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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Please Welcome on Day 7 of the Wrestling Week Blog Independent Wrestling Channel

Hello Readers,

Today we have one of the Promotions in America that want to make a different, who wants to be different. Today the owner of this amazing Promotion is taking to the Hot Seat to answer you questions and to tell you where he stands as a Promoter of Wrestling. So without further a do, here is Independent Wrestling!

Q1) As a Promoter would you have a Wrestling fictional author as part of your writing team if that were an option for you?

A) I would because it would bring a different element to the show.  Like any other writers would I neccesarily agree with everything they suggest, no.  However it brings on a different perspective, you cant shy away creativity!

Q2) In your mind where do you see the Romance and Wrestling tag team going?

A) Depends how the rest of the wrestling business sees things.  Anything is possible!

Q3) Do you believe that it will be essential for the growth of the Wrestling world?

A) No offense to the Romance writers, wrestling will always be there as will Romance novels.  They can stand on their own two feet by themselves which is a testament to what both do for their respective/mutual communities.

Q4) What do you think of what you have had a chance to read in 'A Different Life'?

A)  I was excited to be afforded the chance to check out something different. 

Q5) Who is your favourite character so far?

A)  Don't have one, everyone has their own qualities that makes them good! 

Some Wrestling fan questions for you. 

 Q6) If you could book Matt Hardy, Shane Helms or Brian Kendrick, which would be your dream book?

A) Tough one, but I would say Helms. 

Q 7) What would be the dream match that you would to love to book for your company?

A) I hope to build dream matches through our new wrestling company!

Q8) If you were able to meet any wrestler in the world who would it be and why?

A) I've already met my childhood idol in Bret Hart.  So I'm set, anyone else is just icing on top of the cake!

Some Readers questions for fun.

Q9) What do you do to relax after a long day/night working?

A) video games, as counter-productive as it might sound but video games!

Q10). What is your must see TV show?

A)  Family Guy

Q11). What is your must see film of this year?

A) Nothing in perticular, last movie i wanted to see in theatres was Black Swan.  Great film!

Q12). What is your must attend event of this year?

A)  My first show on November 12th!  Other then that, maybe Survivor Series or a Disturbed concert this summer.

Q13). What is your must attend event for next year?

A)Not a clue.

Q14) What is your favourite match in the 'A Different Life' so far?

A) ....cant decide :)

Thank you for being here and it was such a huge honour to have you here with us today. I hope to have you back again sometime soon where you can tell us about your Wrestling's Championship Series (WCS) and how it went. 

You can Find IWC at http://www.facebook.com/indywrestlingchannel for all his information as well as other sites he is on.

Kristal McKerrington 


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  2. Wow, I had no idea you could combine wrestling & romance. Of course, I don't watch wrestling, so I really don't know much about it. Nice interview, thank you for sharing.

    Rie McGaha

  3. Thank you Rie, its a new genre that XoXo Publishing is leading the way in. I'm honoured to be given the chance to take part in the development of the Romance and of course Wrestling. Thank you for coming along.

    Kristal McKerrington