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Friday, 22 April 2011

Sonny Black Independent Wrestler Takes Over For A Day In Day 6 of The Wrestling

Hello Readers,

I want to introduce you to Sonny Black, he is the high flyer defying the odds with not just his Wrestling style, but with what he wants to achieve. This young Wrestler is determined to reach the top and become the best of the best at what he does. So without much more beating around the bush, here is Sonny Black!

Q) What are your thoughts as a Wrestler on the idea of Romance being introducted back into the Wrestling Industry?

A) Art imitates life. I think romance and wrestling go hand and hand. Wrestling both in and out of the ring is like a real life soap opera and the need for there to be a love aspect is just as important as anything else to me personally

Q) For you, would you find romance being added to your storylines as a Wrestler harder or not much of a hassle?

A) its a little different for me personally, because im a larger dude i stand roughly 6'3" or 4" and is almost 187kg, so they usually give the romance/love interest storylines to other wrestler. I usually play the muscle or henchman role but id actually like to see that type of character get the female instead, so i like it because its different then the norm. As someone who also inspires to someday make movies i also welcome the challenge of being the lover instead of the brute, no hassle here, lol

Q) What do you think the impact would be if Romance and Wrestling teamed up?

A) more compelling storylines. it would be a little more something for everyone to enjoy

Q) Where would you like to see Wrestling and Romance go?

A) The big screen, movies to me is the same as wrestling matches just longer time limits to really flush out a story. The only way you can fully bring a true Wrestling And Romance Story out would have to be in a book or a movie

Q) Who would be your dream oppanent from the Attitude Era?

A) My hero Triple H, I've always looked up to him, would love to work him, although if i make it to the WWE he may not totally be at a wrestling capacity but id always say Triple H

Q) Who would you would be your favourite person to tag with?

A) A good tag partner would be someone to learn alot from while teaming with them. Id go with Japanese wrestling star Masahiro Chono

Q) What would be your favourite moment in the Attitide Era be?

A) so many good moments, that really was a good time period, lol. if i had to pick one id say the Undertaker Vs Mankind hell in a cell match, it was epic, and i dont think anything will ever top it totally

Q) If you had the chance to work with either Matt Hardy, Shane Helms or Randy Orton who would you choose and why?

A) Randy Orton, bigger star, bigger match, bigger payday

Q) How do you relax after Wrestling all night?

A) I like Cigars, and i love video games. Stuff like that help ease my mind after a long day of wrestling. Plus i have great friend, they have been my therapist on many accusations

Q) What book has caught your attention most recently?

A) I been reading Musashi's Book Of Five Rings. His wisdom can be applied to various things in a persons life

Q) What is your must see TV show at the moment?

A) Dont have one at the moment, waiting for the new season of Sons Of Anarchy to start but thats months away. Sons Of Anarchy is beyond a shadow of a doubt my favorite show out at this moment

Q) What is your must see Film this year?

A) Fast Five, the new fast and the furious movie. It looks action packed, and i can be such an adrenaline junky

Q) What is your must attend event this year?

A) Im a wrestler so to me every show im booked on is the biggest must attend event for me personally. Although besides wrestling i do want to get tickets to next season Knicks opener at Madison Square Garden

Q) What is your must attend event for next year?

A) I dont know yet, but whatever it is, i hope to enjoy every minute of it.

upcoming events: National Wrestling Superstars May 7th

Pro Wrestling Syndicate May 27th (i make my debut for this federation)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Darkaveli
Twitter: www.twitter.com/darkaveezy
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/DarkF6VImafiosi
Email: Darkaveli@gmail.com
shout outs to my friends and stablemates from F6VI, my managers Niya and Marti Belle (http://twitter.com/martibelle http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMartibelle)

Thank you for allowing to me answer these questions and be on your blog Kristal

--Peace And Civility

Thank you for being on here Sonny Black and we hope to have you back for more updates on how your career is coming along! 


  1. Kristal, thanks for having Sonny here today. I do have a question for Sonny. What would you like to see in a wrestling romance and what would turn you off in reading a book about wrestling with romantic elements? I'm asking because Im in the process of writing such a story and I'd like to get it right. My experiences with the wrestling profession was decades ago. Thanks for your input Sonny
    G W Pickle

  2. Thank you again for letting me be part of this Kristal.

    and @ G W Pickle
    the thing that would turn me off is seeing the same thing over again. I love different things. maybe tell the story from the stand point of a female wrestler. to me personally there is no wrong in creativity, so my advice would be to just be as original as your mind allows you to be

  3. Thanks Sonny, My idea for the story is(the wrestling part) to have a semi-green but promising face, may be a mid card level figther recieve a serious back or neck injury(fracture site in the lumbar or neck region) during a fight. He recovers only to become a referee, and then a manager. The romance part would be his girlfriend who doesn't know he is a wrestler and thinks he is an actor who does his own stunts (FYI) she hates wrestling). One evening she goes to a friends bachelorette party which is being held at a wrestling venue. Her favorite wrestler, T-Rex, (who is our hero), is figthing a popular heel who gets both of T-Rex's arms itwisted in the ropes and successfully removes his mask, then lifts Rex's legs and flips him over the top rope. He half lands on the announcer's table and then on to the floor. Rex's girlfriend sees that he is in rality a wrestler and leaves. Rex recovers from his bodily injuries, but his injured relationship may be down for the count.
    What do you thinkSonny, has this story line been over done or do you think it might fly.
    G W Pickle

  4. i think its a good idea, alot of relationships in wrestling are a secret because one mate might not like the other being a part of the sport. very realitic, i wish you the best on your book

  5. Thanks for your comment Sonny, it does help me to see which direction to take the story.
    G W Pickle