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Friday, 31 July 2015

Waking Up His Wife Snippet

Hello Readers, 

Today we are showcasing the great snippet from the book "Waking Up His Wife". A love story that I'm sure a few of us have experience at one point in our lives. Enjoy the rough ride that Anna goes through in this great story. 


Wrestling has always been a man's world; a world where women are either behind the scenes organizing their lives down to the last detail or running their men's careers. Either way, it wasn’t a life which Anna would have chosen for herself but it was her life and she could not walk away from it. She ended up being thrust into the bright lights, rings and sweat drenched locker rooms by her older brother.

At the age of fourteen, her brother found himself struggling to bring up Anna, after her mother took to the bottle. Their mother’s drinking problem came about after their father died. A working class man in a working class job; he had lost his life in a car accident on his way to a wrestling show.
Drake barely wrestled with his father, everyone knew he only endured five years of the industry before his father passed on. He turned to wrestling in hope of taking his struggling family out of the city and into a safer place. He took on this great mission at the age of just eighteen.

Drake's father, Brent took on wrestling as a second job to keep food in the bellies of his family. His father Brent had worked in wrestling for almost thirty years.Drake’s father’s death resulted in him becoming a full time wrestler and he started taking on bigger matches in an attempt to honor his father’s memory

His father’s friends and old tag team partners became his tutors. They showed him how to survive on the roads, how to avoid the drugs and to understand the need for a good agent. The way to handle promoters and what to do with the fans who took a step over the line.

Just after Anna turned sixteen he took her with him on the weekends and showed her what he needed her to do. She soon knew the ins and outs of the business, and became his agent. Taking calls, making sure he got paid and for four years they worked well together. She mended his wrestling gear, when she got her driver's license she drove him. He got her to drive him as much as possible, so he could rest between busy match filled weekends.

When she finally left school, Anna continued to help her brother until he got a top job at one of the top wrestling companies in the world. She found herself unable to go to college due to the high demands of his work. The truth of this scared Drake and he felt deeply guilty about the opportunities he took from her. He found himself worrying more about her when he signed his big company deal leaving her useless to him.

Drake, being the bigger brother, always felt like he needed to save the day. He liked to step in and helped her sign his oldest, most trusted friend Adam Pike. Knowing his best friend, he could and would keep an eye on her. He wanted to make sure she remained in work and safe. He feared her becoming one of the women, used and abused by those men. The men who stalked the ring and backstage area for an easy wife.

Adam Pike, found himself already in trouble when he signed with Drake's sister. He couldn't have needed her to enter his career or his life more. He knew the trouble he got himself into when he met her in the backstage area of the third biggest wrestling company in the world. When he set his eyes on her, he knew the mayhem Drake brought to his door.

Their love story started the day he heard her name. He clocked her pretty round eyes and the fire which burning in their centre. Only neither of them knew they fell for each other at their first meeting. They now struggled to be apart. They worked so hard to make a good client list and she traveled with the second biggest companies, making the careers of Adam and the other men worth something.
One night in Vegas would end up changing their lives forever.

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