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Friday, 8 January 2016

A Cowboy For Christmas 5 Star Review

Hello Readers,

Today I managed to squeeze another book out between writing sessions and podcasts. I think that I might be the happiest I have been in awhile with the chances to just be myself. I'm writing when I want and soon will be diving into a head long session of edits on 2 new books.

But onto what has brought you here which is the review of a new book I discovered.

A Cowboy For Christmas

This year’s Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas promises to be merry and bright. But the real magic is happening outside the rodeo. 

Dusty Waite comes from a family of world championship bronc riders. His father and older brother have been there, done that, and their gold buckles taunt Dusty at every family gathering. Now he’s the top pick for the win. If luck and skill aren’t on his side, he’ll be a family joke—plus he’ll lose his endorser, Rawhide foods. Losing the money would hurt, but no way will he walk away from the saucy little cowgirl running things. 

Avalee Byrd is the marketing mastermind behind Rawhide. The next world championship bronc rider is going to be the face pimping high-energy drinks and power bars made specifically for hardworking cowboys. Trouble is, he’s more than a little distracted—by her. And she’s having a difficult time keeping herself from landing on Planet Ripped-Abs too. 

While Avalee struggles to keep from mixing business with pleasure, Dusty is one determined cowboy. He wants the win, the job and the girl. But luck may not be on his side. 

5 Star Review
From the start of this book your going to fall head long into the arms of a cowboy that isn't going to relent till he gets his prize. Avalee stands no chance against this Bronic rider who seems to be willing to give up anything to be with her. 

This book will throw you head long into one erotica scene after another. It will make you wonder if you want to be stretched in all the right places by this cowboy. He's smart and keeps coming up with new ways to make Avalee and you beg for mercy. 

Its the perfect Christmas warmer and heck its great to get in the mood with a book like this. I have to say the author did a great job balancing the perils of romance and the excitement/need of erotica. 

Enjoy this one for its a short story that backs a harder bunch than a pack of wild horses. 


Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you will come back to see what else we have in store on our blog. Thank you for your time. 

Kristal McKerrington 

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