield created a great book with detailed character. The history between them spans over a six year period. I found myself throughly enjoying the book from start to finish. I found the way that she characters and their flaws will leave a lasting impression on the reader. Even though the erotica wasn't my cup of tea it didn't ruin the storyline at all. She paced the book well and you get value for your money from beginning to end.

She managed to have a great story that wasn't just wrapped around sex. She captured the fear of a mother with a son well and the emotions in this book were well developed, thought out perfectly. I take my hat off to the author and will be tempted to try her other work in the near future. She has found a great mix that would fit into so many of the romance and erotica molds out there.

I was delighted to find this teasure and can see a really bright future for this author in the future.

Thank you for dropping by and I hope that you will subscribe to the log so that you can read more of the reviews that I have coming up. You will also get to see snippets of my crazy life. 

Kristal McKerrington 

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