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Monday, 4 January 2016

Good Wife Season 1 5 star review

Hello Readers

Well today I'm doing something a little different I'm letting you walk into my DVD collection. Its not one of just wrestling DVD's even though that does take up a fair bit of space. There is shows that I have fallen in love with that I will be covering from time to time on this blog to give you something a little extra to sink your teeth into with your morning coffee or during one of your breaks at work. 

So DVD choice of this week has to be "Good Wife" Season 1. This is what my husband and I are watching currently. He's new to this and seems to be engaged which for him to do during a drama show is really unheard of. He normally shys away from them. 


After being publicly humiliated by her husband's sexual and political scandal, Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) tries to pick up the pieces of her shattered life by returning to her former career as a defence attorney. She lands a position as a junior associate at a prestigious Chicago law firm, but soon learns that she will have to battle with other 20-something recruits to land the one and only full-time associate position. Is there life after humiliation? Alicia Florrick is determined to get past her past and make it on her own.
From Amazon.co.uk
The sort of situation that a lot of women find themselves in.
There is many different kinds of situations that women often find themselves in due to their husbands. This is the prime example of who one woman can handle such a situation. Alicia also covers the areas of a mother going back to work who hasn't worked since she had kids. She must deal with all elements of her husbands scandal in her real life and at times there is no way to get away from that. This is another element that the show doesn't just touches upon but grasps with both hands.
The US TV schedules have never been shy of legal thrillers, and at first glance, The Good Wife is the kind of show that might easily blend into the crowd. And yet is has some key assets in its corner that lift it into something altogether more interesting. The key asset toThe Good Wife is Julianna Marguiles in the lead role of Alicia Florrick. Not long after we meet her, we discover that her life has been blown apart by the actions of her husband. Thus, in the middle of her life, she has to restart her career as a junior at a law firm, where she finds herself competing against the younger, fresher graduates. It’s an interesting dynamic, and one that’s strengthened enormously by some terrific writing and thoughtful cases. For it’s the storytelling that’s the other main strength of The Good Wife, and that’s likely to keep you gripped right the way through this maiden season. Granted, there’s a feeling that it often covers ground that many shows have got to before. Yet The Good Wife puts a strong enough spin on the formula to emerge as a quality TV show in its own right. --Jon Foster


I'm delighted to see a show that shows a strong woman struggling to find her feet and doing so. There is so few dramas out there that truly capture what a lot of women go through. That was what earned the show the five stars. They could do with leveling the sound better in the episodes as we often found ourselves turning up the show and down at times when it got to loud.

The presentation of the product was well done and it makes it a great DVD for the cost. I recommend this to everyone that is looking for a great series to sink their teeth into.



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Kristal McKerrington 

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