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Monday, 18 April 2011

L. Anne Carrington Is In The Wrestling Hot Seat!

Hello Readers,

Today we have the sexy, the super talented L. Anne Carrington here for you all. She is the Best Selling Author in the Wrestling Division on Amazon with her ground breaking Adult Wrestling, Romance Erotic book called 'The Cruiserweight' links for that book you will find at the end of the Interview, her talents are spread across the board and she is very much my tag team partner in bringing Romance and Wrestling together. So without further a do here is L. Anna Carrington.

1. What was the influence you had to go into being a wrestling reviewer?

I went to shows in the 1980's with my former sister-in-law, with whom I'm still friendly to this day. In the 1990's, I'd gotten away from wrestling to pursue other interests, and actually got back into it when I came
across Smackdown one night by accident while flipping channels.

2. What was the biggest reason that you stepped away from the Wrestling?

It was a combination of dealing with the aftermath of my parents' respective deaths, pursuing music and acting interests, and working shifts, so I wasn't always home to watch television, or had many opportunities to go to live shows. Around 1999, things started to slow down a bit.

3. If you were naming the top 5 wrestlers of all time, who would you pick?

Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Iron Mike Sharpe, The Rock, and Ivan Putski.

4. Who would you say is the most romantic Wrestling of the PG Era and of the
Attitude Era?

I hadn't given much attention to either era, so I can't give a clear and honest answer.

5. If you could pick a room to be in for 5 minutes to ask a wrestler any questions you liked, which room would you choose,  Paul London, Brain Kendrick or Matt Hardy?

That's a no-brainer. Brian Kendrick

6. What do you think the tag team of romance and wrestling could do to both businesses?

They would open doors for authors, fans, and readers. All that needs done is convincing those involved in each market that presenting such books could not only benefit wrestling/romance authors, but also the genre as a whole. It would attract a new group of readers to events and help boost book sales, plus draw attention from the untapped wrestling worlds if the concept of wrestling and romance were discussed more often.

 7. In your mind what is missing in the wrestling world right now and what would you

More actual wrestling. I know it's "sports entertainment," per se, but what's actually needed is more concentration on the sport aspect. I'm not saying cut out story lines altogether, just use a lot less of them and
give the audience more quality matches instead.

8. 'The Crusierweight' was an amazing book and if it were to be turned into film, who would you choose to play your characters?

Well, Brian Kendrick would be my first choice for Brett, since that part would require a smaller than average cruiserweight who's a high flyer and a bit of an underdog at the same time.  I'm still bouncing around thoughts for Karen, so I don't have a definite answer who would be best to portray her just yet. More than likely, an unknown actress either from Pittsburgh or one familiar with the city and its culture. Danny Trejo would make an excellent Patrick, if he was willing to do a bit of wrestling training to prepare for the part.

9. What is the book of the month for you?

I just finished Camilla Lackberg’s "The Ice Princess" not long ago. Other than the POV switching a great deal, I found this book an excellent mystery from start to finish, so it's my choice.

10. How do you relax after a long day of writing?

I read! I enjoy reading work of some of my fellow authors, many who have become friends. I also like to unwind in the evening with a cup of chamomile tea and cuddling with the cats while watching a good classic movie, or during the summer, I enjoy going for long walks and the outdoor festivals and markets.

11. What is your most see show every week?

I'm not a big TV person, but anything on either the History Channel or Investigation Discovery is always a good choice aside from my weekly fix of TNA Wrestling.

12. What is your must Attend Next year and this year?

Well, if things work out for the panel you and I are planning, next year, I'd say the RT Book Lovers Convention for sure. As for this year, the Three Rivers Arts Festival in June...hopefully, it won't rain the entire

Thanks for the opportunity.  I'm on Twitter @lacarrington1 and on Facebook
at http://facebook.com/theloric2. My web site is
http://www.lannecarrington.com, and I also have a blog to discuss books
and book-related news, The Book Shelf, at
http://newandgoodreading.blogspot.com.  Readers are also welcome to stop
by Authors on Show at www.authorsonshow.com.

'The Cruiserweight' is available in both paperback and Kindle on Amazon:
http://amzn.to/exTbS1. It's also available for Kindle on Amazon UK
http://amzn.to/hsDmL1 and as an ebook at Smashwords

Well thank you L. Anne Carrington for being here and I have to say I look forward to having her back when she releases her second book in her Wrestling series.

Thank you for all popping by, mind that if you post the best comment of the week you can win any of the books from my back list.

Kristal McKerrington 


  1. That was quite a good tag you had going there. Great interview.
    Tee Geering

  2. Thanks, all. I had a great time participating =)

  3. It was the hugest of honours to have L. Anne Carrington here with us. I just realised I spelt your name wrong, going to change it now! lol. Oh dear going to be one of those days.

  4. What an awesome interview! I've been a wrestling fan for almost 27 years, but I liked the WWE better back in they day when it was more wrestling and less talking...and now that Edge has been forced to retire I just dont know if I will be able to continue watching the WWE....
    I never knew that there were any wrestling related romances! That is so cool!! I love it!! I wish that there were more authors that were wrestling fans :)
    Thanks for the great post! I love Brian Kendrick too :)
    Ashley A

  5. Well we are honoured to have you here Ashley. I will miss Edge too and we are starting this genre. I have a whole 27 books coming out some are all ready published and L. Anne Carrington has 1 out and about to finish her 2nd book.

    Its an honour to see you here Ashley.

    Kristal McKerrington.

  6. Thanks for the kind comments, Ashley. "Kerrigan's Legacy" is a sequel to "The Cruiserweight," which I'm aiming to have released this summer.

    Sample chapters of the new book can be found here: