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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Highway 2 Helms and XPac's Promotional Blog

Hello Readers,

Today I wanted to take time out to talk about the best in the businesses Wrestlers, who are hosting there own shows and are helping other new talent progress in there futures within the business by helping them get noticed. Shane Helms has helped me a great deal with his support and his mentions on his show. Much to, which I wouldn't ever be able to say thank you enough too. So its with him that I start off this Promotional blog.

Highway 2 Helms

Highway 2 Helms is ran every Wednesday on Geek Week. Its a show that sees long time ex WWE Superstar and ex WCW Wrestler Shane Helms run a show that sees a whole host of guests ranging from TruTV's very on Ron Shirley to MMA Fighter Bad News Bell. The show covers every topic in Wrestling, MMA and even Football. With jokes, humour and even some Science Fiction stuff thrown in too. From start to finish Shane Helms and his Co-Host Marty Garner (Cham Pain) along with the mystery of the 'H2H Waitress' became my must see show every single Wednesday night.  Its the perfect adult show with all sorts of dirty jokes, sayings and thinks that will stick in your head for days.

The Highway 2 Helms Staff make every show the best experience for everyone with staff in the Chatroom who will talk to you through the whole show, fast and excited fans all willing to share questions, there favourite moments and much more with new members. Its regulars often make the place feel more than welcoming when there turn up a whole hour before the show to make sure that they will be in the best Chatroom for the night.  The viewers get so high that sometimes its chatroom has to be split into two rooms!

All in all its my must see every Wednesday night and I'm honoured that Shane Helms, Marty Garner (Cham Pain) The H2H Waitress and even Shelly L who runs the technical side of things does the show. We would all be lost now without the Highway 2 Helms explosion. I will be there tonight for Shane's next instalment with Popcorn, Coffee and even a little Rum for some fun with the Superstar and his guest.

Check them out tonight at 7pm Est over at www.geekweek.com/live

The XPac Show On Cowhead TV.

As if Wednesday nights couldn't get any better we have right after Highway 2 Helms we have The XPac Show that features XPac and friends talking about everything an well anything from the get go. He starts off at 8pm Est and finishes sometimes a couple of hours later. He hosts his friends from WCW and WWE days along with some of them that are on the Independent Wrestling Scene. He never fails to host the show with fun and excitement. We see him have funny stories, down to Earth really nitty gritty stuff that will show you a whole other side to XPac and Professional Wrestling.

He makes me stay up to the wee hours here in the UK to make sure I get my fix of the CowHead experience every Wednesday with his trusty staff supporting him along with clips from the days from all over his Wrestling Career as well as other Wrestlers its something that you wouldn't want to miss. There hasn't been a show that is ever been able to live up to following Highway 2 Helms, yet this does.

So when your finished watching the Superhero like talents of Shane Helms and his crew then flip over to CowHead TV to check out XPac keeping the party rolling as well as the good times flowing tonight over at. www.cowheadtv.com

Thank you for joining me for the Wrestling Themed week Promotional Entry and I hope that you will check back tomorrow for my Interview from the Fans, where I will be answering the Tough Questions and enjoying your company.

Kristal McKerrington x


  1. Hurricane Helms is the coolest guy ever!! I used to email him and stuff, back in the WCW days when he was in 3Count and even have an autograph of him when he became Hurricane Helms :) he is a very nice guy and I'm glad he has his own show :) XPac is totally cool too :) I will have to check out these shows :) thanks so much for letting us know :)
    Ashley A

  2. Thank you Ashley for commenting on the Blog and I'm always supporting them.

    Kristal McKerrington